That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 1

Mother Dearest

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 17, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Mother Dearest
Raven gets in trouble for telling off a spiteful teacher, the teacher in return, asks to meet Raven's parents. Meanwhile, a bully takes over Eddie's locker.

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  • That's so raven

    It was great

  • In "Mother Dearest", Raven gets in trouble for telling off a strict teacher. To avoid punishment from her parents, she disguises herself as an overweight, old-fashioned version of her mother. Meanwhile, Eddie's locker is taken from him by a bully.moreless

    "Mother Dearest" is a prime example of why "That's So Raven" is such a great series. Let's start with the visions Raven has in this episode and effects that they have on Raven's actions. Those visions are exactly what the series is all about, the sticky situations Raven gets into because of them. And the effects were quite humerous as well. One of my favorite things about Raven's visions is that she often ends of wearing crazy disguises as a result. The disguise in this episode was hilarious, and for all critics of Raven's weight, you need to see this episode. The disguise that Raven wears, that is what a weight problem looks like. Raven dosen't have a weight problem at all- she's perfect the way she is(^_^)! I liked the message of this episode: "You don't have to be perfect to be a good person." I liked the other plot with Eddie too, and when Cory pulled "The 3 C's" on his parents was hilarious. Overall, "Mother Dearest" is a great episode of a great series.moreless
  • Must be my all-time favourite episode!

    Raven has been playing up in class (why are we not surprised?) and her teacher wants to see Raven's parents about her behavior, but Tanya and Victor have just praised Raven for being so good, and have given her a phone, making Raven feel guilty. She decides not to tell her parents, and dresses up as her mother. This isn't funny until you see what she looks like. God, it's hillarious! She goes to see the teacher, but he wants to see Raven as well, so Raven changes back, and the teachers wants her mother as get the idea. In the end, Raven as a big momma protects Eddie from a bully (I think) and eventually poses as the teacher when Rae's actual parents come!! In the end, Raven's phone is taken away for a while, and Tanya wants to know how Raven thought she looked like that. I love, love LOVE this episode! I just can't shut up about how great it is!! There was nothing I hated or disliked in the slightest.


  • The second best of the first season only beaten by Saving Psychic Raven!

    I just loved this episode. I laughed so hard that I started to cry. Raven's disguise is too hilarious! I also can't stop laughing at the booty jokes! ROTFL! I noticed the door magically opened when Raven came into Mr. Petracelli's room one time, creepy. One of my favorite parts was when Raven didn't notice she was wearing the wig, so Eddie tells her "You have you mother's hair" and then Raven says proudly, "I know, a lot of people say that-" then Eddie says "No, no! You have your mother's hair!" and then Raven noticed! That was too funny! Also, where'd Chelsea go? Hilarious episode!

    FINAL GRADE: A-moreless
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Shane Lyons

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • All airings of this episode shown after the year 2003 edits Kobe Bryant's name with Lebron James's name, due to the Bryant's sexual assault charges.

    • The view of the staircase from Mr. Petracelli's class comes from the right of the staircase, but when Raven leaves his class, she comes from the left.

    • While standing in front of the up starcase, Eddie says that Mr. Petracelli's class is one floor down, but from inside his class you could see the same up staircase.

    • After Raven reveals herself to Eddie, she pulls him down the hallway. But in the next scene, you can see them coming from another hallway and then walking right back down the same hallway.

    • Eddie says that Mr. Petracelli calssroom is one floor down, but Bayside only has two floors. And behind him you could see that the staricase behind him goes up.

    • When Raven and Eddie are talking on the phone, Eddie is at home, but he is sitting on the stairs on the Baxters' living room.

    • When Raven is disguised as Tanya and she dances, she doesn't have on her hat, but in the next shot of her, when she's confronting Eddie's bully, she has it on.

    • As Raven goes into the classroom to find her mother, the door opens by itself.

    • When Cory says the "3 Cs," he holds up four fingers instead of three.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Raven: (Dressed like her mom) I heard you stole my babies locker!
      Bully: Look, all i was doi- (Raven hits him with her purse)
      Raven: Alright, now you get ur things outta there pronto! Am I making myself clear?!?!
      Bully: But- (Raven hits him again)
      Raven: Now don't you but me, boy! And if you say any of this to Eddie, I got a bigger purse, with buckles!!! OWWW!!!!

    • Raven: (While taking a tricycle from another student) Ah. You're young, walk.

    • Raven: Ok, my parents have to meet with Petracelli and they are going to freak! How am I going to tell them?
      Eddie:Just fake being sick. They can't get mad if you're sick.
      Raven: I stopped doing that kind of thing when I was 8. It's brilliant!

    • Raven: Fake vomit is great, but I need more. I need a master in deceit and the art of psychological manipulations. That's why I came to you.
      Cory: You made a wise choice. I'm gonna need that five bucks up front.

    • Eddie: We got to get our lockers back! I have to keep my reputation!
      Mr. Petrachelli: Thomas, you never had a reputation!

    • Eddie: Say brother that's my locker!

    • Cory: The three C's.
      Raven: What does that stand for? Crazy, Creepy and Constipated?
      Cory: Hey, that was one time!

    • Tanya: (holding up Raven's disguise) I just have one question. When you put this on, exactly what mother were you thinking of?

    • Raven: (in the girls restroom) Excuse me, ladies, but I think the mayonnaise on my sardine sandwich went bad. So if you have any perfume... I'd spray it now!

    • Eddie: (about Mr. Petracelli) That cracking thing he does with his neck is nasty. My grandmother does that with her toes.

    • Eddie: (about Raven in her disguise) You don't even look like your mom. You look like you ate your mom.

    • Raven: Knock knock?
      Eddie: Who's there?
      Raven: Not you!

  • NOTES (0)