That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 16

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Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 15, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Raven and Chelsea pretend to be Eddie's girlfriend, so he can get accepted in a hot new club at school called, "The Sigmas." Things get ugly when the club's leaders, Dylan and Jordan, find out that Eddie is scamming them. Meanwhile Cory and Victor try to find a cricket that Cory accidentally lets loose in their house.moreless

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  • Eddie tries to get into the Sigmas after being noticed by one of the members but has difficulties doing soo....

    Nice episode! In this episode, Eddie is hanging out with Raven and talking about how watching TV while eating popcorn is boring and what do they recommend? That they change to jellybeans instead! Then a group of popular boys known as the Sigmas are hanging around and after Raven tries to make Eddie to join the Sigmas, resulting in him tripping over books AND falling into a trash can, one of the members then notices Eddie of being a ladies man and wants him to join the Sigmas! However, it is NOT going to be easy as Eddie has to do a few certain things and believe me, they are not pretty..... This episode was good as we see Eddie on what he does so that he can get into the Sigmas and we can see him kinda suffer, poor Eddie, that the Sigmas members aren't very nice from making him carry their books and making him memorize what the hell?? You will have to watch the episode yourself if you want to know what I am talking about. Eventually one of the Sigmas members find out that Eddie was lying in the end and tortures him with a What the Hell list?? I call it that because it was that LONG! From cleaning lockers to Eddie, Chelsea and Raven being sheeps?? Ha ha!! In the end, Eddie was gonna actually get into the Sigmas!!! But boy the Sigmas got creamed in the end! Hey if they don't want Eddie as their member, it's their loss!!!

    Final rating: 7.7 to 8.0

    Final Grade: B+moreless
  • Eh...

    I wasn't really feeling this episode. It wasn't what I expected. The beginning is kind of boring, it only gets interesting at the end. Another reason why I am giving this such a low rating is because I absolutley hated the B plot. It was so stupid, Cory's cricket breaks loose now Victor & Cory are having trouble sleeping so they try to kill it. The only hilight of this episode is when Eddie doesn't get accepted to the Stigmas cause of Raven's confusion. And the beans topple all over the Stigma's, I think that is the only decent part of the episode.moreless
  • Totally unpredictable...

    This has been one of the best episodes of TSR because the show is a about a teenage psichic and you can't predict what is gonna be the end of the episode, that's what I love about the show. This episode was so unpredictable. I like it even when at the end I didn't get to watch that Sigma party that sound so cool.
  • Eddie pretends to be a ladies man to get into a new club at school and raven and chealsea pretend to be his girfriends.When the leaders find out they are otraged.But they let eddien join the club because that is what everyone did.but then Raven and chealsmoreless

    I love thisa episode it is hillerious.I love the bit where he pretends to be a ladies man then they find out he was lying but then decide to let him be a sigma because they all lied about being a laides man.TThen raven and chealsea didnt know so they dumped beans all over the sigmas then the sigma\'s dont let Eddie join.I feel sorry for eddie but at the same time sorry for the sigma\'s because they did get beans all over them.(They weren\'t very happy as you could imagibe)Who did you feel sorry for?Eddie or the sigma\' decide.moreless
  • When I saw this episode I didn't really like it. It reminded me of my Statistics class where the sigma sign was shown and it is kinda boring!

    When I saw this episode I didn't really like it. It reminded me of my Statistics class where the sigma sign was shown and it is kinda boring! Eddie eddie eddie don't push yourself into some silly peer pressures!!!!!! We teens or people should learn that we shouldn't be pushed into useless things just because we want to be in the "in" crowd!!!!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Cory and Victor were trapped outside the house they should have been able to come in because in the episode "The Dating Shame" Tonya said that there was a key on the top of the door to get in for emergencies.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Cory: Uh Dad? (There is a hole in the cup. Cricket chirps)
      Both: Living room!

    • Raven: Just because Eddie is not tall, dark, handsome, muscular...
      Eddie: (Interrupts) Hey, you better be going somewhere with this.

    • Cory: (Cory's cell phone rings and he answers it) Hello? This is Cory's phone Coy Baxter speaking. Oh, hey Larry. Man! Chill, I am sure your parents didn't move without telling you. Did you check in the kitchen? There see? All that crying for nothing. Your welcome. (Looking confused) you too??? Bye.

    • Raven: Ooh, there's the Sigma table
      Chelsea: All right, get over there
      Raven: Yeah, hurry up before they change their mind about you. 'Cause that Dylan is scumdillyumptious.
      Chelsea: I wonder why they approached you now?
      Eddie: Well the truth is, they, uh...they think I'm a ladies man.
      (Raven and Chelsea laugh)
      Raven: (laughing) Ladies man! You ain't got no ladies, man!
      Eddie: Well, actually, I do
      Chelsea: Come on, Eddie, we're with you all the time. I think we would know if you were with the ladies.
      Raven: No, Chels, we're the ladies.

    • Victor: (hiding anger) Hi, son.
      Cory: (confused) Hey, Dad.
      Victor: (smiling) Ask me how my day was.
      Cory: (still confused) How was your day, Dad?
      Victor: (still smiling) It was TERRIBLE. Now, ask me why.
      Cory: (still not catching on) Uh, can we skip to the part where you tell me what I did wrong?

    • (In the school hallway)
      Raven: Okay guys, what do you wanna do this weekend?
      Eddie: I dunno. Something different besides sitting in your room watching movies and eating popcorn.
      Raven: True. We do need a change.
      Chelsea: Oh you guys! We could switch to jelly beans!
      All: Yeah!

    • Raven: (cheering ala Sigmas) We got detention!
      Chelsea: Yeah, we got in trouble!
      Eddie: Yeah, for dropping beans!
      Chelsea: Yeah, right on the Sigmas!
      All: Yeah-yeah! Work it,Work it,Work it

  • NOTES (4)

    • During the beginning of the episode when the Sigma's are doing their dance/step routine, you can clearly see that one of them in the back row in the middle is messin' up almost all the moves.

    • The running gag in this episode was that Raven and Eddie would never let Chelsea finish her signal.

    • Eddie wants to join the Sigmas so he can be considered cool. Chelsea wants him to join because she'll get invited to a Sigma party. Raven wants him to join so she can make a move on Sigma leader Dylan.

    • Larry was heard on the phone with Cory, but didnt appear in the episode.