That's So Raven

Season 2 Episode 1

Out of Control

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Oct 03, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Out of Control
Raven pries into Eddie and Chelsea's business after having a vision of the two looking like they're about to kiss. The Baxters prepare for the opening of Victor's restaurant, "The Chill Grill".

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  • The best start to the best season in thats so raven.

    As the pilot to season 2 of the show, this episode brings out alot in That's So Raven. It is one of my favorite epsiodes and it's hilarious. "Rae aren't you excited?" "Excited? Don't you mean hurt, left out, betraued. No Rae, I mean like the other excited, like happy." Raven dresses up like a plumber. That is "so Raven" usually I only laugh if I'm watching a show with someone, but I saw this episode alone and I was literally laughing OUT LOUD. Thisi s back when That's so Raven was jsut starting and it was going so well. I miss the good old days.moreless
  • In this episode Raven Has a vision of Eddie And Chelsea about to kiss. She dresses up as a plumber to spy on them. Later on in the episode she realizes she read the vision wrong. She realizes that they were just Salsa Dancing, and they weren't going to kimoreless

    I loved this episode, but it got a little old once i watched it alot. But it was still okay. For a second there, i thought Eddie And Chelsea were relly going to kiss. Turns out they were just Salsa dancing, And nothing more. So i thought this episode deserved at lease a nine,

    It was still above average to me.
  • fun fun fun

    I loved this episode seriously this is a must recorded episode because it is fun we gotta blurf say what? Men Raven wasn't recognized that's silly! And stupid and they fibbed hahaha!!! Then Victor gave them a very nasty idea because it is ugly duh!! It is just fun hello!! fun fun fun
  • Funny from beginning to end!

    This episdoe is hilarious! And as the classification says this is exactly why I watch this show! From Raven thinking Eddie and Chelsea are together, to Raven dressin' up as a plumber, to Devon liking eggrolls, to Cory's comedy skit with that freaky doll! LOL this episode is one of the best!

    Raven investigates after having a vision of Eddie And Chelsea looking like there about to kiss. Meanwhile, Raven campaigns to Victor in order to get eggrolls onto the \"Chill Grill\" menu for her crush, Devon.

    Raven really wants devon to come, however, she has a vision of Chelsea and Eddie, about to kiss, but they weren't they just wanted to do things by theyreself for once.

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    • Chelsea: Rae, aren't you excited?
      Raven: Excited?! Don't you mean hurt? Disappointed? Betrayed?
      Chelsea: Oh. Oh no, silly. I meant the other excited like 'happy'.

    • Raven: (disguised as a plumber) Hey there little lady! I'm your plumber. Uh, y'all just keep on doin' what you're doin'. Uh, I'm called The Invisible Plumber so I'm just gonna be invisible. (heads towards bathroom)
      Chelsea: Oh, actually sir, it's our upstairs bathroom...
      Raven: (interrupting) Hey little lady! Who is your plumber?!?
      Chelsea: Y-you are.
      Raven: So what's my name?
      Chelsea: Mister Plumber, sir!

    • Eddie: It's better to just leave her clueless.
      Chelsea: Right. Well, ya know, it's always worked for me...

    • Victor: What did you see?
      Raven: It was a disaster! Eddie and Chelsea..They they looked like they were about to to...kiss...
      Victor: So why is that so bad?
      Raven: Because Dad, we have always been a threesome. If they become a twosome, then I become a onesome. Then if they break up we become three onesomes which is definitely not as good as one threesome!

    • Victor: Rae, forget about egg rolls. Look, if you really wanna help, why don't you and Eddie and Chelsea come down the The Chill Grill after school and help set the tables?
      Raven: They can't.
      Victor: Why not?
      Raven: Because they gotta blurf...
      Victor: Say what?
      (Raven has a vision of Eddie & Chelsea about to kiss)
      Raven: (gasps) Well now I know what blurfin' is!

    • Raven: You guys! Major news! Devon Carter said that he's gonna try to make it to the grand opening. Do you know what this means?!?
      Chelsea: Yeah, more work for us.
      Raven: Exactly! Chelsea, I'm gonna need a wardrobe conference and Eddie, I'm gonna need egg roll recipes.
      Eddie: Ok, but, uh, what if we have other plans?
      Raven: (snickers in disbelief) Plans that I don't know about? That is pretty hilarious! (bursts into laughter)
      (Chelsea & Eddie join in, laughing nervously)
      Eddie: But seriously, Rae. We do have other plans.
      Raven: (skeptically) What y'all doin'?
      (simultaneously) Chelsea: Surfing. Eddie: We're bowling.
      (Raven glares suspiciously)
      (simultaneously) Chelsea: Bowling. Eddie: Surfing.
      Eddie: Actually, we're bowling and surfing.
      Chelsea: Ye-yeah, right! Right. We are blurfing...Yes...
      Raven: Blurfing?
      Chelsea: Mmhmm.
      Eddie: Y-yeah, see, uh, see you, uh, you bowl on a surf board and it's cool except for, you know, the, uh, the board scratches the lanes 'cause they still workin' out the kinks and stuff like that...
      Raven: So, umm, y'all can't help out 'cause you gotta blurf?
      Chelsea: Yeah, Rae. Well, ya know, it's not us. We're in a league, sorry. Eddie, we better go.
      Eddie: Yeah, let's get up out of here.

    • Raven: People! People! People! Listen up people! Okay? This place has to be cool because, as we all know, it is a reflection upon me! So, the following things are uncool: Mom's scatting...yeah, that's gotta go! Two: Dad's face on these fliers...gotta go.
      Cory: (tossing a tomato up & down) Just say the word Dad...
      Raven: Three: Cory...gotta go! You know what? Actually, make Cory number one!

    • Raven: Hey! So, what's going on with you two?
      Eddie & Chelsea: Nothing.
      Raven: Oh? 'Cause, um, lately it's kinda seemed like something.
      Chelsea: Well, uh, sometimes nothing can seem like something...
      Raven: And yet sometimes something can be something.
      Eddie: Unless it's nothing.
      Raven: Nothing yet or nothing at all 'cause if it's nothing at all we can do it to-geth-er...
      Eddie: Can't.
      Raven: Why not?
      Chelsea: Because if three people do nothing, then it actually becomes something.

    • Raven: Three Musketeers
      Eddie: Three Amigos
      Chelsea: Yeah! Yeah, oh yeah, the Three Blind Mice!
      (Eddie & Raven look at Chelsea oddly)
      Chelsea: Well that's not really fair because you guys took all the good ones.

    • Raven: (pretending to be a plumber) Okay, I wonder what this does...(water comes shooting out) And now I know.

    • Raven: Not that I would wanna interfere or anything.
      Eddie: Good. Then get off the stage, Rae!

    • Raven: Hey Dad! I just have a question...
      Victor: Rae, I told you. I'm not putting egg rolls on the menu.
      Raven: Oh, come on Dad! Egg rolls are sweeping the nation. Four out of five kids surveyed said that when it comes to rolls, egg is their favorite! Followed by cinnamon, and, uh, Tootsie.

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