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  • I used to be a fan of the shows earlier episodes. Characters were developed, ideas were flowing, and performance was good. But the newer episodes are more and more dissapointing to a point where i have dropped the show.

    If you have watched some of the newer episodes latley, you may say the same as I do. The ideas are not as good for episodes, making it less enjoyable. Humor isn\'t as it used to be in the earlier episodes, which was actaully funny. The humor in the new episodes, are not. The performance earlier was great in the older seasons, but in the newer seasons, characters such as Mr. Baxter (raven&corys father) Raven, Cory, Chelsea and Eddie, all their performances have steadily been declining.

    In the older seasons, you would have noticed that Chelsea\'s character was smart, funny and caring. In the newer episodes, they have changed her character to be dumber-than-a-post. For instance, in the middle of a scene from \'cake-fear\' where Raven and Cory\'s old revenge-seeking babysitter escapes and comes to babysit them, in the middle of the madness when they think the babysitter is a murdeur and they all run, guess what chelsea does. She screams a little then looks at the floor \"Oh a penny! This must be my lucky day!\" They have also gotten rid of the character of the mother in the series and Ravens old boyfriend, Devon, who shows up in the new episodes only once. They replace these characters with new ones such as a bully called the \'juicer\', a fashion-designer \'donna-cabonna\' and her assistant. These changes bring down the show a lot for its regular viewers.

    In my opinon (and many others) Thats So Raven, is running out of ideas, there for, its heading downhill. To awnser my question topic-title \"Is \"Thats so Raven\" heading downhill?\" the awnser is \"Yes.\"
  • That's So Raven is a pretty good show.

    On That's So Raven I love it when Raven has visions. I think it is funny when she sees something that is going to happen and it actually happens differently. I think Sierra and Stanley are two really annoying characters. I know they are supposed to be annoying, but I don't even like the epidoes with them in them. I think the ones with Sierra are worse though. When 6021 Met 4267 is one of my favorite episodes. I think it would be cool if they did an episode in about ten years and Raven and Eddie were married in it.
  • Show started slow, lame, and un-funny, but after every show, the laughs have become funnier and more common, making this a winning show!

    This is one heck of a funny show nowadays aimed at people 10-15. The jokes may be a little silly but will bring out the kid in everyone and make them laugh. The show started out with horrible episodes that were unfunny, and the laughs seemed to be pointless potty humour and people falling over jokes, but in later episodes, the laughs are more realistic and funny. The show can be a little predictable in some episodes and the visions sometimes give away too much innformation about the show, but overall, this show is fabulous and anyone should enjoy it.
  • It is a pretty cool show to me.When Raven has a vision it always get raven in trouble.The is funny.

    It is a pretty cool show to me.When Raven has a vision it always get raven in trouble.The trouble is lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol ol lol lol lol lol lol It is a pretty cool show to me.When Raven has a vision it always get raven in trouble.The trouble is lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
  • Rings quite a bell a little bit. Raven is a teenage girl who possesses psychic powers to see into the future. While her trustworthy but yet jut a little brainless friend Chelsea and her dreamer friend Eddie Thomas,Cory, who shows little interest in Chels.

    plot revolves around fashionable teenager Raven Baxter and her schemes to get herself, her friends, or family members, out of a wacky situation, usually by using her psychic powers and her skills as a master of disguise.Each episode is broken up into different segments as Raven or other characters deal with situations. Raven is primarily the focus of the story, and the episodes also focus on whatever visions she experiences. The visions usually involve whatever Raven is thinking about at a particular point in time. After the visions occur, one of several things will happen: the vision will come true irrespective of any attempts to prevent it, Raven tries to stop it only to make it come true, or the outcome is affected in some way.
    It is a good American show............
  • I\'ve watched Raven since it first began and it is still one of my favorite shows.

    A normal teenage girl who has the ability to see into the future, tries to make it happen or change what happened, but ends up making a big mess of things.

    What\'s not to love? Raven Symone does a great job with this wacky teen it has had me laughing since the beginning. With other great cast from Chelsea (who can get a bit slow at times, but I still love her she makes things funny), Eddie (loves rap, a loyal friend until the end), Raven\'s litle brother Cory, Raven\'s dad Viktor and so on.

    I found it very enjoyable watching this show over the years and seeing the cast grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and as actors/actresses in general. I fear though that it will be coming to an end soon after almost four years with this spin off series \'Cory in the house\' or whatever it\'s called coming out now.

    Oh well it had a long run and we can be thankful for the good moments the show has had and always watch the re runs.
  • I love the show!

    I ove this she it is funny and its just fun watching it kinda like Pheobe from charmed having here own show but with out the demans and she would have to have a younger brother and be younger but anyway I love the show its great funny nd Raven is a really good actor and so are her friends on the show Eddy chels and her brother korey and korey is also a funny little brother and they both Raven and Korey tand to get each other in trouble and you can tell Raven really cares about her little brother korey because she does alot of things for him like when he was steeling from the store she dressed up like a cop so I just really like this show!
  • I reeely like this show it is like one of my favorite shows..

    This show has a lot goin on it but where did ravens mom go i mean its like she was there and then she wasnt.. but i like the show and i reely want chelsea to get a boyfriend because it is reeely weird how all this time she hasnt.
  • This show is totally AWESOME!!! Sure, the first seasons might have been better, but it's still great. They made some flops (like the episode When in Dome...ugh) but the show is still So Gold! Watch it, or watch everyone else watch it.

    I recommend watching this show very much. It's got humor, drama, and it's one of the most popular shows on Disneychannel. The charactors are funny, the plots are always great and the music is jammin' (when they play it). I think there is something in this show that everyone can like. I also recomend watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Hannah Montana, which are both also hit shows on Disneychannel. As a HUGE Disneychannel fan I have to say That's So Raven is their best show yet though. So as I wrap this review up I'll say one more thing about the show: WATCH IT.

    Sincerely, RedHawk4.
  • The show\'s about the teenage girl who has visions of the future,fun!!!!!!

    It\'s a great show, honest to god my favorite show of all on any channel, seen every episode aired at least 2 times!!!Got DVD\'s and soundtracks!!You need to watch the hilariousness of it all, funnier in my opinion then Hannah Montana and the Suite Life.Give the show a try and you\'ll see, even now as Hannah Montana is already overtaking the Suite Life and Raven in popularity since it focuses on music....Raven still got the highest number of viewers in the second season, even though Hannah got number 1 premeire not number 1 eppy even though its number 1 show now!!!
  • I wish Raven would continue doing this cool serial and entertain us all as this is the first show that I have seen is perfect! ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! This show is for children but still I make my mom watch it even though she can’t understand most of it.

    I think this is the best show I have ever seen in my life. It is so cool! I think Raven looks great with her nice hairstyles. I like feel bad even if I by chance miss even a minute of this show. Even the music is very cool and foot tapping. Till date I have been unable to find a flaw in this show. I am absolutely forced to give show a ten, because if I didn’t it would be very unfair. Raven is obviously my favorite character and I wish that I would meet someone like her, wacky and cool! Raven you are the best! THE BEST!!!
  • This show had a good run as the longest ever DC series. The spinoff series premieres in November and they are even making a That's So Raven Movie.

    This show has been so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so s oso so so so so so so so so s oso so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sosososos fun to watch. I know people generations from now will enjoy it as much as i have! Way to go to the cast and crew qwho helped make this show possible. Peace out my homies!!!!!!!
  • "That's so" cool

    That's So Raven is an extremely good and funny show. I watch it whenever I can. I love Raven Symone. She is really cool. No offense Ray, but I think that she could stand to use a couple pounds. I was watching GSN and I saw her. I think the idea of a phycic see visions going around figuring out things is really cool.
  • Definately something people, including the Disney people, take for granted.

    The reason this show is doing so well is because it brings new things to the word 'comedy'. Every character makes the show so funny, and it doesn't use the old jokes that only 9-year-olds would find funny(which is only because they've never heard the joke before). The 4th season is only making the show better, not going downhill like some would hope...

    Another thing about this show that's so great is that it's made a WHOLE load of 'firsts' for Disney, I can't list a lot of them but you get the idea.

  • Chelsea!!!???!?!?

    I love this its so great!! Me n sarah take the p*ss out of Ravens over reacting like the way shes says, "CHELSEA??!!??" lol its so funny. To be honest, no offence to the lass who plays Raven, but ,, she cant act. Shes a bit ott. I dont know if shes actually supposed to BE like that for the show, but i would never really see her doing a proper movie very well. Like in the Princess Diaries 2, she was a bit.... well.... sh*t. No offence darl but stick to Raven. Thats the only right character for you i think.
  • Funny to stupid!

    I used to like this show it was funny and cool. But then it changed. It went from funny to totally stupid. Chelsea\'s so freaking dumb! Raven is so freaking annoying! Raven started to go all over the place, and that got me really annoyed. When she showed up in abc mornings as the MICROPHONE LEAD that was the last straw! I hated Raven! And because of her dumb director I don\'t like Disney Channel anymore! Now I think of that Channel as boring, stupid, and dull! They even put stupider shows! And Raven is a fat cow! Did you see her body!? She used to be normal now she\'s a blimp! Whenever she turns to the side it burns my eyes *_* Anyways this show sucks now. If they want to be popular again they should act like they used to be! Even though I hate her too much I won\'t even come EVER! I have\'nt seen Disney Channel since...2 years! Almost 3! And it\'s all because of her stupid director! And I don\'t blame her she\'s not the one who makes the show! But I do blame her for not taking care of her body. Every season she gains a ton! Anyways Raven fans I HATE THIS SHOW!
  • the show started out pretty good, but then got really annoying. raven is so annoying now and she's gotten pretty fat too.

    I've watched this show since the beginning and it started out pretty good. All the characters were normal. As the series continued Chelsea got dumber and dumber; at the beginning she was normal and I liked that. Raven has also gotten so freaking annoying, selfish, and self-centered. Sometimes when I'm watching an episode, I just want to change the channel cuz i dont like her attitude. Has anyone else also noticed that she's gotten fatter and fatter throughout the series. Raven started out normal weight, but now when I watch the show, she's HUGE. I've seen the cheetah girls 2 commercial, and she's pretty fat compared to the other girls.
  • This show started out great but then it went down the drain.

    This show was fun to watch when it first came out. But then it just got stupid. They have made Chelsea REALLY REALLY dumb. She wasnt even that dumb when the show first came out why is she getting dumber, she should be getting smarter. The plot is not done well and the episodes are not that funny anymore.

    I wish that they could make the episodes more funny and less stupid. I dont think that the writers thought the plot out to well. So, i think that this show will come to an end pretty so, or at least i hope that it will.
  • i used to love this show, but they make raven too obnoxious and chelsea too stupid. Its not even funny anymore. Maybe if it was more realistic i might enjoy watching it, but for now, its a total bore

    Like i said in the summary, this used to be one of my favorite shows. Raven was normal, Eddie was funny, and Chelsea's blondness was actually well writen. but now, in my opinion, this show is getting worse and worse. I mean, the writers are not thinking clearly. They can make something funny without having Raven dress up as a cafeteria lady. And i know this might not sound nice, but they could at least give her better clothes. In Unhappy Medium, Raven is wearing red, and yellow, and blue. She looks like a kindergarden project gone WAYYY wrong. I know this review sound really mean but when I hate something, i REALLY hate it. And i REALLY hate this show.
  • The show is about a teenage girl predict the future that something will happens, and sometime prevent that from happening. Also her two friend Chelsea and Eddie and her little brother Cory and her dad Victor. Go watch it.

    Thats so Raven is very very very funny and the most sucessful show in Discney Cannel. Raven character is sometimes wacky,zanny, and pull doing desprite stuff like disguise into people and lies to people to prevent bad stuff from happening. Chelsea is very slow and dump and she is a veggetarian sometimes has common sense. Eddie is not that bright and likes girls. Cory always bug Raven and has lots of money and doing stupid things to get in alot of consequinses. Victor is Raven and Cory dad, he's sometimes funny and strict when the both of them gets into trouble. Watch it.
  • That's so Raven is a pretty good show. The wat they show both sides of a girl with a "sixth sence"! It's a cute show that garenteed everyone has seen at least once!

    That's So Raven is a show about a girl who's a little more than normal. Raven has a "sixth sence". This show shows both sides of this physic girl. Sometimes she's happy that she has a gift, untill one of her visions get her into more trouble than she needs. Sometimes,not only her visions have bad endings, sometimes her curiosity gets her into more trouble than her visions. Raven is just a normal teen with best friends, enimes, a job, a loving family, and a gift beyond her controll. Raven just needs to be understood by more than her family and best friends. Raven needs to tell her secret, but she can't do it.
  • Man this show is going downhill so fast that when they hit the ground they're gonna go straight to hell where they belong. They're just making really dumb episodes now... I mean I hate this so called "over the top humor" because it's not funny at all!!!!!

    Man this show is going downhill so fast that when they hit the ground they're gonna go straight to hell where they belong. They're just making really dumb episodes now... I mean I hate this so called "over the top humor" because it's not funny at all!!!!!

    Man if Raven Symone was Psychic she could probably see this show going off in a couple of months I mean honestly. What they've done: Made Chelsea stupid and a Hippie, made Cory a selfish brat, Victor has become a bad parent. Plus alot of the story from the beginning has been lost like Tanya going to College, Victor becoming a Chef, or Corey getting to go on a date with Chelsea.... ok I can't see that happening, but still. All Raven does anymore is make things worse and most the visions are obvious of what's going to happen, but she's way to stupid to figure it out for herself. She also just talks in a high pitched voice the entire which, if it was loud enough, could prolly break glass in my home or make my dog howl at the top of his lungs. And some of these episodes I honestly think there's no point of doing it at all I think it's over for you Raven guest starred in Fresh Prince and Annie, but I think this is the end of the line for you... :(
  • this is one of the best shows disney has!!

    that so raven is one of the most strangest shows out there.well that so suite life of hanna montana is sapostwo
    be good and i have been whating 4 weeks for fav carictor is cory and chellse.then again i grow up watching ravin in her younger years on the cosby show.
  • this show is pretty cool & funny

    i like this show. it is one of Disney Channels better shows, but it's not my favorite. it's pretty funny because when raven has a vision it always gets her in trouble. some of the episodes are more interesting than funny and some of the episodes are more funny than interesting. i also like this show because most of the things that happen in this Disney Channel show can happen in real life. i like to keep track of how many times raven falls or says snap, but i lost count. there is always a twist in this tv show.
  • This Show is Too Funny! The Best Show Disney Channel Will Ever Have!

    This is a show about a teenage psychic (Raven) who sees visions of the future that sometime get her and her friends (Eddie Thomas and Chelsea Daniels) into trouble. Even her little brother (Cory) gets mixed up in her crazy antics at times.

    A show like this is rare today because every character is funny. Even the characters that you would think wouldn’t be funny are hilarious.

    This show is a show for people of all ages despite the fact that it's on the Disney Channel. It's quirky, funny, serious at times and campy. This by far, is "The best Show on The Disney Channel". And always will be. I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants to have a good laugh.

    Kudos to everyone who helps make this show as great as it is!
  • At first it was cute but now it\'s gotten really bad

    The main reason I lost faith in this show, is because of what the writers have done to the character of Chelsea. In the first episodes, she was just a bit spacey. Now she\'s down right stupid or oblivious. You don\'t need to be stupid to get comedy. Her spacey-ness was cute while she still was smart enough to have gotten straight A\'s in Spanish. Now she looks off in the opposite direction as Eddie is abducted by aliens as her video camera battery dies.

    The comedy scheme seems to have switched from awkward situations (cousin rivalry, parent/teacher conferences, convincing a cute boy for a date, etc.) to impossible situations with ensuing slapstick. I frown at the decline this show\'s cleverness. I\'ve stopped watching it.
  • Thats So Raven is the story of a teenage girl (Raven) who discovers that she could get visions (predictions of the future). With this, Raven helps her friends and experiences the normal teenage things with her visions.

    Thats So Raven is one of the funniest kid shows out there. The stories, characters, and settings are funny. With additions of Stanley and other comic reliefs, this show is well-written and entertaining!!! Personally, I enjoy watching the shows with the entire cast because each one brings a great piece to the plate. My favorite show is when Cory tries to skateboard with the X-squad. It is very funny when Raven is ER (a make believe skater to help Cory facing embrassment. Overall, I love this show and it is the best one on Disney Channel. I am sad that it is finished!!!!
  • The 1st and the 2nd Season were the best.

    "That's so Raven" was an hilarious TvShow, funny, clever and original. The 1st and the 2nd Season were the best. Now, it used to be..."worse". I don't know, but now humor seems "forced", it's not as funny as it was a few years ago. I'm not saying that now this show is bad, absolutely not, I just said that "That's so Raven" is probably "Going Downhill Fast" (as you can read in the Classification of this review). However, there are still a few episodes worth watching.

    Conclusion: It was better before.
  • Those people who hate Thats so Raven are belistic! This show is soooooooooooo awsome! I mean, it is impossible for someone to be sycic, but its not animated!I love it!

    Some people dont even watch Disney Channel, So that means there crazy! But Im not crazy! I watch Disney... especcillay Thats so Raven! it is one of my favorite shows! Its not like any other show. This show has a SYCIC GIRL! I know most people watch it already Thats so Raven, but I just want to let you know that this is an awsome show and watch it so you will acctually be entertained!LOL!
  • Raven symone Big actress and shes Great!

    Anohter Great disney installment Thats so raven this show is instantly funny and can keep you Laughing for Hours this show is in an instant classic. This show has gone therew 3 great seasons im sorry to here that they have wraped production and ending the show with season 4. Im always on edge and Laughign with this show they Have the Great acting skills expessialy raven symone a Hot smart girl i was surprised to here that she directed some of the epsidoes in season 4 and i got to say they make sence and it has a good Plot i hope the spin of coreys house is just as good as this.
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