That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 17

Psychics Wanted

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 22, 2003 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

When Raven has a vision of a new cute saxophone-playing guy called Kwizz she

knows that she has to meet him, but she can't get him to pay any attention to her. When Chelsea suggests that she invites him to the Jazz Festival, she thinks it's a great idea - except she has no money to buy tickets.

Raven tried to get some extra money from her parents, but they refuse, and suggest that she earns some money herself. When Eddie and Chelsea try to help her find a part-time job, they find the perfect job "Psychics Wanted" at a psychic phone hotline. Raven's a bit sceptical about using her abilities to make money, but Eddie convinces her if she's got the powers, she should use them.

Raven applies for the job, and finds out that it doesn't matter whether she's psychic or not to have the job, as long as she can keep people on the phone, it doesn't matter. Raven thinks that it sounds dishonest, but when she hears the pay-rate, she takes the job, and when Eddie and Chelsea find out that they'll hire anyone for the job, they apply as well.

But when Madame Cassandra, the Psychic Hotline television host is fired, Raven's boss picks her to be the new host, and she is now known as Miss Tallulah to the psychic world. The very first caller she has to predict the future for it Kwizz. When he asks her is he'll get a scholarship for Jazz Camp she has a vision of his getting accepted. When he asks if she sees anything else in his future, though, she adds something to benefit herself: That he has to meet his good-luck charm to get accepted to camp, and that charm is Raven.

When Kwizz goes to Raven's house and brings her flowers, Raven thinks she has him, but Kwizz bought someone else to meet his good-luck charm as well - his girlfriend, Lisa.

On her next shift Kwizz calls again and tells Miss Tallulah that he hasn't gotten into Jazz Camp yet, and he wonders is he made the wrong decision to bring his girlfriend to meet Raven. Raven tells him that he doesn't need a psychic to tell him that he's a talented musician and that none of the show is real anyway, so not to worry about it.

Raven's boss isn't impressed by this revelation to the viewers she he sends Madame Cassandra back to her job.

Raven doesn't give up telling the viewers that the show is fake though, despite Miss Cassandra's plea that it is, and makes she show go out of business, causing the three friends to lose their jobs.

Meanwhile the Baxter family learns the hard way about how high security Cory's room is. When Victor and Tanya try to get into his safe to pay for a pizza, they find out that his room has security alarms and a net to catch thieves in his room.