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  • Oh snap! lol, Great show!

    That's So Raven will always remain as one of my favorites for being so original, funny and a Disney Channel classic on my book. The whole idea of Raven being psychic may be a little too crazy and sci-fi, but that doesn't stops me from loving it. It's cool about the show when they show the vision and then you keep expecting when it's going to come true, I dunno, it's fun. I think the characters of this show is what makes it even better, they are all pretty unique and make up for good stories. Raven is really talented, unlike most of the recent Disney stars that are all so overrated.
  • Raven and Chelsea accidentally turn themselves into cows.

    This is my favorite show in the entire series. It's interesting when Chelsea and Raven get cow ears, and I love it when William accidentally sets off every car alarm AND security system in the neighborhood. This one episode teaches you to 1) be careful what you wish for and 2) your never too old to do anything. I've only seen it once, and when it was finally over, it quickly shot to the top of my favorites list. Truly a brilliant episode, show, cast and characters, comedy and situations. Completely wonderful, splendid, amazing, cool, awesome, wowing and and lovely.
  • This show really need fine tuning. I cant take much of this any more. I was watching Punk'd and I saw how childish she was. Quote "Mommy, he being mean to me" unquote. I think she didn't go to college to act this dumb

    This show really need fine tuning. I cant take much of this any more. I was watching Punk'd and I saw how childish she was. Quote "Mommy, he being mean to me" unquote. I think she didn't go to college to act this dumb. She should be embarressed that she was on television like that. And if I was her mother which I'm glad I'm not I would of told her off in the parking lot and told her stop acting stupid.
  • In my opinion, truly awful. First season was good, but instead of better every season, it got worse every season.

    I think everyone noticed that in the second season that they decided to cancel the real audience and get some cheap tape with a lot of canned laughter. Now if shows put that at a good level, they MIGHT be able to get away with it. But with Thats So Raven they really screwed it up. The tape laughs at everything, way too much. Plus the writers obviously don't know what to do cos have you seen how many goofs they make? It's terrible. You just can't ignore things like that, it ruins the whole show. It makes everything unrealistic. To me the only good part is the theme song thats why I gave it one point. This show had a good idea, but took the viewers for granted. My advice don't bother watching, you might have a couple of laughs but its not worth it.
  • One of the few recent Disney shows that was actually good.

    Something that always piqued my interest was psychic ability. When I saw this show I thought it was actually good. The idea of having small glimpses of the future and not knowing for sure what happened to get there was really interesting. The characters, though crazy, were also interesting. Raven always tried to change the unpleasent visions, only to find worse things happened as a result. Cory was obsessed with money and tried to make it any way he could. Their parents, though caring, were insane. Chelsea wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but cared about the environment and the other living creatures of the world. Eddie dreamed of becoming a rap star and got annoyed if the girls yammered on about boys. This was definitely one of the last good Disney shows that they had and it's a shame that it had to end.
  • A disney channel original about a teen psycic who tries to live her life as a normal high school kid but her visions get in her way of that and she always tries to make her vision happen if she likes what she sees or try to make them change.

    I think that Thats so raven got worse and less funnier each season because the first series or so were really good and quite witty but then it sort of got like all the other disney channel shows, not funny and the same every episode. The writer probably ran out of jokes and started putting all them rubbish jokes in the show. I think that the show would be a complete disaster if Raven Symone wasnt the main charcter because she makes the show and she is naturaly funny. Her younger brother cory got less funny as he got older aswell as the show. But the only thing that did get better during the years was Ravens best freind,Chealsea. Although I very much used to enjoy watching Thats so raven everyday when i came home from school its a shame it had to change!!
  • This show chronicles the life of Raven Baxter, a typical teen with the ability to see glimpses of the future. With the help of her two friends, Eddie and Chelsea, she manages to make these visions true. A subplot revolving around Raven's brother, Cory, is

    This show is, in my opinion, GREAT! I love the chemistry of the impeccably comedic cast, and how quick, snappy, and HILARIOUSLY FUNNY the episode plots are. I have seen every episode!!! I LOVE IT! This show chronicles the life of Raven Baxter, a typical teen with the ability to see glimpses of the future. Depending on the vision, with the help of her two friends, Eddie and Chelsea, she manages to make these visions true or untrue, and, of course, gets herself in trouble while doing so. A subplot revolving around Raven's younger brother, Cory, is usually included in each episode.
  • I personally don't like that's so raven!!! If you want to know why? Read my review!

    Hi!! I want to tell you why I don't like that's so raven... so...... that's so raven is boring.. Its episodes are not cool. I hate raven because she does does stuped things. She acts like she is dumb and she wears so ugly thing. I only like Chelsea because she is funny :D She is so coool :D Hmm... Eddie- I personlly don;t like him because he is so dumb.. I don't like that's so raven but this is only my opinion so you should have your opinion also so if you disagree with me I won't be mad because everyone have their own opinion!!
  • One of the best shows of Disney Channel of 2003.

    That so Raven is all about a Teenage girl with visions to the furture. When I frist saw this show, I didn't know how great it will be. I know some people didn't like season 4, but I likeed it. All the characters wre cool and the comedy was just crazty that you'll like. the one thing I wish the show end with was Raven telling the whole school she can see into the future. But it's okay. All the actors were cool and it's was good that Cory got a spin-off. overall the fans say, the best show ever.
  • This.Show.Sucks.

    I absoulutely hate this show. Raven is so annoying. One minute she talks all sqeeky and high pictched then the next she talk all low and manly. Raven thinks that she is cool and popular for talking like that. And the jokes are not funny! The laugh track is put on stupid jokes that arent funny at all. And the worst episode was the one where they sing. That episode had the worst acting I have ever seen on a show before It is so bad they can't sing. The only good thing about the show is the fact that I could do voice overs from it.
  • Waste of time. This show should not have such a high rating.

    Thats so Raven does not deserve time on the air. It is a complete waste of time and not worth watching. It was okay at first. But it went downhill fast, really fast. It is horribly written with sposed-to-be-funny-but-aren't jokes. But the part that really got me was the "Country Cousins" episode. I live in the country and no one I know talks like that. In fact some of most of the people I know are extremely smart and act in no way like that episode. So please by watching this episode do not think that people who live in the south talk or act like that. Plus any actor or actress worth mention could act in four parts in a single episode. There's nothing different from that to playing different parts in movies. Not to mention the fact that most every actress on Disney is a singer. I think they make sure you're able to sing before you get a part in something on their channel. In summary this show is and never will be worth your time.
  • The show has an original concept but suffers from bad writing and bad acting.

    That's So Raven is a tragedy. I thought the concept was interesting but when I watched the show, I quickly found out that the show is a train wreck. The acting is horrible and over-the-top and the writing suffers from just not being funny and unoriginal plots. The show is basically a badly acted, and badly written rehash of classic sitcom plots and scenarios.
  • That's So Raven. What can I say? It's about Raven Baxter a teenager with psychic powers...what else do you need? From the begining I've loved the show...but with the quality of writing falling I question weither I'll like the show as it comes to the en

    Right from the begining of the series I knew something was different about That's So Raven. It came from Brookwell-Macnamara, the people who brought you Even Stevens and it starred the cutest Cosby kid ever, Raven Symone. Boy was it good. Not only did it have a studio audience (which totally gave it a different atmosphere) but the writing was AMAZING and the acting was HILARIOUS. Hands down my favorite season has been the first. It was a quality show the first season. Come second season the show's writing because...itiodic. It reminded me of what happened to Lizzie McGuire. The show was great to start with but as it gained steam it lost substance. The plot lines in both shows became totally outrageous and ridiculous. The show just wasn't the same...not as funny. I think the show isn't the same from it's first season...I think it took a totally different light...but I see that a lot in Disney Channel shows. I'll still what the show...cause It's So Raven.
  • Not very good

    That's So Raven is really not a very good show. It got boreing after the first three episodes. They are all the same and are all very predicatble. The characters are getting annoying, especially Chelsea. No one can be that oblivious. Raven can see in the future and she always tries to change it, which makes it happen. It's just predicatable. It's also majorly overdramatic. She screams so much and so loud; it's just pointless. The story lines are not origonal and are not really that funny anyways. Overall, it needs to be scrapped because there is nothing new anyone can do with it to make it better.
  • This show started out great! It was funny, original, and starred Raven Symone! What's not to like? But it wasnt long before this show fell downhill...

    At first (I was in about 2nd grade at the time) I didnt want to see this show. I was 7 then. The night it premiered, my sister begged me to watch it, telling me I would love it. So I watched it...And I loved it! This show was the cousins and I watched it all the time...My friends and I watched it all the time...But it started to lose its charm somewhere between late Season 2 and early Season 3. It didnt immeditately get bad. There were individual episodes that were bad, until they all were pretty bad. Why?

    -Chelsea got "un-smart". Really unsmart.
    -Corey got older and completely forgot about hi crush on Chelsea!
    -Raven squealed/screamed WAY too much!
    -The Mom left.
    -The Juicer joined the scene
    -And other things....

    I think it eventually went too far, and I think that when it was such a shame that Raven's secret was never told. Thats what everybody has been waiting for. For example...What if Hannah Montana secret stays a secret the whole show? There should at least be an episode where everybody finds out.
  • One of the best shows of Disney Channel of 2003.

    That so Raven is all about a Teenage girl with visions to the furture. When I frist saw this show, I didn't know how great it will be. I know some people didn't like season 4, but I likeed it. All the characters wre cool and the comedy was just crazty that you'll like. the one thing I wish the show end with was Raven telling the whole school she can see into the future. But it's okay. All the actors were cool and it's was good that Cory got a spin-off. overall the fans say, the best show ever.
  • TSR was great till season 4...

    that's so raven is a story about a teenage girl with psyhic powers. IMO, the first 2 seasons were the best. somewhere in season 3, it started goin downhill. season 4 was horrible to me. this kinda thing always happens with disney shows. a disney show usually starts off great then all of a sudden it goes downhill in the middle of a season. raven's a great actress but it seemed to me like she screams too much in season 4. that can get really annoying after a while. overall, TSR was one of the better disney sitcoms of 2003.
  • This was one of the longest surviving good live-action shows Disney had, it really needs to be brought back now to replace some mediocre live-action shows Disney has now.

    I love That's So Raven! Disney should bring this show back, I mean, it was so awesome! Watching Raven and her pals Chelsea and (forgot his name) Was the real actor's name Orlando? Maybe, Its been too long since I last saw this show that's for sure. Well I watched some Disney Channel today and I saw that last cool episode produced for this show which features Cory being falsely accused of smoking some cigarettes, where it is actually one of his friends (who is a girl.) At least I think this show ended with a great episode that was glimering with a golden life lesson being taught about the horrors of smoking and drugs. And it is also wise not to do it and to give in to peer pressure, don't smoke or do any form of drug, not even once otherwise you might get addicted to it. Well hey not only was that episode great but this is a great show in general, I wish it could be brought back, there was so many awesome episodes! (I don't think i even saw all of them.) Good thing there's reruns... Raven Simone is so cool! I also think her friends are awesome! This show also has very likeable and golden characters/actors. This show shall live on in our memories! (And back to the smoking episode: Like Raven said: Better on the floor than in your lungs. Cory: Yeah, that's for sure!) Those I think were golden lines too. I also thought the Juicer was awesome! Its a shame this show had to end so... suddenly... Looks like this show moved to Cory in the House, the downfall is i myself don't think its as good.
  • Very good/funny Show and im so Sad it Ended!

    I remeber first seeing this show back in.. 2003 and I will admit I thought it was just gonna be a once a week thing that I would watch it, UNTIL I realized that Raven Symone was in it! (I loved her on the Cosby Show!) so I started watching it again and again and I was HOOKED on it! Then on a sad day in.. 2008, I heard that "Where there's Smoke" was gonna be the last episode of TSR and I was so sad!! But I am glad that the last Episode was an important and memorable one! Although I was a little shocked that this certain episode didnt happen sooner (Not the plot cause I know Cory would be a little to young to be accused of smoking.. but hey I guess your never to young... to be accused that is.. lol) And I think that Disney made a horrible mistake by ending it at only 100 episodes, because it deserves a lot more! Its even more sad that they barely show it now!! sigh* They'll never know the mistake they made.. Anyway, I will Aways love TSR and it will forever live in my heart! :D
  • "That's So Raven" is a Disney Channel series about an otherwise ordinary San Francisco teen named Raven Baxter who occasionally has "visions", or sudden clips of the future that she sees.

    I love and miss this incredibly unique and hilarious show. I didn't even start watching it religiously until the beginning of the summer, but already I have probably seen about a third of all of the episodes. "That's So Raven" is as I said earlier, unique (have you ever heard of a show like this?) and hilarious (with Raven's frequent mishaps do to her "visions"). At the same time, however, it is serious and educational, in the way that it tackles real issues such as racism, weight, feeling beautiful in your own body, fitting in, and many other problems that teenagers face in their everyday lives. Also, I love all of the main characters, especially the ditsy vegetarian environmentalist, Chelsea. Chelsea is so sweet and funny. I'm glad they made a spin-off of this show because I would miss the storyline too much if they didn't!
  • fairly decent

    This show , as you know is about a teen psychic. I like the characters and the different relationships Raven forms with them. The plot itself isnt always the best which is what sometimes deviates the show from being really good. Sometimes, the plots are very far fetched, in all likelihood, which depends if you believe in psycic's or not, a teen psychic isnt really believable, which is why its fiction. However sometimes the plots are just too much, like Raven craqling up her schools air vent system and eating the melted cheese to stop it from stinking up the school. I think although the characters are great, and funny, sometimes they can really be annoying, characters like stanley are of course real to teenagers in real life (the annoying youunger person), but i think in fiction like this they are un needed.
  • The show was about Raven who forsaw the future and attempted to change it.She would drag her friends in the situations she'd get herself into.

    This was the best show Disney Channel ever aired! The shows about a teen psychic named Raven,who sees the future and tries to prevent it. Along the way Raven gets her friends involved in whatever she is doing, she also dressed up in various disguises. The show was laugh out loud funny and hilarious, it had everything. The writing and characters were unbelievable, there was so mush comedy in this show. The plot was the ideas the characters faced in every episode were outstanding and always taught an important lesson.Too bad the show ended, but it's still in reruns, and that's just as good.
  • A great show that should be brought back.

    This show is amazing, it's about a teenage girl named Raven Baxter who can see into the future, with a limited list of people who know this. Her best friends, Chelsea Daniels and Eddie Thomas are always there for her if she gets into crazy situations. As well as her family, which includes Victor, her dad. Tanya, her mom. And Cory, her brother. I thought this show was really great, and Disney Channel should bring it back or make a spin-off with Raven. They were originally to do that, but they did made one based on Cory instead, which is also good. Disney should've made the Better Days spin-off, because its new idea (Hannah Montana) was retarded and I hate that show! Hopefully there might be a new sitcom based on Raven when Cory in the House ends, you might never know. But this was a really great show that I always watch when I can. Home Improvement is a little better though, but still a really great show.

  • The best show on Disney Channel!!

    I luv That's So Raven it was a great show it! I wish it didn't end but all good things come to a end and the actors wanted to o their own things i wish they had made a That's So Raven movie but it never happend That's So Raven will always be the best show on Disney no matter if new shows contiue to come on TSR is and always will be the best show on Disney. I loved Raven and Devon together that was the ulitiment best thing that happend on That's So Raven I love them together their soo cute!
  • A really good show.

    This is a really good comedy show. The funniest person on the show is Raven Baxter how she always pretends to be somebody else when she sees a vision in the future. Raven is a regular teenage girl that has visions and that is really cool. Cory Raven's younger brother who always scams people and that is pretty cool but he also learns valueble lessons and never does that again but comes up with ideas and does it over and over again. I am really upset that this show was replaced by Cory in the House and Raven isn't in it and I really miss her and visions and her adventure.
  • A very good show!

    This show is actually very good. Not as good as Hannah Montana and Suite Life but still. It's about this psychic named Raven Baxter, whose visions will usually either come true and not come true. And if the visions don't come true, it usually gets Raven into trouble. Characters around to help Raven with her problems are Chelsea, her ditzy but always supportive best female friend, Eddie, her smarter and potential rapper best male friend, Cory, her nerve-wracking but loving little brother, Victor, her weird but very loving father who owns an eating establishment and Tanya, her comedic mother who attends law school. This is a very good show. I can't believe it was cancelled! It was very funny and it can teach valuable lessons at times and that's good. Plus, it's way better than Wizards of Waverly Place. Like I said it wasn't as good as Hannah Montana and Suite Life but it was still a very enjoyable show...
  • An excellent show!

    That's So Raven is a pretty good show. The stories are interesting and pretty funny to watch. I think it's hilarious watching Raven having visions that interfere with her life. Raven Symone, Anneleise, Orlando Brown and all of the other actors were the perfect ones for their roles on the show. I think that it honestly sucks that this show got canned and replaced with that dreadful Cory in the House, since it'll never be as good as this show. Overall, this is one of the greatest shows Disney Channel ever made, and it got canned way before its time.
  • Loved it! Laughed at every episode!

    This was one of Disney's greatest shows ever! I Laughed at every episode I'm actually satisfied that it has 100 episodes, In My Opinion that's already a lot . I Love the Cast! They are very talented! They are amazing actors/actresses! and singers too!! It's nice too see how they struggle in high school and how they struggle on raven's visions and how to prevent/solve it from happening! The humor is so funny! and I love the Big Sister-Little brother relationship between cory and raven! But However I do have negative points in this show. It's weird how raven's mom just "Disappeared" and how raven directly went to fashion college leading cory and his dad alone in washington. but I still love it!
  • Good show.

    I like this show its good in all aspects its got a good story quite funny not boring in any way and the whole idea of a psychic who can tell whats gonna happen in the future is a very good and original idea. An ordinary girl living in San Fransico geting in to all sorts of troble is brilliant.

    But i dont like the way that its the same thing every episode Raven has a vision she's dose somthing ends up geting in troble then at the end of the show she ends up telling somone about the vision and thats it.

    I like the show but i think they should put some sort of twist on it.
  • Every episode was splendid.

    I don't want to use a word to many times so that's why I use weird words (like zany). Great show and the last episode was almost as good as the futurama's last episode. Another great comedy from disney. You know I said in my suite life of zack and cody's review that it didn't beat that's so raven but the SLOZAC last season was better than that's so raven.

    But that doesn't mean that I hated the last season of that's so raven and I'm not sad it's gone. But if it's replaced with a crappy show then I will be. HOLY @!#%, Raven Symone is a damn good actor. Chelsea is my favorite character, god is she so wonderfully dumb.

    Storylines: Visions are awesome-10
    Characters: His name is Cory, and this is his story-10
    Theme song: That's so raven, it's the future I can seeeee!-10
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