That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 18

Rae of Sunshine

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Oct 06, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • good, really good, actually, wonderful.

    sunshine salute to you all! i loved this episode it was greatthis episodes had a few aspects of a scary haloween episode. i wish this season did, as season 2 had dont have a cow, season 3 had cake fear, if only this episode was darker and scarier, but i loved it any way. Raven was absolutely hilarious when she mockingly siad "duh" and other words. buffy was so annoying, i seriously wanted sydney to knock her out cold. yes it sounds really mean but she was beyond rude. chelsea was funny, as usual the line "dont go in there, no dont go in there........*scream*, see, you heard me tell him not to go in there right?" had me in stitches. poor cory, chelsea and eddie told him what happend. why was eddie so hung up on this new girl nicole, i mean what happened to chantel? i know in certain episodes the charcters may get new boyfriends/girlfriends but this hardly happens when the boy/girl has been in the show for like more than 2 episodes. like with raven. shes dated devon, yet she was going out with that guy andre, in the episode mr perfect (i think its called mr perfect), but moving away from that topic.... this episode is put down as one of my favourites, even though its not the best of ideas, i still liked it.
  • I liked this episode personally.

    Everything is going great before it rains and the camp leader leaves.Raven has to entertain, take care and get along with all of these little girls. Sydney wants to make friends with the girls, but only knows one way to, and it is hurtful. She makes mean jokes about Raven, and the girls seem to like it.Of course, Sydney keeps going. Meanwhile, Cory, Eddie and Chelsea go to the movies. When they're there Chelsea and Eddie are very distracting. Chelsea eats loud and Eddie is always on his phone.Cory finds it hard to concentrate on the movie. Cory, Eddie and Chelsea wound up getting kicked out of the movie theater.Raven calls Chelsea and tells her that Sydney is being a big brat. Sydney over hears and makes things worse.Sydney and all the other girls lock Raven out her own room. When she finally gets in, she is whisked into the air, with this net made of stockings. She is really dissapointed in Sydney. They finally let her down and they explain everything. Her and Sydney have their confrontation and they finally make up.Cory makes plans to go see the movie again,and before he can, Eddie and Chelsea tell him the rest of the movie.
  • Very Funny

    Rae of Sunshine is about Raven joining the Bayside Sunshine Girls which includes Sydney, Mrs. Valentine, Buffy, Taylor, and others. A storm hits San Francisco and the camping trip is canceled. Now, all the girls are stuck at Raven's and Mrs. Valentine leaves and makes Raven in charge. Sydney wants to make friends with the other girls. Later on, she makes friends with them by making fun of Raven. While Raven is on the phone with Chelsea, Raven says Sydney is the biggest brat of them all and Sydney heard that. Later on, they apologize. The subplot is about Cory, Chelsea, and Eddie going to the movies and Eddie and Chelsea won't be quiet. Cory gets kicked out of the movies because he was yelling at Eddie and Chelsea. Overall, this episode was awesome and hilarious.
  • raven has to be scout mom for sydney's troop, sydney has to make fun of her again to get people to like her, and raven and sydney make up in the end.

    The show was okay, not one of my favorites, however, I would still like to see what they could do with a fifth season, that is if they can get to a fifth season, because you know that Disney channel will cancel a show. It took until 2006 for a show to get past 65 episodes, that show being this one, that's right the longest running disney channel show, at least that's what i'm told. Now here's the thing, Raven's Mom "went to England." she left the show, now Cory and his dad are about to move to the white house, 3 shows already in the can, Now, Her dad is going to be in Washington, Her mom in England, what is she going to do. Does this mean that show is about to end, or will they film Cory's show around That's so Raven, in the downtime, and if so, how are they going to explain the abandonment of Raven??

    Hasta Lasagna, I got my eyes On y@!!
  • Well the characters here were annoying which is good for an actor to show that that it is their role!

    Well the characters here were annoying which is good for an actor to show that that it is their role! Well Sydney was annoying, Cory was quite annoying because he keeps on complaining and Chelsea with some noise! The only flaw that I saw was that what happenned to Nicole let us just say that overall it was a good episode!!
  • Raven and the Sunshine Girls

    It was sad watching Raven being made fun of. I hated her being the butt of every joke. It surprised me that Raven didn't cry because I was crying and I wasn't in the show. I also found the sub-story line hilarious. It's weird that Chelsea would bring in nuts and carrots to the movies. Also that Eddy would bring a phone. To me, it was predictable that the girl in front would be the girl Eddy was expecting to call him, so I wasn't surprised at that scene. I thtink it was hilarious that even after Cory told the others to be quiet, he ended up getting kicked out himself.
  • Awww, This episode made me sad =[

    Raven hosts a slumber party at her house for the Local Bayside Girl Scouts. When Sidney told Raven that she wanted to make friends with them, Raven told her to do whatever it takes so when Sidney made fun of Raven, all the girls thought it was funny so Sidney kept doing it and doing it and then the girls started taking advantage of her and they locked her out of her room, and put up traps and poked her with sticks. I felt really bad for Raven. Those girls were really rude. It made me sad to watch Raven getting poked and locked out of her room. But there was a very happy ending. They all became friends =D
  • Raven is forced to join the Bayside Sunshine Girls on a little camping her house.

    this episode is original and funny. This is the third appearance of Sydney and Mrs. Valentine and the second appearance of Muffy's little sister, Buffy. It is hilarious when Raven mimmicks Buffy. Raven's vision in this episode, in my opinion, is not the greatest-- just one of those thrown-in-there-at-a-random-moment-just-because-they-have-to-have-a-vision-in-every-episode-so-they-can-keep-on-reinforcing-the-fact-that-Raven's-psychic kinds of vision. Basically, she has a vision (which, the first time I saw it, couldn't even figure out what was going on-- it was literally 2 seconds) that came true 5 second after she saw it. Besides that, the storyline is well written and very funny, as well as the "B-plot" storyline with Cory, Chelsea, and Eddie. This is definitely a good one!
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