That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 20

Mismatch Maker

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jun 07, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Eddie and Chantal seemed to have switched nicknames. In They Work Hard For His Honey, Chantal called Eddie "Snookie Puss" and Eddie called her "Cookie Lips". Now, they seemed to have switched it up.

    • When Victor tries to take Cory's money, Gary/Shakespeare barks. After he barks, you can hear the trainer saying "good boy" in the background.

    • There was a behind the scenes "Disney 411" and it was on the set of TSR when this episode was being made. They showed some scenes of Raven and Chelsea in the hallway and than Eddie and Raven/Seyonce dancing.

  • Quotes

    • Raven: Bottom line, we're friends.
      Chelsea: Yeah, it's what we do. Put on fake nose, a fake wig, and meddle in each other's least, that's what we do.

    • Raven: (as Seyonce) Waitress. Yoohoo, waitress. Chelsea! Chels.
      Chelsea: Rae, your nose!
      Raven: Yeah, I know, it's in Chantel's soup!
      Chelsea: Okay, I'm on it. (Puts soup ladel in Chantel's soup)
      Chantel: Hey, can I help you?
      Chelsea: Um, yeah. See, we're running a little low on soup, so I'm gonna have to take some of your's back!

    • Eddie: If I tell you something, promise you won't get insulted?
      Raven/Seyonce: Oh, I know Edward, you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend.
      Eddie: No, you've got a big nasty noodle hangin' from your nose.

    • Chantel: (pushes Raven/Seyonce) Ah, oh pardon me my bad.
      Raven/Seyonce: Is she trippin? On the contrary my darling, hehe, it's my bad. (pushes Chantel)
      Chantel: I said it was my bad! (pushes Raven/Seyonce into cake)
      Raven/Seyonce: Ah! Oh snap, maybe it was her bad.

  • Notes

    • Raven and Eddie go on a "date" in this episode because Raven couldn't find him a date for the dinner.

    • In this episode, Kyle Massey plays an Eddie Murphy card later played by Raven: he has a double role, as Cory and as Chauncy, the owner of the dog that followed Cory.

    • Raven's vision in this episode is Chantel saying to Eddie that they are getting back together and Eddie being so happy.

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