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  • "So pointless."

    That\'s So Raven flips through changes in its structure. In the first season, the show was not that bad, it was geniunely funny. in the second season, things started to slope downhill when the plot and the acting got a little. . .goofy. Things started being slapstick humor, bangs and wisses and stunts that made no sense. the third season emerged from the ashes of the second, a little better and more in tune with the charm of the first season. Now, the show has retreated to the second season goof house. That sort of humor is enduring at first but then, you grow bored and tired with it and with characters that are cartoon cut-outs. The show has gotten tired, boring, relying on tricks, puns, and gags instead of heart, which Disney sometimes does. The charcaters never learn their lesson and go on, waiting the next time they run into a goof snag. It has worn away every uniqueness it had in the first place and is not funny at all, it is sad. All I\'m saying is, I\'m glad That\'s So Raven is \'so done\' next year.
  • Funny Show

    I like this show. Raven and her friends do the craziest things. I\'m always laughing when I watch it. I also like how she has her own style and teaches girls that they can be theirself without trying to be fake. But it\'s one of Disney\'s best shows, they have.
  • This is a great show!

    I really wish that they would keep it on Disney Channel! I know it's past it's episode limit but it rocks!!!! I love the way all disney show's relate to real life and this particular one relates to a physcic and physicic people who watch this show know that their not alone and that their free to be wierd just and just like everyone else. This show is more that great it's wonderful and it shows that everyone should be them selfs. Raven is a girl who try's to help everyone out and it turns out wrong but now at least you know she cares!
  • that's so raven!

    absolutly funny, this is the best combination magic, camedy awesome everything i love in a show. i watch thats so raven all the time its the best every body in my family watch it also. my mom likes it cuz it brings back memories of fresh prince, mary-kate and ashley and the cosby show me i havent really seen alot of those shows but from what ive watched there also really good. well im suposed to be talking about thats so raven well i love ur show and disney channel!
  • I love this show. I just wish it would not end. Disney Channel has out done there selves.

    Disney Channel I love this show keep it on. Disney channel this is is the 2nd bet show you have. I would like It Disney if you would put the seasons on dvd and blu ray. This is down right funny gret family and kids show. This show is great great great great!!!!!!!!!!!!. The acting is great in this show. I think a good way to end it would be a that's so raven movie. I will be sad when it ends because I have gotten so attached to the show. well what i am trying to say is that it is a great show.
  • Raven Baxter is just a normal girl, but the difference is that she is psysic. She can see the future. With her best friends Chelese and Eddie they make the three muskateers. Even though her visions are not always true, she finds a way out of them.

    I personaly like That's So Raven because you never know what she's going to do next. She gets mixed up with her visions a lot, but her frinds are right there beside her. All of my frinds like this show and I know a lot of people would. It's funny and it's enjoyable. I hope it never gets to the end of the series! I also hope they never cancel it because many people like to watch it. I wish I could see the future, and sometimes I don't. You can always be a movie star if you try, practice, and succeed. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do.
  • Up there with some of the best Disney made shows.

    This show follows a teen phsycic that must keep the secret away from everyone. The only people that know are her two best friends and her family. Raven puts on a wonderful and funny character throughout the show and makes everyone laugh there heads off. Whenever Raven gets a phsycic vision, you know that there is going to be trouble for everyone around her. The connections in the show with the visions are absolutley great. This is a perfect show for youngsters and adults alike. It makes you laugh makes you think of what you would do if you had the same powers Raven did.
  • Raven is like any other teen psychic! But the only ones who knows her sercret is her friends and family!!!!IT's a really good show to watch with family and friends!!!!

    The episode of that's so raven "The Ice Girl Cometh" is about Chelsea and her mom invite Raven to their mother/daughter retreat that they have every year. She cringes at the idea of going to something so boring, but when she has a vision of meeting Brent, she quickly changes her views. Meanwhile, Cory's band, Cory and the Boys, are trying to get Mitch to hear their music so he can play it on the radio.This is a really great show to watch, this was one of the episodes!! I just wanted to show an example of a That's so raven Episode!!!!!!Hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A teen pysicic going through everyday life played by Raven Symone thats so Raven is one of Disneys best shows yet!

    The show is fun, funky and totally worth watching! I think Raven is a excellent actress in Thats so raven and has a wonderful supporting cast also! Each episode gets better and better! This show always has exciting episodes! I havent seen a boring episode and probbally never will! The writers write alswome episodes!There amazing! If you want a cool show to watch then watch Thats so Raven at 7:30 on Disney Channel! There making new episodes and a brand new season! so tune in and dont miss out! its way better then you will ever expect it to be!
  • Probably one of the best Disney work so far...

    "That's So Raven" is about a osychic teenger (Raven Baxter) who is trying to live up high school with the biggest secret in her life --she reads the future. Her friends, Chelsea Daniels and Eddie Thomas, share their friend's biggest secret and promise never to tell anyone. Also, Raven's parents, Victor Baxter and Tanya Baxter, know their daughter's secret. Cory Baxter, Raven's little brother, share the secret as well.

    Raven being psychic always ends up being trouble after she has a vision, thinks it means something else, and try to work it out.

    I love this show!
  • Not bad.

    Raven is any other type of girl except she's psychic, as in she can see into the future. Her friends Chelsea and Eddie are the only ones that know it besides her family. They try and help her with her crazy schemes. Cory, her brother, is completely obsessed with money with his friend William. Her parents Tonya and Victor own the Chill Grill.
  • hilarious

    who ever though some american actors could make a show so fresh and funny. every eposide is better and better, funnier and funnier.

    good show.

    go raven.

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    good show.

  • Great Show!

    Absoloutely love this show! I thought it was going to be another run of the mill same as everything, but, oh no, this is WAY better than any other live TV series i've seen!

    I've always been one for comedy and this ALWAYS has me laughing. There was one time I was in tears I was laughing so hard. Though, there are some episodes that you can really relate to as well in a more serious tone. I highly recommened this episode for anyone of loves Action, Comedy and Family fun. The characters are all very unique and add wonderful flavor to each of teh episodse. Great hilarious plot lines, and situations that the characters get themselves into. Indeed this is a very unique and lovely show!
  • Luv it

    This show cracks me up every time. Raven is a chick who can see the future, and she usually sees bad stuff so she tries to stop them from happening, and this usually messes up, and she gets into nuff trouble. It would be nice to have her power, but it'd be too much hassle. SHe's got great friends,Chelseas and Eddie. I noticed something though. If a black person is the star of the show, they've got a white friend who's and ididot. It's kinda badmind but its funny cos it shows black people arent as stupid as others think.
  • An amazing show, funny and entertaining

    This is a really exciting show about the adventures of Raven, who can see the future with her psychic ability and her friends Chelsea and Eddie. Raven has visions relating to the future because of which she and her friends get into trouble. That’s so raven is a great comedy show and has is a must watch for teens. This show is aired on Disney channel.
    So, get ready to watch raven Eddie and Chelsea in their adventures which are humorous and exciting. I do not agree with the people criticize this show. It is a show, which has a bit different storyline than other shows. The fact that raven can see the future is really cool. The story of each episode is different and random.

    So over all the show is very good.
  • For me this is the best show that aired in Disney Channel!

    This is a great show, it shows originality, comedy, adventure, and the most important thing: Friendship! In this great show there's always some trouble because of Raven's visions, but at the end the things get fixed and teach us all a lesson.
    I love this show because there are many funny moments, and i also like it because it is starring my favorite actress, singer, and Dancer: Anneliese Van Der Pol!
    Each season this show keeps getting better and better, I am really sorry to hear that they are making a spin off, and I think that will make the show stop airing! I hope not since That's So Raven Is my favorite show ever!
  • Thats So Raven is about a phsychic girl Raven who can see the future and is about how she tries to do things but they all go wrong and creates misunderstandings.

    This is a really good show and makes me laugh unintentionally. Raven, Chelsea, Eddie all of them rock! They are really very very funny. Raven is the best she keeps trying to make things right but only ends up creating misunderstandings. I really love watching Thats So Raven and I even hope that all of you love watching it too. Thats So Rave you rock!
  • I miss Tanya!

    That's So Raven Tells Of A Fifteen year old Girl Named Raven Baxter. She is psychic, And Takes her and her parents on a couple of visions. This show is interesting, I Suggest you check this show out. It's Really, Really, Really, Exciting! Watch this shw right now and turn on a TV!
  • That's So Raven is about a psychic teenager named Raven Baxter. She takes her family and loveable best friends happenin' rappin'Eddie and very slow Vegetarian friend Chelsea along with her on wild rides misreading her visions and getting in trouble.

    This is one of the best shows that I have watched on Disney Channel to date. There is not a day that goes by without me watching this show. I love how the teenage psychic Raven get's herself and her friends into trouble, and misreading her visions. It might be a kids show, but the whole family can sit and watch it together. To me it's that good of a show. It has a mixture of big comedy and some drama. They picked the perfect cast. Like Annelise van der pol who plays Chelsea is great. And Orlando Brown who plays her other best friend Eddie is awesome. They play her best friends, which they all go through their trials and tribulations with her. And Raven-Symone as the main character is fantastic as Raven Baxter. The writing is awesome. The acting is off the chain and I think that anybody can sit down and enjoy this show. I know that I enjoy it.
  • Nothing really going for this show, really.

    I don't active follow "That's So Raven" but I've seen most of the episodes. I find this show so horrible that the only good thing is the humor. Raven might get visions but most of the time she does something for the vision to happen or because of a vision. Very rarely do I see her actually her using her powers for a higher purpose. It's quite funny to see her land in trouble as a result of her visions or due to her own jealousy when she's not involved in someone's life. It's a shame that she's (the character) is such a snob.
  • Cute show and typically Nick in a good way

    Although I don't watch this show regularly, I do have a nephew and family friends kids- who all watch this show religiously. And, I admit- I've caught it too, and if there's nothing grown up to watch, I'll gladly watch Rae and her crazy antics. The slapstick and the crazy gags she and her friends pull are classic Nick comedy.
    Cory is the funniest person on the show, the typical annoying little brother with a maniacal quest for wealth. The parents are ok, but kind of backdrop. Raven is funny sometimes, but I think she tries to hard to get a laugh.
    All in all, its a good show that meets the goal of keeping kids entertained!
  • a show about a girl who has sycic powers that she tries to stop fom happining or do all she can to make them come true. she gets into rediculos situations and usually herts the people aroundher until it all works in the end

    this show was preety good in the beging, with a girrl,raven, and her to friends dealing with ravens sycic powers. but now it just gotten to rediculusly silly and way to stupid. its be en goin on 2 l o o o o o o o oo o oo o oo oo o o o o oo oo o ong. nd why is everything all about raven!! i m glad its ending soon and i kno a lot of people who think the same thing. it gone way out of hand. although once in a whil e they hav good messages.
  • An interesting show

    thats so raven is about a girl who gets visions ( glimpses) of the future. more often that not it lands her in trouble. raven symone is very interesting and funny at plating her charachter raven baxter. my favourite episode is the one were she is getting married to a prince of some country and the one were shes trys to make sure her father doesnt lose his job. annelise van der pol (i think thats her name) is very funny at palying ravens best friend chelsea. her little brother corey is funny as well. over thats so raven is a great show and more people should watch it.
  • That's so raven is a good show. It makes me laugh unintentionally. But I have one problem about this show. This show is stealing my best friend away from me. Haha!

    That's so raven is a good show. It makes me laugh unintentionally. But I have one problem about this show. This show is stealing my best friend away from me. Haha!

    Raven is a very good comedienne indeed. I admire all the casts on how they interact with each other. It seems very natural and smooth. Well, it is really natural! They are very comfortable with each other. I think that's the magic of the show. They have a very good delivery of their punch lines. And what's good about a comedy show and the comediennes in that show is the delivery of the lines to make it funny. And I can say, "You guys did a great job!" Two thumbs up for you!
  • That`s so Raven is a very funny show with funny actors, Raven and Stanley are the funniest ones in the show,they make me want to watch the show.


    Of course the show is not even close to being based on a true story but it is still very funny to watch in my spare time. To bad Cory isn`t another psyhic in the family.

    In my opinion, the love-crazed character stanley is the funniest in the show, he is short, tricky, sneaky, and is obessed with Raven. Corey is a money hungry jerk that plays tricks on everybody but Stanley. Raven`s dad is nice chef that is a loser at times, Chealsea is a brainless girl and Eddy is way to confident of himself, their funny people though. I think it is creepy when Raven disgusis herself as a lunchlady or as cop. The one problem with Raven is that she is too obsesed with fashion. I think that Raven is like Miley Cirus, both great at singing and acting, am i right?

    In conclusion, i think that the show That`s so Raven is something people should watch if they want a good laugh. I hope Disney will continue to show more episodes of That`s so Raven.
  • thats so raven is an original show about a teen psychic who can see into the future

    this show is great and all but after the first two seasons, it started getting stupid. Chelsea gets more stupid each season. Most episodes were about her being psychic but it soon turned into a bizarre comedy that was only funny for the crazy things Raven would go through to see it not happen.
  • fun show!

    this show made me laugh my head of!ask about it around town and you'll find out that a lot are hooked to this awesome is about raven,a teenage psychic who has the ability to see the future and his friends eddie and chelsea.eddie is a basketball player and rapper while chelsea is an environmentalist.let's not forget about the other members of the baxter family.cory is her younger brother and he can be a pain in the neck.they own a restaurant caled the chill grill and his dad manges it.take my word for it,that's so raven is sooo that cool!
  • great show but can get lame at times..great for youngalins..nice morals and all..

    hmm..well this show in my opinion can get childish at times..but then again its disney..dont get me wrong im not saying disney is all about childish stuff..but some of the jokes can be a little lame..but aside from that its interesting..seeing a life of a pyschic..not to mention the actress raven symone..shes awesome..
  • thats so raven is funny AND off the wall. this show brings raven symore back with some new costars kyle massey(cory),orlando brown( eddie thomas) and annalessia pondon(chelsea daniels).

    this show is about a teenage physic whos visions may or may not come true her friends chelsea daniels and eddie thomas are always by her side helping and being good friends she also has a little brother cory thats a handful and bothers her he also is great at math and loves money this show is a got a see disney original
  • That\'s So Raven was good, but now its repetitive. You\'d think after this long, Raven would at least start to figure out that by trying to prevent her visions, makes them come true.

    Raven is annoying, and almost every episode deals with Raven almost losing a friend or getting into a fight with one of them. Her speach and attitude annoys me, Chelsea is too bubbly to be realistic, and Eddie... I don\'t like him. I used to like this show, but now, I really dislike it. You\'d think that after all these episodes, Raven might start to clue in that by trying to prevent her visions makes them come true.
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