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  • That\\\'s so Raven! used to be an awesome show, but now these new episodes are letting it down.

    That\\\'s So Raven! used to have this funny yet not overdoing it style. Raven used to dress up as someone else and make a big huge mess and cause trouble. But now, they overdo it way too much and it isn\\\'t even funny anymore. Also, they always have the same thing. Raven will see a vision, which she will try to not make come true by teaming up with Eddy or Chelsea, and of course, either of them get mad at her and then eiter the vision happens, or it doesn\\\'t and then they\\\'re friends again. Overall, this show would be great if they would just quit overdoing it and doing the same thing over and over again.
  • It's sad the cast only wanted to make 100 episodes

    Ok I totally know that Thats So Raven was like targeted to the younger audiance but I'm 18 and I love the show! It's so funny I watch it almost everyday. I think Raven Symone Rocks and shes proof you dont have to be a sickly size 0 to be an amazing actress. It's just sad that the cast only wanted to make 100 episodes.
  • A good show for teens.

    I didn't like this show when it first started, but now I love it! I think it's a good show with a lot of adventures. Even though the storylines are sometimes unoriginal, the show is still enjoyable. And I think all of the actors and actresses are very talented and funny.
  • love it, absolutly brilliant!

    the reason i like "thats so raven" is...well first of all cus its funny and then cus its an original its very funny because the charecters r a bit wacky which makes it not completly stupid but funny enough for u to laugh about... personally i think that its one of the best comady shows ever about 18th for me. i love to come back from school and just relax on the sofa watching thats so raven its very relaxing in a funny way... so basically its 100% nothing to say about it a favourite for most people ! !
  • 10/10 Every Episode Taped On a Video and I can't stop Watching It Over and Over again. My Favourite Episode 'Smell Of Victory' Especially...

    For a Disney programme this is superb.When I watch stuff like Recess I don't laugh that much but this makes me laugh so much just like The suite life of Zack and Cody. My favourite episodes are smell of victory in which Raven partners a boy called Stinky in a project for science,Escape Claus in which Raven skips school to return a present she has opened before its meant to be and she breaks it and Mother dearest in which Raven is being naughty in school and her teacher wants to see her parents about this issue. Thats so Raven is fantastic and I love watching it.My favourite character are Kyle Orlando Massey (Corey Baxter) and Orlando Brown (Eddie).

  • I don\'t watch this show much but when I do I get a good laugh out of it.

    I don\'t watch this show much but when I do I get a good laugh out of it. Raven is by fay my most favorite character. I think that this show will go pretty far. Maybe until 2007. But I think Raven Symone\' will eventually want to leave to do movies and other stuff sorta why Hilarious Duff left Frizzie McGuire. In the end it\'s a good show. I\'d give it a 8/10. But this show isn\'t always that great. In fact some episodes aren\'t that funny. Alanna is a very good character for the show. The Girls Room is know Alanna\'s Room.

    It\'s A Good Show.
  • That\\\'s So Raven is one of the best shows ever!

    That\\\'s So Raven is really a very funny show. I never get tired of watching it and the episodes never get boring. The episodes that I really enjoyed were Blue in the Face, Stark Raven Mad and Caked Fear. This is a very enjoyable show along with Drake and Josh! I\\\'m going to miss it when it ends but at least they\\\'re having a movie to end the series. I wonder how the movie would be like without the laughter in it. That\\\'s how the Drake and Josh movie was like which I really enjoyed!
  • I don't know why Disney Channel is still running it. I mean, there's only so many times I can watch the same basic storyline of a girl having a vision and messing it up before I get sick of it.

    That's So Raven was so much fun when it first came out. I was still a pretty loyal Raven-watcher for the first few seasons. But the later ones have pushed me over the edge, really. It's just not fun anymore. It gets more and more prominent that Annalise, Raven, and Orlando are not teenagers, but in thier 20's. And Kyle Massey has overtaken Raven in height! Come on! Now, it feels like the new things that happen on the show, her new room, her new job, are kind of forced. The writers are obiously struggling to figure out what more can happen. But I myself am sick of watching a girl have a vision and mess it up over and over again. You'd think she would have learned by now, but noooo.
    It's not even as funny anymore. The only charecter who can still get a laugh out of me is Chelsea. She has always been my favorite.
    Disney Channel, it's been great, but you need to learn when to STOP!
    Overall show grade: B- (the first few season were good.)
  • I love this show!!!

    This is a really good show about a teenage girl who has visions about what's gonna happened. Only her parents, brother and two best friends know this. She doesn't want anyone to know, cuz she wants to be a normal teen. Every week follow her when she try's to figure out her visions and crazy ideas!!!! Raven also know for dressing up as different people for her different disguises to get her out of crazy things!!!! This is a good show from ages 3-Adult. I really recommend this show for everyone who likes a good half-hour comedy and family show. Good for everyone to watch.
  • Love it even more and more!

    Thats so Raven has been a great show from the start I have found it to be hillarious and original. Whenever I first saw the commercials for it, I thought "Oh my goodness this will never last!" And here it goes, into it's 4th season past it's life mark. As we all know Disney has a 3 season limit. Being that Thats So Raven is in its 4th season, it is the only Disney Channel show to go pass the 3 season mark. Thats So Raven is a wonderful show and will probably never stop watching this original and wonderful show!
  • This show would be nothing without Raven's comedic timing and lovable personality.

    This show is intended for little kids but here I am, a freshman in college, and find this show completely hilarious. I watch this show with my little cousin every chance I get. I also find it funny that my roommate who is a year older than me, loves this show too! Raven is hilarious and I think the situations she gets into are so unbelievable that it just works! I commend Disney Channel for putting a great like this on for kids. Keep the seasons coming.
  • It used to be better than it is now.

    The show was better when it looked kind of rough in its first two seasons. It now relies on childish humor, and is no longer amusing to its original target audience. I would recommend this show for preteens, but teens might find that it\'s behind their focus. For ages 12 and under.
  • This show is a perfect stress reliever.

    I like how the characters are not Mary Sues. They each have their own flaws. Raven is a bit egocentric, Chelsea is on the border of being special ed, Eddie is increidbly dense, and Cory is driven by greed. It's also cute how he had a crush on Chelsea in the first season. I wonder why he stopped? Probably the script and also the fact that he was getting older. By far,this is a show that anyone can enjoy, no matter how old you are.
  • one of my favorite shows

    this is a great show about a girl named raven baxter, and her two friends: eddie and chelsea. raven has psychic visions that either save the day or get her into a big load of trouble. raven always dresses up as someone else to help her visions, while her friends help too. this is a good comedy show.
  • Its Ok

    I like this show. I really think they have better shows on Disney Channel, but this is quite satisfying to me. Its a pretty good show really, some un-needed eppisodes though. I like Chelsea a lot more than Raven, and Eddie, and the rest of thecharacters. A lot of them can't act.
  • That's So Raven is a show about a teenage girl who can see into the future.

    That's So Raven is the best show I have ever seen. The show is funny and original. Raven-Symone is an amazing actress whom I admire. Her character is so ful of life and I love the diverse setting of the show. Anyone who does not like it is a hater.
  • it can be funny but not all the time

    chelsea helps make this show funny because shes not as serious so that makes this funnier plus its not every show has such a wacky character but sometimes its boring because the drama episodes dont have much comedy and 1 of the reasons i watch this show is because of the comedy
  • right now the "true colours" episode whats da big deal?

    All i got to say is this episode wasn't just the fing of that black people will never get ova da slavery fing coz i fink its already sunk in!!

    But not letting ur kid watch thats so Raven becoz of dis is so hipocritical plz dis episode waz jus to show dat der is still discrimination and racism goin on in da world and dat it needs to stop but trust if we cnt get ova dis dnt blame us
    blame de ancestors who started dis in de first and come back and give me anther reason why i should get over slavery.

    plz!!!!!! so pathetic how some people dnt understand how we feel put ur self in our shoes and actually get the right feel of how dis is so disturbing and how dis hurts to fink bout how our ancestors were treated

  • Raven is all-grown up!

    Raven Simone from the Cosby Show is all-grown up
    I remember seeing her as a cute little baby
    And developed into a beautiful young actress
    If she keeps up these good roles
    Along with good writing and acting as well
    She will have a bright and wonderful future
    Ahead of her in my humble opinion
    Good show as my nephews and nieces love the show
    It is like being back at high school
    Doing those "high school things" I love to call them LOL!
  • This show is totally original. Raven is crazy and hilarious, Chelsea's just plain dumb, and Eddy is, well, he's just there I guess. LOL, kidding. Eddy's pretty cool as well.

    I admire girls who don't mind acting crazy on tv. Most girls want to act in shows that would make them popular at school or show off how hot they are, but Raven and Chelsea (Anneliese) aren't like that. They have wacky schemes and they get into trouble all the time. Falling into cake, having to eat cheese melting from a heating vent, getting messy and looking totally hideous on television is just what they do. Cory is a trouble maker, and all he sees is just $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Raven's parents are pretty cool - strict yet fun. As for Eddy, he's short. lol fine, I'll stop critisizing Eddy. He's a cool dude who gets annoyed everytime Chelsea says something stupid, and everytime Raven makes him the guinea pig for her crazy experiments. Agree?
  • It's a great show with quite a few funny characters in it,and I love Raven's outfits!

    This show has good storylines and plots,with some deeper then others and Raven Symone is loveable as Raven Baxter.I also love Raven's fashion style,and how accecorised she is,and her two best friends Chelsea and Eddie are fun to watch too!The whole Baxter family are a joy to watch and on the whole, the show is bright and bubbly!
  • this show is good because chelsea is funny.

    on raven the funniest character is chelsea. chelsea is cool because she acts stupid and says the stupidest things. i like how raven sings on the road to adution episode. i love the song shine. the road to adution episode was the best episode ever because of all the people singing.
  • A great show.

    I love this show, and it's perfect and hella funny! Anyway, it's good for a family to watch, and to laugh. People enjoyed this popular show, and it will never gets boring and boring. Once I've seen it, I laughed, and it was a great show for my whole entire family.

    I'm so glad that I told my family to watch this, and they enjoyed it forever and ever.
  • This show is okay. It's not the best. It's funny, and cool.

    This show is funny and original. It has really good actors and actresses but the sycic thing is really weird. (Sycic may be mispelled.) When the camera zooms into her eye, that kind of creepes me out. It can be really funny at times, and somethings really touching, but a lot of the time it's just weird. I rate this a 9.1. I really like the theme song though. They should put the theme songs on iTunes. I'd sooooo buy it! Anyway, I think That's So Raven is an okay TV show. It's funny, and sometimes touching, and sometimes weird.
  • A Really Great Show. Man ! if disney didn't have this, I won't watch it.

    This show is great. People get new lessons and laugh alot. I think it's important for doing something and doin' it with fun.
    This is one of my FAVORITE shows.
    If Raven wasn't physchic, this show will not be as hillarious. In fact, it wouldn't cause all the funny chaos.
    It's a great show.
  • Not so good, yet popular

    These oversized actors take a new twist in Disney sitcoms. Lacking in all factors with poor scripts and acting. At times real funny, but most of the time, just trying to be funny, and it shows. Recommened to people who somehow like Disney sitcoms. As always, nothing new here. The overall plot of a girl seeing into the future is odd, and does not match in the show. There is no explanation why either. Good news for fans is, that this show will go past Disney's 65 episode limit.
  • This is so cool!

    The teen comedy hit stars Raven as Raven Baxter, an eccentric and offbeat teenager who has the ability to foresee flashes of the future.

    Co-Starring alongside Raven are new talents Anneliese van der Pol as Raven's ditsy, yet ever enthusiastic & supportive best friend, Chelsea, and Orlando Brown as Raven's rap obsessed, but ultimately golden hearted friend, Eddie. The show also signals the first starring role of new talent Kyle Orlando Massey, who plays Raven's younger brother Cory. Also part of Raven's world are her loving and protective mother, Tanya, played by T'Keyah Crystal Keymah, and her hip and ever-caring father, Victor, played by Rondell Sheridan.
  • its ok

    Hi, I think thats so raven is ok. I think its just ok because it seems like every episode is the same. I mean its like the main charactor raven allwas sees a bad future and then its like in evry episode she is like always the HERO!!! I mean it gets boring some times, I mean lots of episodes are good but its always the same. so I gave the show a 7, but you shold give it a try. its a good show if you like alittle bit of Suspense and comity. thank you for reading my Review. :)
  • It is a pretty good show. I didnt think it would be as funny as I thought it was.

    This show is a pretty good show. I don't always watch but some times I do when I have nothing other to do. I think that Corys part is the best because him and his ideas to get money no matter what it costs is cool. I think that eddy and chealsy should should have bigger parts. But over all this show is good.
  • I of course love this show and I liked only the first saeson i geuss I watched it when it first came out I love it in an instant.

    The disney channel was running out of ideas that is what I think. They were running out of good shows and they had nothing else so they made that so raven. I am like cool when i watched it all my friends thought that I was crazy because i watched this show and im like nah im not crazy I just love it ok!
    I didnt care if my frinds thought that I was crazy and i didnt care I just loved to watch it n ow I dont as much but im trying. I still love the show even though I missed some episodes. I was sort of sad because now I have job and I dont have a chance to watch it. But when a new episode comes out im going to watch it right away!!!
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