That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 16

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Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 15, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Cory and Victor were trapped outside the house they should have been able to come in because in the episode "The Dating Shame" Tonya said that there was a key on the top of the door to get in for emergencies.

  • Quotes

    • Cory: Uh Dad? (There is a hole in the cup. Cricket chirps)
      Both: Living room!

    • Raven: Just because Eddie is not tall, dark, handsome, muscular...
      Eddie: (Interrupts) Hey, you better be going somewhere with this.

    • Cory: (Cory's cell phone rings and he answers it) Hello? This is Cory's phone Coy Baxter speaking. Oh, hey Larry. Man! Chill, I am sure your parents didn't move without telling you. Did you check in the kitchen? There see? All that crying for nothing. Your welcome. (Looking confused) you too??? Bye.

    • Raven: Ooh, there's the Sigma table
      Chelsea: All right, get over there
      Raven: Yeah, hurry up before they change their mind about you. 'Cause that Dylan is scumdillyumptious.
      Chelsea: I wonder why they approached you now?
      Eddie: Well the truth is, they, uh...they think I'm a ladies man.
      (Raven and Chelsea laugh)
      Raven: (laughing) Ladies man! You ain't got no ladies, man!
      Eddie: Well, actually, I do
      Chelsea: Come on, Eddie, we're with you all the time. I think we would know if you were with the ladies.
      Raven: No, Chels, we're the ladies.

    • Victor: (hiding anger) Hi, son.
      Cory: (confused) Hey, Dad.
      Victor: (smiling) Ask me how my day was.
      Cory: (still confused) How was your day, Dad?
      Victor: (still smiling) It was TERRIBLE. Now, ask me why.
      Cory: (still not catching on) Uh, can we skip to the part where you tell me what I did wrong?

    • (In the school hallway)
      Raven: Okay guys, what do you wanna do this weekend?
      Eddie: I dunno. Something different besides sitting in your room watching movies and eating popcorn.
      Raven: True. We do need a change.
      Chelsea: Oh you guys! We could switch to jelly beans!
      All: Yeah!

    • Raven: (cheering ala Sigmas) We got detention!
      Chelsea: Yeah, we got in trouble!
      Eddie: Yeah, for dropping beans!
      Chelsea: Yeah, right on the Sigmas!
      All: Yeah-yeah! Work it,Work it,Work it

  • Notes

    • During the beginning of the episode when the Sigma's are doing their dance/step routine, you can clearly see that one of them in the back row in the middle is messin' up almost all the moves.

    • The running gag in this episode was that Raven and Eddie would never let Chelsea finish her signal.

    • Eddie wants to join the Sigmas so he can be considered cool. Chelsea wants him to join because she'll get invited to a Sigma party. Raven wants him to join so she can make a move on Sigma leader Dylan.

    • Larry was heard on the phone with Cory, but didnt appear in the episode.

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