That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 2

Pin Pals

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 24, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • It was a special episode for me because this was the episode that was premiered on the day where I met a foreign friend awww how sweet

    It was a special episode for me because this was the episode that was premiered on the day where I met a foreign friend awww how sweet Well back to the subject it is inspiring because you get to see your creativity by being inspired on Raven's designs which is great so that's about it!!!
  • ZZZZZ.... Any show of that so Raven is not my favorite story line!!!!!!!!

    No offence to the show but it needs to stop it' getting annoying, and Raven is not funny! I mean Donna Kabonna? Please, the only reason I watched it was because there was nothing, and I mean nothing good on! I would have rather watched blue's clue's the this called "episode." It was not funny, it was not good, it was not interesting, but the one thing was, was boring or shall I say zzzzzzz..........!! I mean come on why would you like this, the only reason I waisted time writing this is to tell people how stupid it is!
  • Awww...I find Raven's mom funny coz my mom is just like her, and it's kinda sad to know she's not gonna be in the last season.

    Anyway, have you noticed the first scene when the three friends went to Raven's room and talked about their bowling tournament and then when Raven and Chelsea was about to "high-five" and they missed, Raven accidentally hugged Eddie, I find that funny! I don't know why but I always laugh to it whenever I remember it. Have you also noticed the changes in Raven's body? I think she had lost some weight in this season.
  • Raven goes to Donna Cabonas fashion party, hoping to show her designs.

    This episode was a great episode to begin the fourth season of raven. The only thing that i don\'t like is that Tonyas not in the show anymore. But i don\'t care, the fourth season is still so cool! My favorite part in this episode is when Raven disguised herself as a mummy to sneak into Donna Cabonnas fashion party to show her deisgns.
  • Instead of going bowling with Eddie and Chelsea ,Raven trys to save Donna Cabonna\'s show by showing Donna her designs.

    This episode was so funny and Raven is hilarious. I loved this episode. So far this season is great and so many new things are happening. This episode was very thought out and had great ideas. I just really miss Tonya. But I\'m sure the fourth season will be great. This episode kept me in suspense of how she was gonna save the night.
  • Raven must choose between going with Chelsea and Eddie for a bowling tournament, or sneaking in Donna Cabonna's fashion show to show her designs to her fashion idol. She ends up going to the fashion show and try to get in but Donna's assistant, Tiffany wo

    I loved this episode it was really good episode! It was really funny, Chelsea wasn't as dumb as she was in Season 3, she was more like she was in Season 2. I thought it was cool that Eddie and Chelsea didn't follow Raven like dogs, but stuck to their own mission! As for Cory he was back to his tricky ways! This time it wasn't for money, but i kinda get tired seeing him try to get money in EVERY episode!

    New Character:
    Donna Cabonna
  • Raven is stuck between going bowling with his friends to a bowling contest, or going to see her favorite designer.

    I am surprised, i actually thought this episode was really good. I don't usually like this show because, but this episode had humor, and a good friendship. Also, Eddie and Chealsea did what they wanted instead of always listening to Raven. I really love the Cory story line! It was hilarious!!
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