That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 2

Party Animal

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 17, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Raven tries to throw Cory the best birthday party ever for him, unfortunately everything does not go the way she plans..

    Great episode! In this episode, Raven is seen always fighting with Cory but eventually she saw a vision that Cory said that she was the worst sister ever and he hate her! Raven is so worried about this that she tries to throw Cory the best party ever but it all starts to go wrong with her parents falling sick thanks to the new seafood restaurant they went and they got food poisoning!! What is Raven gonna do? It was hilarious seeing how Raven tried to do everything for Cory's birthday party including asking some guy whose name I can't quite spell here to come to their house to entertain Cory and his friends but he HAD to get food poisoning as well, so Raven has to do it herself and even modelled a snake, played with iguanas and wrestled a snake???? I also loved the part where Raven, Chelsea and Eddie had to try and collect the frogs in the kitchen that Chlesea let loose and how Mr and Mrs.Baxter kept going to the toilet to throw up!! In other words, it was all hilarious!!! It was also really nice of Raven to care about Cory like this. Sure they argue a lot, but Raven does care about him and does a lot of nice things for him too as well as giving him support like in the future episodes. And Cory make sure you take a bath before he goes to bed with soap, water and don't put on the same underwear back on!! Ha ha!!

    Final rating: 8.0 to 8.5
    Final grade: A
  • This is what happens if Raven gets a hold of reptiles!

    This episode was much better than its previous episode, A Dog by Any Other Name. In this one, Raven has a vision of Cory saying that she's the worst sister ever when his birthday is near, especially when she realizes that they'll stop talking. So she tries to be nice to him and throw him the greatest birthday party ever, but that becomes a problem when their trip to the zoo's reptile house is cancelled when Victor and Tanya get food poisoning. So while getting a reptile expert to the house to replace the zoo trip, he gets sick when he eats some of the food that give the parents the food poisoning. So Raven fills in for him. I say that this episode was too hilarious! My favorite part is when Raven fakes her snake wrestling, too hilarious! If I was Cory, I'd have to say that this would've been the best birthday party ever!

  • This episode really gave a good start to the show.

    This episode is very special to me becasue it was the first one I ever saw. I immediatly fell in love with it. Raven had a vision about Cory saying that he hates her and she decided to thow him a good birthday party to change that. I liked the fact in this episode how they used a guy similar to Steve Irwin. And how they brought in all these kind of animals. You can really see how all the characters have chenged from there to season 4. A really funny part in this episode was when Raven was wrestling the snake and you couldnt see her and then all of a sudden she pops up behind the couch, looks around, and then goes back down. That was really funny.
  • Raven tries to throw the best birthday pary for Cory after she has a vision of him saying that he hates her. But nothing goes according to plan.

    I think that this episode is basically one of the special episodes which make a good start to a good series. You can see from this episode and many others how That's so Raven used to be like. Some things have changed from the first season including the more noticable changes, not only in the characters but in the series like the number of Ravens visions in an epsiode, going from two visions to one vision(sometimes two). As the series went on, some characters would come, some would leave but the thing that strikes me most is how the characters have not only changed their appearance but their behaviour as they became older. This episode, along with some other Season 1 episodes shows the original That's so Raven lineup and character appearances etc. Overall, this episode is good fun to watch, especially the fake snake wrestling and Raven giving make up advice to Cory's friends are funny parts in the episode. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet!
  • Animals!!!

    Cory has to make some sort of a party oh he really is going to have a party well it is cool even though if there are 3D effects actually let's say a lot of animals were shown in this episode but the snake is like the main thing!!!
    So it should be "Hiss Hiss" I guess well Raven was pretending to wrestle a snake that is pretty hilarious!!!!!!
  • CORY!

    It's Cory's birthday party and he wants it to be of da hook. Raven tries to get Reptile Rick to come well he was already planned to come, but when raven has a vision of Cory saying that she is the worst sister ever, she knew something went wrong with the party. When Reptile Rick came he got sick from some food that Raven's mom and dad got sick from.

    I think this episode was pretty great, it shows how sisters take up for their siblings in a good way. And you should always do good things for them, because they are family!
  • Raven throws a Birthday Party for Corey after she has a vision of him saying he hates her.

    The episode is pretty good, for a season debut. It starts with Raven and Corey getting into typical sibling banter, when Raven\'s parents confront her about her constantly picking on her young brother. She then has a vision of Corey saying he hates her. Raven talks to her friends Eddie and Chelsea about it and decides that she should throw him a birthday party. Her plan is to take him and his friends to the Zoo with their parents. Problem is the parents get food posioning and have to stay in bed. Raven has to bring the zoo to the house. She orders \"Reptile Rick\" to come to the party. PROBLEM occurs as he asks for some food and ends up eating the left over food that made Tonya and Victor sick. Now Raven has to replace him as the Animal Act and fails miserably. Corey gets ready to say he hates her, but she stops him, sits him down and has a talk with him to let him know she loves him, even though she messed up his party. At the end Reptile Rick (apprently) gets well and is on the porch with the other children telling them about a pig. The kids seem to enjoy it and say it was a good party. Corey forgives Raven.