That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 18

If I Only Had a Job

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 12, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Raven

    Love it:) Raven your beautiful!!
  • Victor loses his job in this episode and Raven feels awful about this. What will she do? Something crazy of course....

    An amazing episode! In this episode, Raven has a vision that her dad will get fired from his UNREASONALE EVIL boss, so she tries to stop it from happening, especially her dad loves to cook so much he cannot lose the job, but in the end Victor still loses his job and Raven feels like it is all her fault in the end. Also, Raven, Chelsea and Eddie sign up for a Wizard of Oz play but Raven does not get the role she wants in the end, and wants to quit! Hey I can't blame her really, who wants to get stuck with such a lame role? This episode was touching of course as well, since Raven found out that Victor got fired when he came home early and they hugged!! What a touching moment!!!!! Raven Chelsea and Eddie then try to get Victor's job back with Cory's help as well with something crazy.......Won't reveal too much here but trust me it will be FUNNY! I enjoyed every moment of it!!!!!! In the end, Mr. Briggs who is Victor's SCUMBAG boss got a BAD embarassing moment and got like SUPER MAD in the end, luckily Mr. Baxter isn't mad at Raven. Though he tells her one important lesson: Life is going to get you down sometime, and that's okay. But when you let life get you down, that is not okay. Well said Mr. Baxter! Soon Raven gets the message and everyone is happy in the end!!!!

    Final rating: 8.8 to 9.0
    Final Grade: A+
  • ARE YOU JOKING?!?!?!?!

    This episode was really exciting to me, Augustine's is under new management when a harsh (but hilarious) man called Mr. Briggs comes to the restaurant. Wen Raven has a vision of Victor getting fired, she comes over and convinces Mr. Briggs not to fire him. Then Mr. Briggs is upset with her coming over today and while argueing with him, Victor gets fired. Thinking it was her fault, Raven comes over the next day and tries to get Mr. Briggs to rehire him, but he refuses too. When Raven sees that Mr. Briggs give special treatment to celebrites. Raven dresses up as a celebrity herself and even sings a song. Now Mr. Briggs is at high attemps of hiring Victor back, until her diguise falls off. At the end of the episode, Raven has a vision that Victor will eventually open a restaurant of his own called "Baxter's Place" (which does come true!). This is one of the best in the first season, and my favorite part is Raven's quote "ARE YOU JOKING?!?!?!?!" Too hilarious! Mr. Briggs was also hilarious as well. Pretty great episode.

  • Good episode

    In this episode, If I Only Had a Job, Raven has a vision that Victor is going to be fired from his job. So Raven tries to prevent her vision from happening with the help of Eddie and Chelsea. Also Chelsea, Raven and Eddie try out for the school play, which is The Wizard of Oz. But then do not get the parts they wanted. This was a good episode. It was pretty funny too. I also liked it because it was kind of musical and I like musical themed episodes in tv shows. This is one of my favorite episodes.
  • Raven has a vision that her dad is going to be fired from his restaurant job, She tries to get him hired back, with hilarious results. Raven also tries out for the part of Dorothy in the school play, which she loses to another girl.

    Another great early-series installment, Raven's father gets a job as a chef in a restaurant with an extremely rude and stuck-up boss. When Raven has a vision that her father is going to be fired from his job, she tries to stop it from happening, but she only makes the situation worse. Raven then tries to hire him back, going to extreme lengths to try and get her father's job back. Meanwhile, Raven also tries out for the part of Dorothy in the school play but she doesn't get the role. She's then upset because her friends Eddie and Chelsea get the roles they wished for(Chelsea-Wicked Witch Eddie-Scarecrow) while she only gets a minor role as the Wicked Witch of the east. I found this episode has quite a good ending, with Raven's vision predicting big things in her father's future(which we get to see in the following seasons)and Raven learning that sometimes she has to accept what she's given, and designs the costumes for the play.
    This episode was grrrrreat! I had some huge laughing fits, ESPECIALLY at the part when Raven and her friends dress up as "celebrities". A wondeful installment, through and through!
  • I could never get tired of this episode

    Everything, from the beginning to the end, i was laughing a whole lot. The whole part with the manager was cracking me up. The best part was when raven and the gang disguised themselves - and Chelsea, her and her accent alone could have made you watch the whole episode. I tell ya, the gang can act.
  • It is just too simple and too sad to be it.

    It is just too simple and too sad to be it. And it is for effort if you would observe the episode it is just the singing part and I am very disappointed for you Raven you were caught and you acted bad when Senorita Rodriguez is there I am just sad Victor and the TSR crew I made my final statement. Because of your mediochore performance in this episode you are fired!! Your fried!!!!
  • Raven get her father fired, so she dresses up as a famous popstar called Liz Anya and tries to get his job back.

    This is a fabulous episode. Raven did a fantastic job playing Liz Anya and Cory did a HILARIOUS impression of Jennifer Lopez, but the one person i hated was Mr. Briggs, he was just plain mean, I don\'t think anyone is that mean, but hey this a TV Show so anything can happen! LOL!

    Raven got the part as Witch of the East, but she didn't like that part. However, she did want to do the designs of the show, and she asked Senorita Rodriguez could she have that job and she got that job. Also, Victor got fired from his job. That same day Raven went down to the job and tried to tell her dad that she didn't get the part. However, Victor had some emotions but not a lot of them, he still felt sad though.
  • It was the funniest episode of all time! "DO YOU CARY A LUNCHBOX?"

    I have to say I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants it was great! from the first scene to the last.

    Raven has a vision of her Dad getting fired so she goes down to talk to his boss and yes gets him fired so she with the help of her friends Eddie & Chelsea dress up as Raven:Lizania Eddie:body gard and Chelsea:? anyways Raven makes it like she eats their all the time wanting her "table" when she finds out Victor dosn't work there anymore the 3 do a clasic spi take (10 points) then everyone wants her to sing if she does the maneger will bring Victor back "it's sow time" and song a funny song and in the end she gets cought oops I'm running long so all in all one of the best episodes ever

    best line:DO YOU CARY A LUNCHBOX?-Chelsea
    Anneliese's accsent was amazing she roxs big time
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