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  • I changed my mind about Raven

    Several years ago when I watch the Cosby Show, I realized the series had "jumped the shark" with the addition of this extremely annoying and cartoonish little brat that made me cringe upon sight of her. Raven-Symone was a tiny little series-killer upon first sight, but today, she's become a talented, funny and charming young lady blessed with the maniac energy of Lucille Ball and the voice and spirit of Janet Jackson. On "That's so Raven," she plays a psychic teenager supported by a talented cast playing eccentric characters. Her best friends include the amiable rapping jock named Eddie and the conservative vegetarian Chelsea who through the series has become so dumb that she's practically become brain-damaged, but yet still demurely sexy. Her parents are played by a talented stand-up comedian named Rondell Cheridan and "In Living Color" beauty Tkeya "Crystal" Kehman, who mysteriously vanished from the last season for no reason, but then she was mostly missing from eighty percent of the series. Raven's brother, Cory, played by Kyle Massey, has matured from the bratty-stereotype to an almost decent character over the series. Extrenous characters in the show include a number of female toughs played Raven's "Cheetah Girl" co-stars, a stinky student, a telepathic psychic researcher, an annoyingly grating midget gargoyle with a crush on Raven and a one-dimensional Neo-Nazi cook from Victor's past. The show is a major hit on Disney channel and a corner of its hit block with "The Suite Life," "Phil of the Future" and "Lizzie Mcguire," a block of success that Disney is irrationally chipping away at. The truth is that no show is allowed to stay a success, and sadly, Raven may be cancelled at the height of its success. Let's all say it together: "Disney Channel is run by idiots cancelling its hit shows!"
  • it was good until season 4...

    when this show first came out i didnt watch it cause i didnt knw it existed and when i finally did see an episode i didnt watch it because she was doin all that squealin stuff which i now like lol.basically my bro begged me to watch a full episode and i did, and i liked it, so i started to watch the show. season 1 and 2 were perfect and there very few if no episodes that i didnt like. season 3 had certain episodes that were ok and not so funny but still good. then season 4 came. i honestly thought season 4 would be good but i got disappointed. after seeing the first episode which was not so funny but still ok i watched a few more amnd realized the whole season was gonna suk. raven got fat, the acting was bad, cory had completely lost his crush on chelsea and stanley completely lost his crush on raven. eddie also got a little fatter and chelseas stupidit didnt seem so funny anymore. season 4 was i dunno... if they never made an extra season, i probably would like this show more. i dont even watch the season 4 reruns anymore. well raven symone is a good person and her show was ok but season 4 kinda suked...
  • i think that this shoe is great

    I love that so raven because everybody on this show is just so beautiful and i just love raven and cory so much. Tanya is funny in some of the shows. Devon is just so sexy because he is just so sexy. I wish that he was my man. Also I like eddie. If i had to meet one of the character i would love to meet devon and raven because they are just the best. I also like alana because she remeber of my friend bianca that went to my old skool beacause those are some reason why i love That so raven..........bye
  • Oddly Funny

    This show is about a girl named Raven baxter who gets in all kinds of trouble due to her psychic visions. Assisting her is her rap obsessed friend Eddie Thomas and her somewhat ditzy friend Chelsea Daniels. There is also her soon to be chef dad Victor her caring mother Tanya and her money obsessed brothe Cory. She usually goes into disguise to try to prevent something from happening. She usually misinterprets them though.

    I personally love this show. I very well recommend them to. The show gets better every season to. It is one of the shows that last a while.
  • OMG I Luv this show, especially Raven Chealse And Eddie LOL if you want to find more about this hit TV show and my review please the following review below.

    the hit TV show starts with a phycic girl named Raven, whenever something bad is about to happen she always gets phycic visions about whats about to happen, then of course she try's to change what she saw in her vision... my personal Favourite episode is when Raven's brother (i can't remember his name how sad is that)find's what a powerful source that a creet card bring ETC. It is soooooo sooooooo awesome!!! lol random much. anyway if you dont already watch this show then turn on the TV damnit and if you do congrats u want a medal or a show bag for that one?
  • This Is A summary from the tv series That's So Raven... Well its about a Girl thats sees into the future she has a little vrother names cory and 2 friends lots of diffrent things happen so i suggest u watch this show......

    Well I watch this On The Disney Channel And All i HAve To Say For This is.....

    Fu nny , Fu nny , Fu nny, i Mean my older brother comes and watches it with me so i have to say its a really good show.... too bad its on 1s a day only Anyway my favorite character from this show..

    i would have to say raven and her friend i mean they r bioth so funny and thats why i watch it im sure if they were diffrrent actors or actresses i wouldnt watch it so disney channel good choice on picking those actors/actresses
  • A teenager Raven Baxter (Raven-Symone) is a girl who can see the future.

    A teenager Raven Baxter (Raven-Symone) is a girl who can see the future. She and her friends Eddie Thomas and Chelsea Daniels (Orlando Brown and Anneliese Van Der Pol) always have whacky mishaps trying to follow the visions. Her family life is also whacky with her parents Tonya and Victor (T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah and Rondell Sheridan) and her younger brother (Kyle Orlando Massey) named Cory. Raven's got a lot on her hands.Raven Baxter is a teenager. She can see glimpses of the future. A lot of time her visions cause problems, because she doesnt see everything that will happen, only about 5 seconds of the future. She her friends, brother, and parents always get into trouble because of her visions
  • this is the best show ever raven makes it so funny

    I love this show it's the best show ever. even though it has ended i still watch it and still have laughs over it. The characters in this show are so great they make it so funny. Raven and Annalesse are my favorite characters they are so fun and they are pretty cute too. I am so mad at the people who cancelled it it is one of the best shows i've ever seen and it didn't even get a movie while really bad tv shows like lizzie mcguaire and even stevens get movies. Disney has made me so mad they are ending every show that's really good.
  • Interesting to watch.

    This show is one of my favorite shows on disney channel. although, I haven't been watching it lately, but just because that I don't watch Disney channel very much. I like that plots on the show, I don't know why, but it just draws me into the show. It's too bad that they had to cancell the show, even though the show had good ratings and was practicly the most popular show on Disney channel. But it's not too bad for me, I'm not like a huge fan of this show, but I think it's still pretty good. I guess I would rate this show a 7.5, I think.
  • A girl who can see the future.

    That's So Raven, it's the future she can see. This show is awesome, and I can't believe it ended with 100 episodes, this is the longest Disney Channel sitcom, and I just splend it! Raven is a one great actor, Cory makes me laugh, and sometimes I want Victor's jeans! Hehe. Well in other words, I wish this show would be brought back. I just wanted to see great job with accomplishing a record on Disney Channel and 100 episodes. Peace out, this is Halo. -Review for That's So Raven (TSR). This show airs on Disney Channel, and the show has ended.
  • I would like to bring this series back... T_T

    This was one of my favorite show in Disney channel too bad it was already canceled. Instead they replaced it with a dumb show Cory in the house. I wont even make me laugh, and the story is also dumb (no offense). I want Thats so raven to be back again. It was my favorite show. I really like Chelsey a lot she really makes me laugh how she act like a dumb person. Raven too, she's one of my favorite star in the Disney channel. I really like her voice a lot. She really is a talented person. I hope that the show That's so raven would be back on Disney Channel. ^^)
  • How did this get a lower community rating than Hannah Montana?

    Finally, a Disney show worth watching! Raven is so talented, and this show is way better than Cory in the House. Unlike the other teen sitcoms on Disney Channel, I can actually relate to some of Raven's struggles (not psychic, of course) but the show has some real deep issues. They actually showed episodes on smoking, racism, and shoplifting. Kind of harsh for DC, but still more interesting than the bland message of "Be Yourself" from Hannah Montana or the whole "popular" thing from Lizzie Mcguire. This show also shows more diversity in the different types of people (there are blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, and others) instead of the main characters and everyone just being white. People can watch this show and truly be inspired because the plots are well done and most of the situations are realistic. Disney, this is probably the only good sitcom you've ever done.
  • bring it back That'so Raven one of the funnest shows in history

    i love this show, this was the second show i saw on Disney and it was the show that got me hook up to Disney. The show is about Raven Baxter a psiquic that gets visions about the future which gets her in a lot of trouble. The plot is as Original as can be though this used to be better in its first 2 seasons. Raven is definatly one of the best Disney actress ever she's hilarious, honestly when i first saw her i though so wouldn't be able to lead a show but when i saw the show i realised i had misjudge her. Eddie is okay as he is a cool Rapping Dude, this guy is funny Chealsea the animal lover she isn't one my favorites but she's hot though she was better when she was smarter and Cory the annoying little brother this kid is funny and i don't have anything against him and think is ok that he has his own show. i don't see why people say that this show is Racist and annoying
  • Luv it!

    Raven Baxter is physic, but only her friends and family know this. Her friends are rapping basketball playing Eddie, and dim-witted red headed Chelsea. She has a little, annoying, brother named Cory Baxter. Her parents, Tanya and Victor Baxter, are pretty cool, at least they think they are. Raven constantly finds her self stuck in wacky situations, and her friends always get stuck in them too. Whenever she has a vision her eyes star into space, and people and things that have not happened yet appear like a television show. This show is so funny, and I highly suggest it to any one who likes disney shows, and is willing to check out another one.
  • One of the few Disney Channel shows that even be called classic.

    Most shows by Disney Channel are horrific......

    Some shows are worth-watching, but only an exceptional few can be a "classic."

    That's So Raven is a definite classic because before Disney just came up with a show idea and threw any nonsenseful twist that made no apparent sense, That's So Raven focused on twists and plots that made sense.

    Sure, no one (that I know of) can see into the future but the show didn't focus on that, instead it focused on real-life teen problems. I really thought that this show, at first, would be focus on psychic abilities but it didn't....

    Instead it was a funny show for both adults and children.
    I wish there were more shows like these.
  • Nice :]

    The teen comedy hit stars Raven as Raven Baxter, an eccentric and offbeat teenager who has the ability to foresee flashes of the future. Co-Starring alongside Raven are new talents Anneliese van der Pol as Raven's ditsy, yet ever enthusiastic & supportive best friend, Chelsea, and Orlando Brown as Raven's rap obsessed, but ultimately golden hearted friend, Eddie. The show also signals the first starring role of new talent Kyle Orlando Massey, who plays Raven's younger brother Cory. Also part of Raven's world are her loving and protective mother, Tanya, played by T'Keyah Crystal Keymah, and her hip and ever-caring father, Victor, played by Rondell Sheridan.
  • This show is very good and so funny disney channel should really show more of the older episodes more often though.

    I really enjoy watching this and I have given it a rating of 9.7. It is very funny and Raven is just crazy and that is what is good about her. But saying this I do definetely prefer the older episodes as they have a lot better and well thought up storylines as oppose to season 4. Raven is a very talented actress and I wish they still made this show as it is one of the best things that has ever happened to disney channel. I don't think I dislike any of the episodes as it is so original and predictable it can always put a smile on my face and make me laugh.
  • Marks the end of success.

    I used to really like disney channel,
    until they started coming out with dumb,
    pointless things like the crappy "Hannah Montanna"
    or "The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody" and stuff like that. This show truly marks the end of decent shows on that channel. It is funny, and wacky and you can really relate to the characters. It ended really crappily,
    if that is a word, there was no "finale"
    it just ended like a regular episode.
    They all walk off, mentioning how they will be best friends forever.

    Later raven appeared on the crappy spin off "Cory in the House" but it was never the same.
    I think they should start this show back up,
    but i am afraid if they do, it will be as crappy as its fellow disney shows.

  • The best Disney Channel show EVER.

    That's So Raven is an awesome show about Raven Baxter who can see the future at random times that get her into all kinds of crazy situations. She has two best friends. One of them is Chelsea who is a vegetarian and loves the environment. But is also very dumb as well. Eddie is a rapper and plays a ton of basketball. She has a mom and dad and an annoying little brother named Cory who is in love with Chelsea.

    Why is this the best show ever? Simple. It is the funniest show ever! The jokes are always hilarious either Chelsea being dumb or Raven being like all about herself. Or maybe saying stuff like, "That's my jam!" It's also funny when Raven does very funny things to change some of her visions. Cory is also funny since he hogs the sub-plots most of the time. Not as funny as Raven but still a bit funny. Like when he gets bossed around by the Juicer for example. But overall, the show is flat out funny and better then some of the crap on Disney Channel right now.
  • Treandsetting show. The original teen comedy, all other Disney Shows are based on the success of That's So Raven.

    This show is by far my favorite. It has inspired a generation of comedy series. Disney Channel wanted to capitalize on this show's success so they made Hannah Montana, Cory in the House, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc. But this is the orginal teen comedy. It laid out the schematics for shows which meant addicted audiences and a fortune for the Disney Channel. The schematic is: main star is a girl, comedic situations, secret life, family responsibilities, deals with siblings/other annoying children, 2 best friends (one boy, one girl), and has loving parents.
    Raven Symone's acting skills really came through. It's hard to act out comedy, but this show became so popular that it has been mentioned on shows like MAD TV, American Dad, Regis and Kelly, etc. It has given birth to a new era of outgoing children; this is the image a show should evoke.
    I love Raven--you're my girl.
    This IS the authentic teen comedy.
  • the show is just so fantastic, no other one like it. i just wish there are easy ways to get free downloads ( P.S if you are reading this and you know how to get free downloads mail me how to on ""

    wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, show. great job. who thought of this, anyway sometimees it tends to get a little boring, many episodes are a little boring, but just a tiny bit though.its influential, classic and imformative and not even a little bit racist. otherwise the show is good; not to small, not to much. you might say its a brilliant show and you want it back but somepeople, ( like 45% of people )will disagree. i love you Raven Symone. and in the review dont force people to write more than 50 words at least because then they wont know what to say like me and just write rubbish. P.S get websites that will offer free downloads of the episodes
  • just a gang of mad people

    Raven is a girl that can see the future but she alway get in trbles,problems and all thing that i can not bileve.i wacth the show to pas the time it is fun but why the white people allway look and act... clomsy.Ok i know more than 4 persons that are stiupid and they are idiot .i the show they are alot of people like that the if fun .but everything have limits.eanyway it is a good show of humor and comedy in general and to tell the true all are crazy andmake strange thing but that is the comedy show .
  • That's so Raven was good, but isn't my favourite Disney Show

    That's So Raven was a good show, but I think that it ran too long. The first three seasons were good, the fourth season was just average. Tht's So Raven didn't have many annoying characters, which is a good thing, but I think that Sierra was really annoying and Stanly was so annoying that I wanted to turn off the TV when I saw him. I think that without those characters, the show would have been ten times better. I think that for the first four seasons, the writers had many ideas, and they wrote very good episodes. During the fourth season, it felt like the writers were struggling to get ideas for the episodes. I think that Chealsea was portayed as too dumb for my liking. I think that she was usually funny, but sometimes, she acted so dumb, that she got annoying. I think that Raven screamed too much during the series, and I don't like high pitched screaming. I liked Eddie's character because he was always funny, he wasn't dumb, and he didn't scream. Cory was really funny too, but when he was younger he was a little annoying, and he used quite a few immature jokes. Although I liked That's So Raven, I didn't like it enough to want it to come back for a fifth season, but I do recommend the series to everyone who hasn't seen it.
  • This show is racist and annoying.

    Alright. This show was just horrible. I can sum up every episode for you. Raven dresses up in a weird outfit to solve a problem, she says "Oh snap!", and everybody laughs. I fail to see the humor in that. This show is also racist. They make all of the white people look retarded. It's just like all of Disney's shows. There's one stupid person who makes everyone laugh by being idiotic. Here's a word of advice. Don't bother wasting a half hour watching this show. Do something productive and read a book or something. Trust me, it's much better than watching a poor excuse for humor.
  • It was better in its early seasons.

    This show is about a teenage girl named Raven with the ability to see the future. The only people that know her secret is her family and two best friends, Eddie and Chelsea. My favorite characters is Raven and Devon. My least favorites are The Juicer and Cory. That's So Raven was a really good show in its early seasons. Season 4 was just the worst season. So I guess you can say it went downhill after season 3. Thats one of the reasons why it became less popular. Im glad it ended at Season 4. In my opinion Season 2 was the best season.
  • Nice.

    It's nice to see a show that can deal with real life problems, right?
    Example? That's So Raven.
    It's about a girl with a normal life and friends but the catch? She's psychic!
    Raven Baxter couldn't have been better portrayed without the actress Raven Symone. She's full of talent and knows where to head and not become a ditsy Hollywood good for nothing person.
    Her friends are always there for her and it actually shows real life issues. Divorce, school, etc. The show is far from cheesy and the show couldn't be any better! It's a real pleasure to watch and hopefully you'll love it more than me!
  • About a girl who doesn't use common sense and gets into trouble alot.

    This show is one of the worst shows on t.v and I see why it got cancelled. Most people say it was a cool show, but apparently I didn't see what they saw. The girl didn't have a brain, did stupid things that could've been prevented, and didn't have respect for anyone, not even herself. I've never cared much for Raven in the first place, because everyone she's ever played was stupid. Now people might disagree with me, but I have the right to speak my mind. The show seemed like it was about the same thing everytime. And I'm glad it's cancelled, and disney needs to stop showing the episodes over and over again, because all it's teaching children is that they don't have to use their brain to do simple things.
  • this show is truly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this show is truly and amazing and at first i thought it was nothing but now it's like a classic!!!!!! if you like shows with falls laughs drama and an all star cast this is the show for you. don't get me wrong it does have it's ups and downs but overall the show is amazing it gives disney channel alot to work with, it was one of disney channels top rated show if disney channel hit a home run when they came out with the show if raven wasn't so old this show would have went past four seasons like i said this show is a classic
  • this was filled with laughs for the entire famiy to watch, bring it back!!

    They're often blond, very ambitious and always beautiful. They're the young women who travel from towns and cities across America in hopes of sharing one man's incredible dream: life at the Playboy Mansion. This unique eight episode reality series takes viewers beyond the gates and behind closed doors to reveal the world of Hugh Hefner's mansion as it has never been seen before: through the eyes of the women who live, play - and, of course, party - with him. It's the secret side of an American legend and the fabled home that has captivated the imagination of millions.
    bring this show back!!
  • this show has its funny moments and it has good morals. i like this show, if its on i would watch it.

    this show is good for kids and teenagers alike, it has humor, romance, and all the drama that comes with being a teenager. raven symone brought her sense of humor to the show, and with kyle massey, orlando brown, and annalise van der pol to round out the cast, this was one of the best shows of its time. if you are interested in watching the shows, the early seasons episodes are better than the newer episodes ( my opinion ) i think my favorite episode of thats so raven is the disaster preparedness episode. it just makes me laugh everytime i watch it!
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