That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 1

Mother Dearest

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 17, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • That's so raven

    It was great

  • In "Mother Dearest", Raven gets in trouble for telling off a strict teacher. To avoid punishment from her parents, she disguises herself as an overweight, old-fashioned version of her mother. Meanwhile, Eddie's locker is taken from him by a bully.

    "Mother Dearest" is a prime example of why "That's So Raven" is such a great series. Let's start with the visions Raven has in this episode and effects that they have on Raven's actions. Those visions are exactly what the series is all about, the sticky situations Raven gets into because of them. And the effects were quite humerous as well. One of my favorite things about Raven's visions is that she often ends of wearing crazy disguises as a result. The disguise in this episode was hilarious, and for all critics of Raven's weight, you need to see this episode. The disguise that Raven wears, that is what a weight problem looks like. Raven dosen't have a weight problem at all- she's perfect the way she is(^_^)! I liked the message of this episode: "You don't have to be perfect to be a good person." I liked the other plot with Eddie too, and when Cory pulled "The 3 C's" on his parents was hilarious. Overall, "Mother Dearest" is a great episode of a great series.
  • Must be my all-time favourite episode!

    Raven has been playing up in class (why are we not surprised?) and her teacher wants to see Raven's parents about her behavior, but Tanya and Victor have just praised Raven for being so good, and have given her a phone, making Raven feel guilty. She decides not to tell her parents, and dresses up as her mother. This isn't funny until you see what she looks like. God, it's hillarious! She goes to see the teacher, but he wants to see Raven as well, so Raven changes back, and the teachers wants her mother as get the idea. In the end, Raven as a big momma protects Eddie from a bully (I think) and eventually poses as the teacher when Rae's actual parents come!! In the end, Raven's phone is taken away for a while, and Tanya wants to know how Raven thought she looked like that. I love, love LOVE this episode! I just can't shut up about how great it is!! There was nothing I hated or disliked in the slightest.

  • The second best of the first season only beaten by Saving Psychic Raven!

    I just loved this episode. I laughed so hard that I started to cry. Raven's disguise is too hilarious! I also can't stop laughing at the booty jokes! ROTFL! I noticed the door magically opened when Raven came into Mr. Petracelli's room one time, creepy. One of my favorite parts was when Raven didn't notice she was wearing the wig, so Eddie tells her "You have you mother's hair" and then Raven says proudly, "I know, a lot of people say that-" then Eddie says "No, no! You have your mother's hair!" and then Raven noticed! That was too funny! Also, where'd Chelsea go? Hilarious episode!

  • Pretty good episode.

    Mother Dearest is the 2nd episode of That's So Raven. It's also the first episode in which Chelsea wasn't in. I was mad she wasn't in it. In this episode, Raven makes Mr. Petracelli (sp?) mad and he asks her to ask her parents to have a meeting with him. Raven dresses up as Tanya (a fat Tanya) and Mr. Petracelli asks her if both her and Raven to talk together, and Raven keeps changing. Tanya and Victor find out at the end and Raven is grounded. I also thought this episode was pretty funny, but it would be funnier if Chelsea was in it.
  • raven dresses up as her mother because she gets in trouble with the teacher.

    this episode is so funny. this will always be one of my favorite episodes. this is the first episode that they show raven in a disguise. the episode is about raven dressing up as her mother because she gets in trouble with her teacher and doesn't want to get in trouble. great episode. I give it an A+
  • FUNNY!

    LOL! I love this episode. It is soooo funny. My favorite part is when the teacher wants to see Raven and her mom at the same time and Raven is going from door to door pretending to be herself and her mom. i love this show. It's soo good and exciting. I love how Raven gets these random "vision" whenever and where ever. The big bully that takes over Eddie's locker in this episode is really big. And serious who needs to stalk girls at a water fountain. That is just wrong. Why does a guy need three lockers anyway what a stupid big jerk.
  • This episode is just plain hilarious!

    This episode had me laughing and giggling all way through. This has to be one of the funniest episode of That's So Raven. The only thing missing from this episode is Chelsea, and I don't know why she didn't appear because then this episode would probably be the best one ever. Raven's disguise used in this episode is also good and is definately one of her best disguises. The episode was also extremely well written and I think the That's So Raven writers should be very proud for coming up with this brilliant edition to the series and the show. That's So Raven fans just have to watch this.
  • Raven got in trouble in school and tried to pose as her mother.

    Amazing episode!!I love this episode as I cannot believe Raven got into trouble when she told off a teacher after she saw the vision!!Then,her parents praised her and she did not wanted to made them angry when they found out about what happened at school,so Raven weared a dress to school to pose as her mother but then when she thought she was home free,another vision of her parents coming so she got caught by her parents and got punished by her father taking her phone away for 2 weeks!!Also,when Raven posed as the fake mother,she helped Eddie get rid of the school locker bully too!!Yay Raven!!
  • Well this episode is just fun I guess and I believe that it was really funny Raven Baxter you kinda did an insult to your mother!

    Well this episode is just fun I guess and I believe that it was really funny Raven Baxter you kinda did an insult to your mother! I have learned that we should not criticize or fake as our mom with big butts uh that was aweful I hope that Mr. pretochelli doesn't appear again!
  • When Raven gets in trouble for mouthing off in class her teacher wants a conference with her AND her parents. Raven has been doing so well at home with responsibility and stuff and doesn't want to mess that up so she disguises herself as her mother.

    This is the 1st episode of "That's So Raven" that I saw and at the beginning I was like, "Hmmm...this show may be worth watching," but by the end of the episode my opinion was, "This show is definatly my favorite!" It was so funny and clever. I just loved this episode! It was the perfect episode to get you hooked!
  • Mother Dearest was indeed a very silly and good episode that I liked very much.

    Mother Dearest was the episode that had Mr Petracelli as the cruel teacher. The part when he was scanning was funny and I did feel Raven's embarrasment when the students applauded her.

    Cory tried to help her in funny ways, the 3 C's. As Raven couldn't tell her perents' like most of us can't, she decided to disguise as her mother.

    The bully in this episode was a biy too much when he took 4 lockers but I am glad he lost in the end! I also liked the fact Eddie said "You look like you ate your mom!" which is true and funny. The ending was quite good when Raven was banned from seeing her beautiful phone.

    Overall, a very silly episode but this episode seemed good without Chelsea.
  • Good!

    This episode was very good, the producers did a very great job with it...

    Raven is doing very good with respect, doing chores and being very responsible. But at school, Raven is in class and she tells of a teacher. she told of the teacher, because the teacher called on her when she didn't know the answer. Raven thought the whole class was going to have her back, but they dropped her instead. Raven disguises as her mother, because the teacher Mr. Patcherill wants a meeting with Raven and her mom TOGETHER! Raven knew she had to pull something off, but she didn't know until she look at a dress she designed a while ago. Raven had a vision that her parents came therefore, she knew something had to be done. Raven just got a new phone but she had it tooken away, because of her one lack of disrespect of her teacher.