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That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 18

If I Only Had a Job

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 12, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Raven has a vision that her father Victor, will be fired from his job. Meanwhile, Raven, Chelsea and Eddie try out for parts in the school's production of The Wizard of Oz but they don't all get the parts they wanted.

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  • Raven

    Love it:) Raven your beautiful!!
  • Victor loses his job in this episode and Raven feels awful about this. What will she do? Something crazy of course....

    An amazing episode! In this episode, Raven has a vision that her dad will get fired from his UNREASONALE EVIL boss, so she tries to stop it from happening, especially her dad loves to cook so much he cannot lose the job, but in the end Victor still loses his job and Raven feels like it is all her fault in the end. Also, Raven, Chelsea and Eddie sign up for a Wizard of Oz play but Raven does not get the role she wants in the end, and wants to quit! Hey I can't blame her really, who wants to get stuck with such a lame role? This episode was touching of course as well, since Raven found out that Victor got fired when he came home early and they hugged!! What a touching moment!!!!! Raven Chelsea and Eddie then try to get Victor's job back with Cory's help as well with something crazy.......Won't reveal too much here but trust me it will be FUNNY! I enjoyed every moment of it!!!!!! In the end, Mr. Briggs who is Victor's SCUMBAG boss got a BAD embarassing moment and got like SUPER MAD in the end, luckily Mr. Baxter isn't mad at Raven. Though he tells her one important lesson: Life is going to get you down sometime, and that's okay. But when you let life get you down, that is not okay. Well said Mr. Baxter! Soon Raven gets the message and everyone is happy in the end!!!!

    Final rating: 8.8 to 9.0

    Final Grade: A+moreless
  • ARE YOU JOKING?!?!?!?!

    This episode was really exciting to me, Augustine's is under new management when a harsh (but hilarious) man called Mr. Briggs comes to the restaurant. Wen Raven has a vision of Victor getting fired, she comes over and convinces Mr. Briggs not to fire him. Then Mr. Briggs is upset with her coming over today and while argueing with him, Victor gets fired. Thinking it was her fault, Raven comes over the next day and tries to get Mr. Briggs to rehire him, but he refuses too. When Raven sees that Mr. Briggs give special treatment to celebrites. Raven dresses up as a celebrity herself and even sings a song. Now Mr. Briggs is at high attemps of hiring Victor back, until her diguise falls off. At the end of the episode, Raven has a vision that Victor will eventually open a restaurant of his own called "Baxter's Place" (which does come true!). This is one of the best in the first season, and my favorite part is Raven's quote "ARE YOU JOKING?!?!?!?!" Too hilarious! Mr. Briggs was also hilarious as well. Pretty great episode.

    FINAL GRADE: B+moreless
  • Good episode

    In this episode, If I Only Had a Job, Raven has a vision that Victor is going to be fired from his job. So Raven tries to prevent her vision from happening with the help of Eddie and Chelsea. Also Chelsea, Raven and Eddie try out for the school play, which is The Wizard of Oz. But then do not get the parts they wanted. This was a good episode. It was pretty funny too. I also liked it because it was kind of musical and I like musical themed episodes in tv shows. This is one of my favorite episodes.moreless
  • Raven has a vision that her dad is going to be fired from his restaurant job, She tries to get him hired back, with hilarious results. Raven also tries out for the part of Dorothy in the school play, which she loses to another girl.moreless

    Another great early-series installment, Raven's father gets a job as a chef in a restaurant with an extremely rude and stuck-up boss. When Raven has a vision that her father is going to be fired from his job, she tries to stop it from happening, but she only makes the situation worse. Raven then tries to hire him back, going to extreme lengths to try and get her father's job back. Meanwhile, Raven also tries out for the part of Dorothy in the school play but she doesn't get the role. She's then upset because her friends Eddie and Chelsea get the roles they wished for(Chelsea-Wicked Witch Eddie-Scarecrow) while she only gets a minor role as the Wicked Witch of the east. I found this episode has quite a good ending, with Raven's vision predicting big things in her father's future(which we get to see in the following seasons)and Raven learning that sometimes she has to accept what she's given, and designs the costumes for the play.

    This episode was grrrrreat! I had some huge laughing fits, ESPECIALLY at the part when Raven and her friends dress up as "celebrities". A wondeful installment, through and through!moreless
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Patrick Richwood

Mr. Briggs

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Fran de Leon


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James Healy, Jr.


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Rose Abdoo

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Before Raven says, "Say goodbye to Dorothy's you know, blue litte farm dress and say hello to her new mini!" She puts her backpack over her shoulder, but in the next shot, her backpack is back on the counter.

    • Raven is lip-syncing to the variation of "When the Saints Go Marching In". It is most obvious at the end when she notices the Drama Club teacher.

    • In one scene Raven has the flower on her right side of her head. Then in another scene she has the flower on the left side of her head. Then it's on the right side of her head again.

    • When Raven has that vision at the end and the sign says Baxter's Place, on the newer episodes the restaurant is called the Chill Grill.

    • When Victor tells Cory to hurry up and get dressed for school, it only took 30 seconds for Cory to get out of his aquatic gear, and fully clothed and ready for school.

    • When Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie are in the living room talking about the vision, there's a shot where Raven has on a red beaded necklace and then the camera shot switches to Chelsea and then to Raven again. When the camera switched back to Raven, the red beaded necklace was gone.

    • When Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie are outside of the Drama Club, you see a frosted door with "Drama Club" written on it. Yet, when you see a shot from the inside, you see a clear glass door with no letters.
      It is also in a different position than the hall Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie were in.

    • When the music plays in the background, Eddie's hands don't move with the music.

    • It's kind of odd that when Victor is on the phone with his boss, the only thing you hear is the phone hang up at the end. It comes out loud and clear, but we can't hear any more of the conversation.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Raven: You guys, I just had a really bad vision. I saw that my dad's gonna get fired today.
      Eddie: Man, Rae, that's deep.
      Raven: I know, and I keep calling the restaurant but the line's busy. I'm gonna have to go down there at lunch and warn him.
      Eddie: Well, hey, since you're going down there could you get me one of your dad's desserts.
      Raven: Yeah, sure, Eddie, you know while I'm down there I'll just be like, "Hey, dad you're getting fired. Oh, but before you go could you grab me a cheese cake?"
      (bell rings and they stand in front of classroom)
      Chelsea: (sighing) This is it you guys, Drama Club. It's where people just go in with these high hopes and they come out with crushed dreams. So, you ready!
      Raven: I was.


    • Raven: Say hello to her new mini!
      Victor: If Dorothy is still skipping down the yellow brick road, that hem line better come waaaaaaaaay down!

    • Kayla: Is this real? Oh, somebody pinch me! (Raven pinches her) Ow!
      Raven: Oh! Must be real!

    • Mr. Briggs: You know what I want to hear?
      Raven: Buh-bye?
      Mr. Briggs: Oh, you're good!

    • Eddie: (to Raven, about her role of the Wicked Witch) You get under the coffee table and stick your feet out!

    • Victor: Just making soup!
      Raven: It might be a little less chunky...without the can

    • Raven: 'Liz Anya'?
      Eddie: It was about to be 'Pork Choppa'!

    • Eddie: I only know one song!
      Raven: Then just play it, and make it funky!

    • Mr. Briggs: No, 'Anti-Pasta'.
      Raven: 'Liz Anya'.

    • Raven: (singing in the tune of 'When the Saints Go Marching In')
      Since Victor left, the foods no good
      Since Victor left the foods no good
      It's under cooked and poorly seasoned
      Since Victor left the foods no good!

    • Victor: It was Homecoming Week and I got hurt really bad.
      Raven: Oh, Dad, what happened? A bad tackle?
      Victor: No, they cut me from the team. That hurt really bad!

    • Victor: (refering to Tanya on the phone) Raven, tell your mother everything's fine.
      Raven: (takes the phone) We haven't eatin in days, the house is a mess, your plants are dead, and I'm dropping out of school. Love ya!

    • Raven: (singing) Something's coming, it's a house. I'll be under it in this blouse. That I bought today! (Raven starts dancing)

    • Raven: Please stop looking at me! Why can't I just blend in? Get me our usual table! (to Eddie) He's looking me in the eye!
      Eddie: (reprimanding Mr. Briggs) Don't do that.
      Raven: Does you know who I be? Does you listen to music?
      Eddie: Do you watch TV?
      Chelsea: Do you carry a lunch box?
      Raven: Papi, tell him who I be!
      Eddie: Me?
      Raven: You don't expect me to introduce me do you?

    • Raven: The only reason I came here is for Victor's cooking! And I'm sure I'm not the only one! (moving from table to table) Victor would never served an artichoke that scrawny! Victor would never used this ingredient in his cooking! (pulls hair out of a meal.)

    • Raven: I call this one, 'Death of A Witch.'

    • Raven: (dressed up as Liz Anya) Tell Victor to give us the usual!
      Mr. Briggs: Uh, Victor doesn't work here anymore.
      (Raven, Chelsea and Eddie spit out their water and Raven gets up)
      Raven: (yelling furiously) Are you joking? This place is nothing without Victor!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Raven dresses up as a famous singer, while Chelsea and Eddie dress up as her back up or"entourage".

    • This episode was on the first That's So Raven DVD, 'Supernaturally Stylish'.

    • The outfit Raven wore as "Liz Anya" was identical to the one country music superstar Shania Twain wore at the Country Music Awards in 2002.

    • Thw whole concept of this episode is like the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy, Fred, and Ethel book all the tables at Ricky's club, go down in a varity of costumes, and leave as soon as they are told Ricky isn't there in a gag to get Ricky his job back. Since they booked all the tables, no one comes and Ricky recives his job back only to quit it because of his swelled ego.

    • Tanya's disappearance is explained while Victor is talking on the phone and it is said she's out of town.


    • Episode Title If I Only Had A Job

      The title comes from the song If I Only Had A Brain from the movie The Wizard of Oz.

    • Raven (as Liz Anya): "Get me JLo!"
      JLo short for Jennifer Lopez, a latin singer/actress/dancer.

    • Scarecrow/Tinman/Lion: If I Only Had A Brain/Heart/the Nerve
      Refers to the songs sung by the Scarecrow, Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz, the play the gang tries out for.