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  • Its about a girl named Raven Baxter who is phyic but her visions that she have are prone to get her in trouble..

    Its an awesome show..i wish it could of lasted longer... awesome kool great best hype exciting better than any other funny hilarious family show about family phyic show raven baxter cory baxter fashion ummmm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm ummm umm umm um umm umm umm umm umm umm ummumm umm... ummm umm ummm ummmm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm ummm umm umm umm umm umm ummm umm umm its just the best show you'll ever watch....
  • It is about a psychic girl named Raven.

    I like this show because it's funny,and it's a show where you can learn something from.Raveen is my favorite character from the show.The show talks about what's going on at Raven's house,or school.Raven has two best friends,Eddie and Chelsea,who try to help her with her problems.Her family tries to help her too.She lives with her mom,dad,and her brother named Cory.Raven also has enemies,like Alana,Muffy,Loca,and Bianca.Raven,Eddie,and Chelsea go to Bayside High School.Raven is psychic,that means that she could see into the future.She has lots of problems with her visions.Only her two friends,and her family knows she's psychic.Sometimes her visions are good,and some are bad.Some come true,and some don't.
  • Dont ever quit doing what you are bless to do

    Dont ever get rid of this show. Very refreshing to see good wholesome television. Raven is truely a confident black woman who isn\\\'t afraid to show the world that beauty and talent comes in every shape color and size.
  • That`s So Raven is such a great show I love it a lot.

    This is so a great show.I love seeing Eddie be funny and Raven is so talented and Cory is funny too and Chelsea I love how she helps out her friends especially Raven and she always has Raven`s back.Victor he may not be the world`s best cook even though he`s not he is still funny and so is Tanya.Tanya will make a good lawyer if that happens to be her future job.I just love seeing the comedy in this show and I can always laugh my head off about how funny this show is.I also like this show because I love seeing Raven and Chelsea do funny things.
  • that's so raven!

    this series in disneychannel is the one of my funniest series! i'm watching this everynight because of what i said..i love that's so raven and raven and the characters also so much! thats so raven was clicked and its in the disneychannel now and not was changed! i'm very glad that my favorite was not end!i want her to be my bestfriend!!!
  • I love this show, it's my personal favorite!! I want this show back, because I know that they ended it, with an episode finale, I just want it back! They didn't even show the movie, which I was waiting for like a year ago!!

    That's so raven is all about a teen psycich. She has problems on every day life problems like friends, school, bullys, tests, families, and much more!... She tries to solve them all with her psycich powers whch she uses to look forward into the future on what's going to happen! Watch this show!... When your in the dumps, it will put a smile on your face! :)
  • Good Show, but lacks realism.

    I like the comedy and daily life episodes, but you must admit the series lacks realism. I know its just a disney channel show, but its kind of fake when you think about it. a teen sikik whos problems are always solved in a day, and has a easy, none challenging life, no to mention the spinof. Raven just happens to get into the same college, the same classes of her two friends who have been with her for life. the mother Just happens to get a full scholarship to study Law in England. Victor, out of all of the chefs in the world happens to get to be the private chef to the president. cory had all of the money in the world and gets to move into the white house. I love this show, but the only thing i dont like is that it laks realism.
  • Im mad about cory in the house even though it seems like a good show

    I think that is some thing going wrong we want thats so raven back this isnt fair everybody wants thats so raven but a lot of people dont like cory in the house like they do thats so raven i dont know what they can do but they should come up with something. Also what is up with the mom they should at least come up with a better excuse. They need the mom without the mom raven and cory was never was never born and without raven were is chelse and eddie and without cory where is linol and larry then where is the father and without none of that were is the show thats so raven.
  • That So Raven is an awesome show!

    Though I haven't seen many of the episode (due to the fact that my Cable Service Provider does not provide us with The Disney Channel) I enjoy watching the back-to-back episodes on Saturday mornings on ABC. I think Raven Symone is a great actress and I also think she is hot. I also enjoy Chelsea. Orlando Brown is also a great actor and is extremely funny. But by far my favorite character on the show is Corey Baxter! He is funny and cool! Raven's parents are also funny but in the episodes I have seen Raven's mom isn't featured that much.
  • Brilliant show with some excellent jokes.

    Thats so Raven is the biggest disney channel show of all time. It has a pretty good storyline, and definitely launched Ravens career. The show follows the life of wannabe fashion designer Raven Baxter, who just happens to be psychic. It also centres around Ravens family and her best friendd Chelsea and Eddie. My favourite character is Chelsea because she is such a bimbo, its hilarious to wtch her on screen. The only major bad thing that i can think of is that like with most disney shows, it has a laughter track, which sometimes makes it a lot less funny. This show was lucky because it didnt get cut off at the 60 episode mark that most disney shows had. Disney have now got rid of it so that their hit shows can continue. This show is good because each episode is original, so your not watching the same thing over and over again.

    If you havent seen this show, you should start watching.

  • This is such a good show! I love Chelsea because she is so funny!

    That's So Raven is a really good show. I love the way the characters interact in the show 'cause all of them work so well together. Even when they get upset with each other, you know they're going to make up in the end because they need each other to work well. Chelsea is my fave character as she is so funny! She states the obvious but doesn't seem to understand what's going on. And when she does she's usually wrong! But everyone loves her even when she gets it wrong. Raven is also funny as her vision usually lead her into absolutely stupid situations.
  • Thats So Raven=Disney's #1 Rated Show

    Raven Symone is very beautiful and was a better child star than she is adult. I still love her though and I like the show. Thats so Raven is about Raven Baxter who gets visions of the future. Great story plot but I still have a problem. Raven Symone tries too hard to be funny and it makes some of the things that should be funny, not funny. Maybe its just me but it seems she's losing her touch a little bit. Her brother Cory and her two best friends Eddie and Chelsea are great. Annelise van der Pol is the funniest one on the show because she is believably clueless. I wish the show wouldn't get cancelled because I am a fan.
  • Well, I think of Raven as a teenage show. It is teenage girl who has these visions of the meer future. They don't always happen as planned which puts her and her friends in an opposing position.

    I like Raven, I think the concept is wonderful with her loving friends Eddie and Chelsea to come along. I don't really think Raven would get good reviews if the producers keep using the same cheesy concepts for the episodes. EX: Raven has a vision, that didn't look as seems in reality. which brings her back from her fantasy world that says it isn't always going to happen and then she is in an even bigger predicament than before. I'm not going to lie, I love the show but if CITH has the same concept as Raven it's really going to be That's So "Cory" know what I mean. If they didn't put a good concept on the final 3 episodes it's going to be goodbye good reviews.
  • Don't take That's So Raven away from us. We were watching this show since 2003.

    Dont' take That's So Raven away from us. We were watching this show since 2003. This show is off the hook, off the chain. This show is so amazing. How cool could this show do? Cory in the House is coming. It's going to be hard to see That's So Raven series finale. I hope Raven comes to visit Cory in the House. This show got better every season. Raven was really crazy. I will miss her having visions and trying to stop her visions. I will miss Chelsea acting crazy. She was really funny. That's So Raven iz da show. I mean every episode was funny. From the 1st season 2 da 2nd 2 da 3rd n 2 da 4th. Each season got better. Da can't take That's So Raven from us. We won't be able to see anymore new episodes. Cory iz doin' ok, but Raven iz leaving. I just want to cry. Da can't do dis 2 me.
  • That's so awsome

    The teen comedy hit stars Raven as Raven Baxter , an eccentric and offbeat teenager who has the ability to foresee flashes of the future. Co-Starring alongside Raven are new talents Anneliese van der Pol as Raven's ditsy, yet ever enthusiastic & supportive best friend, Chelsea , and Orlando Brown as Raven's rap obsessed, but ultimately golden hearted friend, Eddie . The show also signals the first starring role of new talent Kyle Orlando Massey, who plays Raven's younger brother Cory . Also part of Raven's world are her loving and protective mother, Tanya , played by T'Keyah Crystal Keymah, and her hip and ever-caring father, Victor , played by Rondell Sheridan.
  • Needs A LOT of work

    That's So Raven was a funny, orginal show back when it first came out. But then it began to get old and they ran out of ideas. Raven is not a very good actress, which doesn't help. She makes noises to make it sound like she's acting but it doesn't really work. Her expressions are good, but i have seen better.
    The plot is no longer funny and is no longer about a physic. It's about a spoiled teenage brat with a job as and intern at some fashion design place. It's gotten really boring and they've begun to reuse storylines. Disney can do so much better!
  • i love this show#!!!

    this is my all-time favourite show!! i love this show so much. i have two favourite characters; chelsea and raven. chelsea, because of her stupid and idiot attire and raven because shes unlike any other character on television! i like this show because, raven is psychic as well. as the seasons went on, the plots got more funny! i found coy so funny at some times, however,he was sometimes very very very annoying. eddie was sort of funny. i liked tanya and victor, even though in season one, the show portrayed them as freaks!this show is so hilarious. it will have you laughing and wanting to watch another episode.
  • That\'s so Raven needs to mix it up....

    I can\'t understand why they keep playing the same episodes of that\'s so raven. Me and my daughter love the show but they need to mix it up a little. The episode coming on tonight has been on at least 2 or if not 3 times this month. I know this is the last season but I just want them to mix it up a little so we don\'t see the same ones all the time. I used to watch it everyday but now I watch it when it\'s something new, old, or hasn\'t been played that much.
  • This Is A Very Funny Show For All Ages.

    I have to say this is a very good show and is a very funny show. that i would watch over and over again. It is great for families to watch togrther on a friday night. raven is very funny and amusing.If i had to chose three children show to watch this would be in the top three. It never gets old and never boring. I love this show and you should to watch it and get it. I give this a rating of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

    Thank You Watch This Show! Watch This Show! Watch This Show! Watch This Show!

    Good Show
  • Raven is a person who can see the future, but her visions almost always comreout crystal-cloudy!!!! Her best friend Chelsea is a vegetarian, and loves animals. Her bro Cory is annoying. Her other best friend is Eddie. He wants to be cool with the sigmas!!

    This is a really great show. It is so cool. I once saw the future like the way Raven saw it. I imagined my best friend saying, They would have to sleep in a different room, then the naxt day, my best friend was leaning against the wall and it happened!!!! hahahahahah
  • I liked it in the beginning and still do, but I think some of the jokes are being overused and not so funny anymore.

    That's so Raven is a big hit on the Disney Channel. In the beginning of the series everything was hilarious. I thought the whole show was funny and gave off a funny vibe even after watching. When the actress for Raven's mom (cannot spell her name lol sorry) left the show I thought it went down hill. In my opinion she was very funny and added to some of the plots. Now that Raven is in fashion designing I think its becoming to girly and pointless. I read stories that the actress for her mom left because she thought the show was going no where, and I agree at this point. I guess thats why they are ending it in January and creating the spin-off Cory in the House. Oh well overall I guess it was a pretty good show that needed some help in the later episodes but I guess they never fixed them because they knew they were ending the show.
  • thats so raven

    This show is about a girl named Raven that goes to high school and has vision of the future.Then she gets in positions were she doesn\\\'t want people to know who she is so she gets a discises. sHe has two freinds, one brother, and two parents. She also has a grandma that can see into the future also. Her two freinds and her family are the only people that know that she can see into the future. Aftfer a while into the show Ravens favorite dress disiner come to town and she gets to work for here witch is one step closer to being a famuos disiner which is her dream
  • Kinda Lizzie McGuire!

    This show kinda reminds me of Lizzie McGuire, It's about a girl named Raven and her everyday-teen life...
    I like to watch it in my free time, when I don't have any plans and when I'm bored. It's really fun to watch and it's not so bad...but it's not so cool as Friends or Desprate Housewives...
  • Thats so raven is the BEST show on disney channel! Raven Symone is my IDOL!! i dont know why but something about her i just love!!It gets better EVERY season!KEEP IT UP!!

    It would be really cool if they made like 5 or 6 seasons of thats so raven. but my guess is is that when they come out with "Cory In The House" they might stop the show!I mean i think thats impossible knowing theyve made 4 seasons.But also they might stop it next year because raven is almost 21 years old and i think she might want to stop it but all i say is not to stop it.MAKE MORE SEASONS!
  • Raven is very talented

    Regardless of what anyone thinks I really love this show. I guess maybe because I\'m a kid at heart. The show is really cute and gives me a good laugh. Raven is very talented. I mean, she can portray many characters and make it believable. Personally, she seems modest,lovable and highly intelligent. Her show has had real issues from weight, stealing, and rascism. Although I must say that the special effects can be very chessy at times. I really love the Baxter house, its so cool. I think its the best house on tv.
  • a new high school show

    wow finally disney channel move from middle school and now they are add shows in high school like kim possible a new high school cartoon and american dragron and now that's so raven and did u guys know this show was shot in saved by the bell school i mean that they use saved by the bell school that is so cool. this show is so funny and raven act from funny to not funny and her friend plain dumb i mean she thinks of weird things and raven say no that not it. eddie is her best ans he just there and eddie wants to be rapper but there are not alot of good scene most of the them is raven and cory. wow this show went to 100 espisode that was so big on disney channel what will be the next show that will make to 100 espisode or more. will this be the only show that went 100 espisode and broke the record of 65 espisode i hope kim possible makes it season 5 i love kim possible.
  • This series about a high school girl who has visions of the future. In this show she tries to stop these visions from coming true using many disguises and antics.

    This show is very unique via mediums of style and communication to youth. Teen life is explored through this show and youth can communicate with some of the issues that are adressed in this show.This show is also very hilarious especially using modern excitement and charm that even adults can relate to.Te predicaments she gets herself into really factors in to the show's comedy.

    the actors are chosen well and we can see a conncetion to the script as if it were being delivered from a real person.Its addictiveness is due to the fact that many ideas are fresh and never seen before and the main plot can be explored through all of these episodes the series contains
  • a show about the life and journeys of a teenage phsycic

    this show is a nice show with laughs and real issues. unfortunately the plots and some descrimination bring the rating go way down. the main idea though is fairly good and very original. if you must watch this. if not you don\'t have to but can. i love some of the characters in the show but a lot of the characters could have and should have been picked better. the guest stars on the show are very well selected but the reasons they\'re there is a little puzzeling. the reasons this show was made is for entertainment and that is it. needs more sustinance.
  • its ok

    This show about a sysic is ok but a little on the boring side. This isn't my favorite shoe but it is still a kind of good one. The characters are funny and interesting but chealsey is a little bit out there. Raven is excentric but very interesting she has a weird vocabulary though. Eddy is harder to discribe he is also excentric like Raven but a little out there like Chealsey. Beanca or how ever you spell her name is pretty but a little mean so that kind of takes the show ratings down. Ravens family is really weird.
  • When Raven and her dad are starring in the cook of show.That is my favorite episode.

    Well it is funny because Raven accepted the challenge without her dad even telling her. So then the dad is scared to loosing ,but raven knows what is the special dish. They all compete and they are called chef man and raven. At first i thought they were going to loose but they didn\'t they won. But the part i enjoyed is when Raven is allergic to mushrooms and they ellimate them before she gets what happen the other time she ate them. Then later on the other girl threw mushrooms to their plate and raven tastes it and her arms get fat and face and she says if something else puffed up meaning her behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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