That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 16

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Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 15, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Eddie tries to get into the Sigmas after being noticed by one of the members but has difficulties doing soo....

    Nice episode! In this episode, Eddie is hanging out with Raven and talking about how watching TV while eating popcorn is boring and what do they recommend? That they change to jellybeans instead! Then a group of popular boys known as the Sigmas are hanging around and after Raven tries to make Eddie to join the Sigmas, resulting in him tripping over books AND falling into a trash can, one of the members then notices Eddie of being a ladies man and wants him to join the Sigmas! However, it is NOT going to be easy as Eddie has to do a few certain things and believe me, they are not pretty..... This episode was good as we see Eddie on what he does so that he can get into the Sigmas and we can see him kinda suffer, poor Eddie, that the Sigmas members aren't very nice from making him carry their books and making him memorize what the hell?? You will have to watch the episode yourself if you want to know what I am talking about. Eventually one of the Sigmas members find out that Eddie was lying in the end and tortures him with a What the Hell list?? I call it that because it was that LONG! From cleaning lockers to Eddie, Chelsea and Raven being sheeps?? Ha ha!! In the end, Eddie was gonna actually get into the Sigmas!!! But boy the Sigmas got creamed in the end! Hey if they don't want Eddie as their member, it's their loss!!!

    Final rating: 7.7 to 8.0
    Final Grade: B+
  • Eh...

    I wasn't really feeling this episode. It wasn't what I expected. The beginning is kind of boring, it only gets interesting at the end. Another reason why I am giving this such a low rating is because I absolutley hated the B plot. It was so stupid, Cory's cricket breaks loose now Victor & Cory are having trouble sleeping so they try to kill it. The only hilight of this episode is when Eddie doesn't get accepted to the Stigmas cause of Raven's confusion. And the beans topple all over the Stigma's, I think that is the only decent part of the episode.
  • Totally unpredictable...

    This has been one of the best episodes of TSR because the show is a about a teenage psichic and you can't predict what is gonna be the end of the episode, that's what I love about the show. This episode was so unpredictable. I like it even when at the end I didn't get to watch that Sigma party that sound so cool.
  • Eddie pretends to be a ladies man to get into a new club at school and raven and chealsea pretend to be his girfriends.When the leaders find out they are otraged.But they let eddien join the club because that is what everyone did.but then Raven and cheals

    I love thisa episode it is hillerious.I love the bit where he pretends to be a ladies man then they find out he was lying but then decide to let him be a sigma because they all lied about being a laides man.TThen raven and chealsea didnt know so they dumped beans all over the sigmas then the sigma\'s dont let Eddie join.I feel sorry for eddie but at the same time sorry for the sigma\'s because they did get beans all over them.(They weren\'t very happy as you could imagibe)Who did you feel sorry for?Eddie or the sigma\' decide.
  • When I saw this episode I didn't really like it. It reminded me of my Statistics class where the sigma sign was shown and it is kinda boring!

    When I saw this episode I didn't really like it. It reminded me of my Statistics class where the sigma sign was shown and it is kinda boring! Eddie eddie eddie don't push yourself into some silly peer pressures!!!!!! We teens or people should learn that we shouldn't be pushed into useless things just because we want to be in the "in" crowd!!!!
  • Chelsea and Raven pretend to go out with Eddie so he can be accepted into the Sigmas.

    Raven and Chelsea are messing with Eddie when they see the Sigmas cheering and they wish that they could be like the Sigmas. Then Jordan and Dylan see Raven and Chelsea holding Eddie so they ask him if he wants to join. I think it was pretty funny when Raven was telling Dylan that she was still available and when they gave Eddie the books and the lunch trays to hold, I personally think that is what Eddie deserved. The cricket thing was so immature, like Victor said because you would probably know if you saw Cory first bring in the cricket it would be logical that the cricket plan would backfire against Cory.
  • this episode is so kooli mean like it all seems kool then he says he wont go in the sigmas and im like what?!

    it was one of the best episodes that shes done i love it and eddie a ladies man? lol cory and larry are funny "ok i love you too" with that crazy lokk on his face. this was kool cuz it was fun and he leared his lesson. if i have to lie and cheat to get in this group thats not the group i wanna be in. It was also funny when they dumped the baked beans on them they did it from like 4 angles it rocked! Go raven and chelsea. This episode rocked love ya keep watchin raven it rocks!
  • Eddie wants to get into the sigmas so he says that he is a ladies man, but things don\'t go so well after the sigmas find out that raven and chelsea aren\'t really his girlfriends and he is not really a ladies man.

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