That's So Raven

Season 2 Episode 13

Radio Heads

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jun 25, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Raven and Eddie begin to resent each other over a DJ job. Meanwhile, Cory wants Victor to be "Hip", so he gets him a wig.

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  • I have a feeling DJ C. Daniels the DJ of KUDA, the Bayside High School moderate-powered radio Station, the program was being produced, but Raven tries to turn off the fan, but Eddie makes the tape worse by turning the fan on, but Rae saved tmoreless

    Chelsea D. owns KUDA, the Bayside High School-owned radio

    station and hosts a program to turn teenagers on campus

    radio. Raven B. tries to be the guest of "Barracuda Talk"

    and Miss Daniels chats with Raven Baxter about break time

    scripts for the next segment. Then in the 2nd act, Raven

    had the A/C automatically off, but shuts on the fan

    automatically. When the spinning fan rolls rapid, constant

    whirring, scripts flew off Chelsea's table. Eddie puts an old tape track and the tape was out of control. Brown editing

    tape rolled out of the deck and the fan was on high. Raven Baxter struggles to turn off the fan for 3 minutes and saved the broadcast day. Now Every teenager will listen to

    "The Chelsea Daniels Hour" on KUDA-FM while at S.F.B.H.S.

    every weekday morning. With 'Radio Heads', I make it #5 on the

    top of the "Teen Comedy Top 5". Cesar Aponte, Jr. for

    on My FOX 9!moreless
  • Eddie's takes offense to what was nothing more than Raven being a friend.

    This episode is about Raven making a guest appearance on Eddie's mourning radio show. Senorita Rodriguez likes this combo and decides to keep Raven on. Eddie's not too happy with this decision but carries on as planned. Feeling that Raven is trying to make a fool of him, he leaves. Upset and confused, Raven has a vision of their 75th school reunion; Eddie was still mad. I thought the old Chelsea was cute. She still had that slow wit at her old age.Eddie, doing the grumpy old man was hilarious. The sub-plot was about Cory convincing Victor to get a wig. I must say, that wig that he had looked very 1970's. Not to stylish on my Mr. Baxter. This episode was average. It didn't have the outlandish humor that Raven usually does but you can still get a good laugh.moreless
  • Omg this was the most Flavorful episode yet,not the best but Flavorful.The whole plot was good you know.It was the bomb,Yall feel me............

    Dis was an exciting episode Loved almost every min of it,and I know yall loved it to,Hope-fully yall saw a great episode that I saw,All her episodes are wacky,crazy and funny,also delightful and skrait up ^ ghetto and fun.Let her be funny and she will be funny,let her be scary and she will be ie.Let her act preppy and she will do that to.Jut let Raven be Raven and she will blow yall Stankin socks off(eww)But Oh Snap,if you dis this review,u will skrait up^ dis u,and yall be kool so,the next thing I always say is"I know yall feel me".............moreless
  • One of the best actually it inspires people to do radio shows!!!! KUDA Radio!!! Yeah!

    I loved it K U D A KUDA Radio yeah!!! Well we found out that Eddie is hot headed and his Attitude has a big A! Well I like the music thing and all that they messed up and Chelsea did a lot of funny things like not putting it on air!!! And all that 237 balls isn't it great!!! Stuck hands ha ha ha!!!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The room used for the radio station is the same room that was used for the student store in the episode "They Work Hard for His Money".

    • When Cyrus first puts the wig on Victor's head, it's on backwards. Then in the next shot, it's on correctly.

    • There are two things wrong with the second fan scene:
      - Newton's law states that for every action there must be an equal reaction, meaning if the fan had so much power as to blow away people, it would have to be tossing itself around with its own power.
      - If the fan had that much power, it wouldn't be safe to walk the moment it was unplugged, there would still be significant momentum for a moment that would still not allow anyone to walk.

    • In the part when Victor looked in the mirror with his wig, the background color is violet but if you look at it after he looked, it's actually green.

    • At a 75th reunion, it would be 75 years from the graduating class. The old Raven said the radio incident happened 75 years ago, but that would mean it had to have happened when the trio was in the graduating class and Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea are in the tenth grade at the time of the episode.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Senorita Rodriguez: Eduardo! How can you enjoy yiur lunch when your show is going down the tubes?
      Eddie: It's not my show anymore. I'm done with it.
      Senorita Rodriguez: Are you done with that churro?

    • Raven: Hey Hey Hey!! It's DJ Rae on the miz-zike on K-U-D-A Kudaaa Radioooo!! Yeah! How was that, Chels?
      Chelsea: Perfect, very professional! If only we were on the air...
      Raven: What! Why wern't we on the air??
      Chelsea: I don't really know how to turn on your miz-zike!
      Raven: What?
      Chelsea: Yeah, that was Eddie's job.
      Raven: Then play some music or something!
      Chelsea: Again - Eddie's job.
      Raven: Chels?
      Chelsea: Uh huh?
      Raven: What's your job??
      Chelsea: To do what Eddie told me.
      Raven: Just Great! How am I supposed to do this stupid radio show if i don't know the first thing...
      Chelsea: Rae, we're on the air.

    • Senorita Rodriguez: (singing) The Eddie and Raven, Eddie and Raven, Eddie and Raven Show!

    • Chelsea: (with her hand stuck in the radio equipment) Rae, my hand is stuck.
      Raven: Well, can you get it out?
      Chelsea: That was Eddie's job, too.

    • Old Eddie: Raven! Chelsea! How long's it been?
      Old Raven: About ten minutes, you left the teleport the same time as us.

    • Eddie: It's showtime!
      Chelsea: Alright let's create some radio magic five, four (mouthing) three, two, one.

    • Raven: Eddie, you may not know this, but you're the type of person that can hold a grudge for a really long time.
      Eddie: No I'm not. And I'll never forget that you said that.

    • Eddie: You mean you want me and Rae to team up?
      Senorita Rodriguez: I didn't sing the jingle for kicks.

    • Raven: I have a million great ideas!
      Eddie: (sarcastically) Like the fan?
      Raven: Okay, so I had a million great ones and one not-so-great one.

    • Chelsea: This is so great! Now we can all be together in that stuffy overheated box of a room. It's gonna be so much fun!

  • NOTES (1)