That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 1

Raven, Sydney, and the Man

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 20, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Raven, Sydney, and the Man
Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie volunteer to run clubs for Mrs. Valentine's class of 2nd graders, who need a fund for money to buy a new playhouse and other essentials for their classroom. Raven meets a new girl named Sydney, who Raven encourages to take on the fashion world.Meanwhile, Cory's friend Larry is having a Bar Mitzvah and Cory points out that he didn't get that many gifts. But Larry explains that it's tradition to usually give money at Bar Mitzvahs. So obviously, Cory has dollar signs in his eyes! He asks Victor if he can throw a Bro Mitzvah at the Chill Grill and he agrees.moreless

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  • Raven, Eddie and Chelsea volunteer to help Mrs. Valentine create educational, fun activity groups for the children at the community center. Raven befriends Sidney who has been bounced around in foster homes.moreless

    I thought this was a wonderful episode. I loved Sydney and Mrs. Valentine and think they are a wonderful addition to the show!

    Raven is always amazing and she truly set a good example of what a positive role model for a young child can be.

    Loved Cory's Bro Mitzvah too!
  • Nobody likes Raven. Everybody loves Eddie. haha just kidding but no one wants to join raven in her activity except the most annoying girl in the class. Looks like they both have somthing in common.moreless

    This would have to be the worst episode in thats so raven history. It was so stupid. It was just a snooze fest. Sydney is annoying. And the history of worst visions. raven sees Sydney tellnig her to go away. Come on any of us could have predicted that out and we\\\'re not psychci. And she doesn\\\'t do anything about it. Also, Corey\\\'s bro mits va would have been better if his mom was still on the show. And on top pf that it was the first episode of season 4. I was very dissapointed when i saw this. it shows how much the show has gone down since it started. it used to be fantastic, now its anoying.moreless
  • What happens is that Raven,Chealsea and Eddie help a programe and Raven gets stuck with a kid called SydneyShe gives up on sydney.In the end raven finds out that sydney has foster parents and doesn't have a easy life. so she gives it another go and PRESTOmoreless

    I think this episode is great to watch and when sydney uses her jokes for good they are funny.(they are also funny when she uses them for bad but never mind)I think that Sydney was very funny but when raven was tyring to be funny she was nowhere near as good as Sydney.Raven Said this:Oh turkey leg,Oh turkey leg.Wherefore outthough turkey leg.Sydney said:I\'ve been at school all day You got maths, you got social studies. You got boys.You know the ones i\'m in.the little ones that smell like cookies and dirt.Which one do you think was more funny.Your choice.FINISHED.moreless
  • Raven,Eddie and Chelsea help Mrs.Valentines class because they need money to buy things for the class. Raven meets a girl, Sydney and at first they dont have a good friendship. Sydney always makes fun of Raven. Then Raven and Sydney share a friendship.moreless

    I liked this episode a lot. It is funny when Corey says he wants a Bar mitzvah and his dad is like first of all we are not Jewish! So instead Corey had a Bro mitzvah. He does it just because his friend Larry had a Bar mitzvah and he got a lot of money. Then when they are there at the Bro mitzvah Raven tries to tell jokes and Corey is like your not funny. Then I absolutely like the end since the school needs money, they get all these toys and they wonder where they came from. Then raven turns around and looks at Corey. Corey decided to give the money that he got from his Bro mitzvah to the school.moreless
  • Actually a better Season 4 Episode.

    I was surprised by this episode I usually only like the older episodes but this is a good new episode. I felt Sydney brought some new flavor taken from Raven's mom leaving the show. Sydney, I hope will be brought back for future episodes.I also liked that Larry was given a bigger part I liked him a lot as a lesser character. Chelsea , Eddie, and Victor didn't get big enough parts which brought it down as well. I felt like Sydney almost made me cry and my sister did actually cry. I don't plan on watching anymore Season 4 episodes.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • There is no way that Raven couldn't have seen Sydney and Mrs. Valentine walk in the Chill Grill and sit down where they were.

    • Cory and Larry celebrate their 13th birthdays in this episode.

    • The kitchen of the Chill Grill changes several time throughout the series. In Boyz N Commotion, it was a storeroom. And in any other episodes, it's used as a ordinary kitchen. But in this epsiode, Victor says that the bathroom was through the kitchen. Which is odd, because why would you need to go through the kitchen to get to the bathroom?

    • If Raven sees Sydney in the dollhouse saying leave me alone, why does she have no clue where she is?

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Raven: She's free.
      Cory: She's hired.

    • Ms. Valentine: Ok, let's see who signed up! Chelsea, nice response. Eddie, you've got a good group. And Raven, ugh!
      Raven: What 'ugh!'?
      Ms. Valentine: It looks like you only have one sign up
      Raven: Oh, that can't be right, Mrs. Valentine. Check the back
      Ms. Valentine: Uh,, just one
      Raven: Well which one?
      Ms. Valentine: Uh, that one... (points to Sydney then Sydney blows a kiss and waves)
      Raven: Oh...snap!

    • Ms. Valentine: Our next Hobby Time volunteer is Raven Baxter...(everyone applauds)
      Raven: Alright, thank you, thank you! Hey hey littles! How y'all doin' today? Ok, well my hobby is the coolest because..I design my own clothes (strikes a pose)
      Sydney: Boring!!!
      (all the kids laugh with Sydney)
      Raven: Well, aren't you a cute little ray of sunshine! Umm, what's your name?
      Ms. Valentine: Raven, this is Sydney and she's going to behave now
      Raven: Ok, who would like to learn how to make their own clothes?
      Sydney: There's a new invention, lady. It's called the store
      (everyone laughs again)
      Eddie: Rae, I know you ain't gonna let this little kid get on you like that..
      Raven: No, no you know I ain't, you know I ain't! Listen, Sydney, yeah I-I got a new invention for you, too and uh, yeah, it's called a, uh, (clears throat) a Be Quiet Machine. Bam
      Sydney: You shoulda bought a Joke Machine..'cause you ain't funny!
      (everyone laughs once again)

    • Victor: You know, I am starting to think that Cory is only in this for the money..
      (Cory wheels in an ATM past Victor & Raven)
      Raven: Ya think?

    • Raven: I'm going to teach you everything I know about fashion.
      Sydney: That shouldn't take long.
      (Students start laughing)

    • Raven: Everything was cool until I told her she could tell jokes at my brother's Bro Mitzvah.
      Chelsea: Well, ya know, maybe she doesn't speak, uh, Hebro.
      (Chelsea laughs while everyone just stares)
      Eddie: Or maybe she just has stage fright, Rae.
      Raven: I don't even know. However, I'm sure it's not the Hebro thing.
      Chelsea: (laughing) Dude, that was so funny...

  • NOTES (4)


    • Raven: "Turkey leg, Turkey leg, where for art thou Turkey leg? You are in my stomach."

      The line is a parody of the play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. The real line is "Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo.