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  • How can you not love this show? One of Disney's biggest shows ever. This show brought Disney to where it is today.

    I babysit a lot, and you quickly get sick of the kids shows on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. However, I always get excited when I see Disney Channel is on. And "That's So Raven" is one of my childhood favorites.

    Sure, I love the new Disney shows, but this show was so funny and entertaining that it will always stand out in my mind as one of my childhood favorites. Lets face it, Disney puts on good shows, but they're not always 'LAUGH OUT LOUD' funny. But "That's So Raven" undoubtedly was. Raven's little sayings, such as 'Oh Snap!' and 'You Little Nasty' always had me cracking up.

    This show will always be a classic in my mind. From what I can remember, "That's So Raven" was the first official Disney Channel-created show to be recorded in front of a live audience. And now, they all seem to be created like this ("The Suite Life", "Hannah Montana", "Cory in the House")!

    Oh! I'm having a vision for the future! I predict that "That's So Raven" will be around for a lot longer than its initial run. We'll be seeing a lot more of Raven around Disney Channel, don't you worry!
  • Teenage psychic rocks!

    This show is an example of why prominitions shouldn't really affect your decision in the present. Raven, a teenage girl with psychic ability had often made misjudgement and unappropriate decision due to what she saw in the future. the result is a complete whacko, not to mention additional freaking-funny-dumb combination from Chelsea, her best friend.
    The shows deals with (almost) average teenage routines like schools, crushes, sibling fights and competition. One episode shows how Raven started to see her best friend Eddie at a different point. From just friends to special friends. I especially like how they struggled to conceal their feelings and finally made decision to try out the new relationship, despite the fact of Raven's bad vision of their future.
  • one of the best shows ever!

    This is the most funniest show in this world . Sometimes you can see Raven dancing . Raven like dancing and fashion . Her clothes are very cool . Cory ( maybe wrong spelling ) is Raven's brother . He is Clever and always want to make money . Raven's mother has a bit silly and always careless . Her father is a cook . He has a restaurant . Raven's F friend is a idoit but she love animals and she is pretty . ^^ Her M friend like music and rap . He sometimes has a bit silly . Whatever , this show is very funny and I love it so much (.>3
  • It is not that great as it used to.

    This show called Thats so raven is starring Raven Symone in her own show called Thats so Raven . She and Cory and Tanya ang Victor and Chelsea and Eddie are characters in the show . But I do not like this show just because There are no more new episodes and I do not like the plot . It is too . . . but Raven is pychic . She and only she could se into the great and powerful Future . Do not dis her amasing powers who ha ha . She shall become too powerful to you mortal eyesho ha ha!
  • one of the best shows ever!!

    Raven Baxter a high schooler with a big secret..she can see into the future...This show is so funny!!! I am so sad that it got cancelled, I mean it didn't even get a proper finale! This show will forever be missed. Even though the last season was kinda boring its still a wonderful show, I still watch re-runs, but I miss seeing new episodes. That's So Raven will always and forever be one of the best shows on disney channel.
  • This show is a great!!!

    Thats So Raven. Kids will love to watch this show, but its entertaining for adults too. 'Raven Baxter' (Raven Symone) is a bubbly teenager who loves to make her own clothes, have fun with her friends Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol) and Eddie (Orlando Brown). Raven also has the power of 'Phsycic Visions'.... Although most people would find these easy to handle, Raven will always find some way to get into a 'bad or embarrassing situation' when she misinterprets the meaning of her visions. This show is very funny. It has an interesting storyline and great actors to play the characters. Its an easy show to watch and I would anytime!
  • Raven Baxter is not your averadge girl! She is funny and has visions that aren`t always what they seem. Usaully after a vision she does something crazy. She usually disguises herself and goes to see if it comes true. You should tottaly watch it!

    Raven and her friends, Eddie Thomas and Chelsie Daniels go through crazy adventure either trying to stop her visions or make them true. Usually they don`t turn out as she thought. Her borther, Cory, is a money maker and can also be hillarious. Her father is the cheft of the chill grill. You absolutely have to watch it and I promise you you will be cracking up!
  • No .1 show

    I can start to write how good this show is . It is the perfect comedy. Hilarious people in hilarious events coming together in a hilarious T.V show for the whole family.
    It is about a teenage girl who sees the future and tries to stop things from happening but it ends up worse.
    The issues in every episode and how they are handled are funny filled with stunts, stupid remarks and funny funny acts .
    We have six main characters:
    Raven: Teenage sydkick
    Chelsea:Vegeterian friend
    Eddy: Girl loving friend
    Cory: Annoying money loving little brother
    Victor: loving father who is a chef
    Tania: Loving mother who knows how to relate to her kids They all come together to make a No.1 show
  • this show is great

    i think this show is great i like it i rated this show a 9.5 because of the hilariuos stuff they do on the show the show is about a psychic which is raven who is trying to hide her identity from people and she have problems and her vison help her solve them well that about it.....
  • This is a very funny show. It is unpredictible. I love to watch it!!!

    Thats So Raven is very interesting show. This is what i think about it.... The teen comedy hit stars Raven as Raven Baxter, an eccentric and offbeat teenager who has the ability to foresee flashes of the future. Co-Starring alongside Raven are new talents Anneliese van der Pol as Raven's ditsy, yet ever enthusiastic & supportive best friend, Chelsea, and Orlando Brown as Raven's rap obsessed, but ultimately golden hearted friend, Eddie. The show also signals the first starring role of new talent Kyle Orlando Massey, who plays Raven's younger brother Cory. Also part of Raven's world are her loving and protective mother, Tanya, played by T'Keyah Crystal Keymah, and her hip and ever-caring father, Victor, played by Rondell Sheridan.
  • This show is about a teenage girl that is physic and has visions about the future. The visions mess with her life a lot because it tells her what's going to happen before it happens and if it's a bad thing then she tries to avoid it, if not she goes.

    I think this show is a really good show for all people. It has comedy, drama and many more. It would make you cry an dit would make you laugh a lot. It is a wonderful show and over all I think everyone in the world should watch this show!!
  • its a good show...

    its a good show but sometimes the eposoids are kinda weird, but i do watch it when my fav shows arnt on. But, the new show cory in the house is totally off of it and i think that thats so raven is better.The teen comedy hit stars Raven as Raven Baxter,an eccentric and offbeat teenager who has the ability to foresee flashes of the future. Co-Starring alongside Raven are new talents Anneliese van der Pol as Raven's ditsy, yet ever enthusiastic & supportive best friend, Chelsea , and Orlando Brown as Raven's rap obsessed,but ultimately golden hearted friend, Eddie
  • This show is a very good show. It has Raven Baxter in it. I love the show. And watch it alot.

    The teen comedy hit stars Raven as Raven Baxter , an eccentric and offbeat teenager who has the ability to foresee flashes of the future. Co-Starring alongside Raven are new talents Anneliese van der Pol as Raven's ditsy, yet ever enthusiastic & supportive best friend, Chelsea , and Orlando Brown as Raven's rap obsessed, but ultimately golden hearted friend, Eddie. Raven see's the future and the only people that know that she is phycic is her Family and Chelsea and Eddie. But her friends dont make a big show about it they act like it is compleatly normal. The show has been a great hit for kids ages 9-14.
  • A show about a psychic teenager called Raven Baxter who's visions get in the way of her personal life and cause destruction and devastation every day.Her friends and family are used to the complicated mess she creates but she is forever making excuses.

    Although this show is sometimes interesting it can be predictable and annoying.The plot is always similar and she creates too much mess to be believable and as if she wouldn't learn not to mess with her visions because they always come true in the end.There is some funny moments and most of the jokes create some minimum laughs but it is mostly a headache experience.One character that certainly saves the show from disaster is Eddie (played by Orlando Brown) he makes things so funny and is always a pure joy to watch,as is Chelsea who is so adorably stupid you can't help laughing although being around her would drive you mad.Sometimes this show makes me laugh but other times I am purely angry after watching the complete nonsense she gets up to just to try and prevent the unchangable future.
  • "That's So Raven" is a sitcom about a girl Raven Baxter. She is basically a normal teenage girl except for the fact that she has psychic powers which in many occasions have gotten her into trouble and sometimes out of it. It's a great show so watch it.

    "That's So Raven" is definitely the FUNNIEST show that Disney Channel has ever had and one of the FUNNIEST sitcoms of this decade.

    Raven Baxter is truly a unique character that is all her own. I grew up watching Raven-Symone on "The Cosby Show" and "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper". But I never that she was funny like this.

    Eddie Thomas is my second favorite character on the show. Not to mention Orlando Brown is a real funny dude at his own right.

    The psychical comedy, the jokes, the comedic approach, there isn't an episode I don't like.

    This is a show that I truly enjoy watching.
  • This show is a bout a girl who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She always sets trends. Her friends Eddy and Chelsea are the only ones that know she is psychic. She can see the future in her "visions".

    This show is hilarious. It is not my favorite show, but I do have to admit that her psychic powers keep the show interesting. I also love the side-splitting costumes that she has to wear to get her friends out of trouble. Raven is always partying. This is kind of like me. Eddie is the same way. Who knew that on a dating site , these two are the perfect match for a relationship. Chelsea is not really a helper. She is just kind of there because she is the dumb one.Cory is the biggest schemer in the family, which is a lot like me. This is a show that anybody should watch if they need good fashion advice.
  • It's getting better!??!!?!?!?!

    Well this shows first and second season were really ok but since devon left this whole show is a joke. Ravenm for some reason has gotten a littler more plump. Im not trying to bee mean just saying the truth. And all those episode about raven and her suppooside " sister " are lame. Now that they dont show new epoisodes they hope to captivate they same public with vcory in the house which let me tell u is a total joke. Well i like thats so raven and it sad that the show ended or did it I dont no butr they just dont come up with any new epsodies.
  • This is a decent show, but sometimes horribly painful to watch....

    I'm not going to say it's horribly horrible. But I defeinately wouldn't watch this because I wanted to, I would watch it if nothing else was on. I've laughed at jokes, sure, but not a huge amount. It's much better then some of the shows I've seen on disney, and other channels for sure. It was better during the start, but has gotten very lame pretty fast. Althogh Raven Symone is agreat actress, I think she doesn't show as much effort as she could in the show. But she still has good comedic timing, no doubt about it. Sometimes it can be funny, sometimes it's lame, well most of the time it's lame.

  • Raven Symone stars as Raven Baxter in this comedy. Raven Baxter is able to see into the future.

    That's So Raven is one of my favorite shows on Disney Channel. I also like the sequel series, Cory in the House. This show has lots of comedy, not as much as Bobobo though. It's annoying when Raven screams. My favorite episode is the one that featured a principal and a TV. The creators of this show deserve to hear a good job from That's So Raven fans everywhere. This show is real funny, but not laughing funny. This show is excellent. I like this show way more than Phil of the Future. This show deserves a thumbs up. This show is awesome!
  • Raven Baxter can see through the future!

    I remember Raven Symone when she was on the Cosby show in age 3 years old, and now she's like 20 or 21 years old. I liked That's so Raven at the beginnning and that show is totally cool. I hope Raven's show would reach up to some hundred episode and a movie called " That's so Raven the movie" she already got a movie called " The Cheetch girls".
  • The only word I can think of to describe this show is repetitive.

    Pro: This show does have it's funny times. Escpecially when Chelsea always gets things wrong and screws thing up. Those moments are really funny. Thier are some good episodes, but not too many. My favorite is the one where everyone goes all dancing because of this show. Cons: At moments this show just makes me not laugh. Sometimes Raven is not funny. Also, the storyline gets very old. Very, very old. I mean basically the whole storyline is Raven forsee's something and then trys to fix it but it turns out just to be a misunderstanding. It's a good show I guess.
  • i like this show its the best in disney shows

    this show is good and funnny i like it i cant wait for the new season that is coming back and that i like to watch it and its so funyy all the episodes are funny from the first to the last 5 stars show i thinks this show is great its so great and funny i love this show mostly season 2 because in season 2 we know all the chararcters and it was very funny it was so so funny i really like this show its awsome hope they make shows like this show and disney is great by
  • This show is clearly an original. I mean, no one has ever had such a plot and/or character like this before.

    That's So Raven is original and unique in so many ways. I mean, they have a teen psychic; which is pretty much a smart idea for Disney. Just the whole obstacles she goes through with her ability is quite hilarious to watch. So definitely, a favorite of mine. I watch it whenever I can.
  • This show is the top show on the family channel and it should have it's own movie. I think Raven plays the part really well and i like how she's not afraid to look stupid for the camera. Who cares if she's a little over weight thats what i like about her.

    I think this show IS by far the funniest show on the Family Channel. Even though they stopped making new episodes it's still running re-runs and that just comes to show how great the show is becuase it continues to bring in viewers. Chelsea is just so funny and non stereotypical because they could've made Chelsea a blonde girl but she has red hair instead i like how they did that. Eddie does everyone remember him when he was on Family Matters cause I do lol I heard Raven didn't want to do anymore seasons because she was being hassled beause she put on extra weight.
  • This show sometimes is fun to watch, but other times seems repetitive.

    I remember watching this the first time in Disney Channel, it was funny. I even remember it was the episode where Eddie gets powers too. What attracted me to watch was the comedy in the show. Their scripting is just okay, but the sometimes they can just catch me laughing not stop.
    But sometimes it just seems repetitive, the storyline. Raven sees something bad is going to happen so she tries to figure out a way to stop it from happening, but then it all turns out to be a misunderstanding, and the show seems to lose its creativity lately. That's why I think it's just an average show.
    Also forgot to mention, sometimes the directing is not that good, but oh well, what can you expect from a sitcom, eh?
  • People don't give it the credit it deserves.

    Thats So Raven is a show about a teenage phycic who is obbsesed with fashion. People think "Its a kids show" or "Its a girly show." Thats So Raven is actually really fun and very active. Raven is always doing something crazy and funny. Her friends Eddie and Chelsea are really really cool too. I like Eddie alot, but hes not as main of a charactor as Chelsea. I think they should have made Chelsea a little different, like a little more like Raven. I think its wierd how they could be friends, they are totally opposite. I like this show alot.
  • This show deserves so much more episodes than 99 (but it is supposed to be 100)

    This show is so funny. I loved every episode. You will never forget this show. The music is also cool. The characters are all so funny. Raven is just so wicked! I love the way she is. Chelsea is so clueless and that's what makes it so funny. Eddie is just so cool! They'e all so funny. The episodes are just so fantastic! This show is Fabulous! They should've stayed with this series and not make a spin - off though Cory in The House is also good. That's So Raven will always be better because of the charisma of all the big main characters, the star guests and also the "other" characters like Larry, William, Stanley and everybody else. I'm gonna miss this show!!!
  • A funny show about a family from San Francisco. It's amazing!!!

    That's So Racen is a very good comedy show that has aired its fourth season. It is about a girl named Raven and her psychic powers. The main characters are Raven, her brother Cory, her parents Victor and Tanya and her best friends Eddie and Chelsea.

    Raven is a psychic girl who gets occasional glimpses of the future, some which turn her world up-side-down and others which complicate her life in unimaginable ways. She does absolutely hilarious things to solve her problems that have been caused by her visions.

    My personal favourite is an episode from the early seasons in which Raven dresses up as a famous singer named Liz Anya and tries to get her father's job back.

    Hoping for more episodes!
  • Please read this! Please Please Please Please Please!

    In the beggining, I was a huge Raven fan, no lie I would go around singing the song and everything! But it got worse. It was all like a bad horror movie, first they made Chelsea dumber, then they made Raven a stereotype and only let her say "Oh Snap" over and over again, in fact I still have nightmares about Raven coming to me in her elaborate costumes or dressed as a man and saying Oh, Snap until i die. Eddie was never really that good. He was just neutral. Neutrality RULES!, Sorry random moment. Also, why does she always have to dress up as a man? Hasn't she realized that being a drag queen only works if you actually stay that way, you don't make a very good transvestite! Also, why can't she ever put her last name on ANYTHING! I mean even in the credits, they put "Raven Baxter: Raven". Not very descriptive Ms. SYMONE! We all know it: we all watched The Cosby Show! Honestly Raven, I had high expectations for you but you shot them down by using the same plot over and over and over again. Will you ever learn? You're visions are never like you actually see them and if they are, it's because you try to meddal with them! The future is inevitably, if it was meant to be it was meant to be, and you shouldn't interfere. My suggestion to her is to watch Final Destination until she realizes that.

  • One of the few Disney channel shows that I enjoy...

    I've been a fan of that's so Raven since the show first aired. Aside from her remarkable acting, Raven gives the show so much character. But it isn't Raven alone who makes the show as enjoyable as it is today, you can't forget the other supporting cast members such as, Corey, Eddie, Chelsea, and her parents Victor and Tanya Baxter (Who is greatly missed when she left the show on season 3). That's so Raven is an original show about a teen psychic who is just living a normal life (with the exception of her visions), with a well brought up family living in San Francisco.

    I really enjoy watching this show because its so much fun to watch and even after airing 100 episodes, the show still hasn't lost any of it's charm.
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