That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 13

Mad Hot Cotillion

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 12, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • I mean nothing really captivating happened I would have to say.

    I mean nothing really captivating happened I would have to say. It was a pretty boring episode, a pretty safe one and it is very disappointing to even say this but that is the truth it was like nothing really captured me, just nothing at all and it is very sad to hear that. I don't mean to offend okay:)
  • Just some of my thoughts on the episode.

    I noticed a few things while watching this episode recently. One of the most interesting things that I thought of while I watched it was that it reminded me of a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode in which Will changes his "look" and style multiple times in attempt to get the attention of a girl. Some of the basic ideas in the episode were the same, but I definitely wouldn't say that anything was "copied", it was just an interesting coincidence. Other than that, I thought this was a pretty good episode of the show. I epecially liked how the writers managed to make Raven meddle, as she always seems to do in one way or another.
  • Cory gets into a sticky situation when The Juicer likes a new girl named Kayla, but Kayla likes Cory. Raven gets grounded for a week after missing her aunt's 80th birthday.

    I loved this episode! This is definately my favorite episode ever of That's So Raven. I was laughing through out the whole show! I loved the part when Cory tells The Juicer to talk to Kayla about school, tv, and music. Then he shouts out to Kayla, "School, T.V., Music!" That part was halarious! Also, when Raven was playing cards with the big teddy bear. That was too funny. I also enjoyed the part when Cory says Raven must be really bored and she kept saying no for a long time and then she said, "That killed ten seconds." One person that cracked me up a lot was Larry, a.k.a. Lawrence. When he said, "I'm a boy" (refering to Cory and the Boys), that was really funny. Overall, this is the best That's So Raven episode ever.
  • When "The Juicer" becomes attracted to a girl he turns to Corey into helping him get noticed by her but plans backfire when the girl starts liking Corey. Raven is bored out of her mind after being grounded for missing her Aunts Birthday party.

    I was laughing on the floor when Raven was playing with the huge stuffed animal bear because she was so bored after being grounded. Raven was again very silly in this episode when she offers to help Corey not realizing that it was "The Juicer" who needed the help. It was also funny the way Chelsea and Eddie started hanging out with Raven's dad since Raven couldn't interact with them. That was a little too weird that her friends would actually want to spend time with her dad just because they can't spend time with her. All in all the episode was funny as are many of the show's episodes.
  • Cory tries to help the school bully, "The Juicer," get a girl but she ends up liking Cory, instead. Meanwhile, Raven tries to fight boredom after being grounded for being late to her aunt's 80th birthday.

    This episode kicks off as if just being picked up from another episode. Raven,-- wearing a green Mexican costume and a guitar-- Chelsea, and Eddie arrive at the Baxter's house after Raven trying to help Chels and Eddie out of a situation at a Mexican restaurant involving a waiter and guacamole. Unkowingly, she arrives to find her aunt sleeping at her kitchen table and realizes she forgot about her 80th birthday and is grounded. Meanwhile, The Juicer is having trouble getting the new girl at school to like him and asks Cory for help. After a failed poetry effort, Cory goes to Cotilion class to talk to this girl, one on one. She ends up liking Cory and Cory has to pretend he's something he's not to turn the girl off to him. Raven being bored and grounded asks Cory to spend time with her in her of lonliness and talk about his day. Cory tells Rae about his "friend's" problem and Rae thinks that by "friend," Cory really means himself. Rae has a vision of Cory's "girl" being taken and that he is miserable, takes it the wrong way, sneaks out of the house to meddle and gets caught in big ugly situation with Cory.

    All in all, this episode is really funny and has a lot of good laughs! I know you will definitely enjoy this one!