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  • A teen psychic who can see the future but she can't see what's coming next.

    This is the best show ever I never get tired of it....I watch it 24/7 without this show I'd die....I've seen ever single episode (Other then the episodes they haven't played yet) I know every line there is to know!!!THAT'S SO RAVEN is so funny. I love.. eddie thomas he is so funny!! Being psychis would be so cool. I'm like in highschool and I watch it all the time!! Raven-Symone is my idol and I just love her personality Chelsea makes the show funnier. I also love Raven and Devon being together there so cute! LONG LIVE THAT'S SO RAVEN!!!
  • Funny Funny Funny!

    That's so Raven, what can we say about it? It is Histarical! And the acting is great! This show on Disney Channel is probably one of the funniest! The comedy comes from many senarios, such as Eddie and Cory issues. Or maybe Cory and Victor issues. Raven is always funny. It doesn't matter what she is doing. Anyways...That's So Raven is a great shows for all ages and genders. It is very fresh, and always makes people laugh. So far, That's so Raven is still going on to more seasons because it is so popular. Most likly, it will stay that way! :)
  • i love this show

    i love this show so much that i feel that i want to be in this show with raven symone , kyle massey , orlando brown , and annaliese van der pol. i also loved this show because raven baxter has vision that can see the future that can wreak her friends life . her life is unpredictable even with her vison . she may see the future but she doesn't know how is going to happen see upredictable . she has a little brother that uins her life and he is in love with his sister friend named chealsie daniel.
  • Really cool show. Raven rocks.

    That's So Raven is about a typical girl named Raven Baxter..but she is really anything but typical! Raven gets psychic visions and glimpes of the future. Sometimes it's good, usually it's bad. Kyle Massey plays her brother Cory, who is a pain in her butt. Annelisse van der Pol plays her best female friend Chelsea, and Orlando Brown plays her best male friend, Eddie. Her dad is Rondell Sheridan, and her mom is T'Keyah Keymáh. Anywhere from going on a date at the same place as her mother to almost killing her brother on a skateboard, That's So Raven is full of unexpected twists and turns thoroughout the entire show.
  • This show is one of the greatest shows Disney has ever had!

    This show is great because each diffrent character has their own kind of personality that makes the show funny. I hope hey won't cancel the show pretty soon. I'm glad they took out the mom because with her it gets pretty corney. The first season was corney now the episodes is funny!
  • The best show on disney right now!!!!!!

    In my opinion "That's So Raven" is THE best show on Disney channel! I have watched this show from the very beginning and i still love it! Raven is not only beautiful but also hilarious! I love the story lines, they always know how to teach a lesson and bring comedy at the same time. It's even so hard to find a favorite episode because they're all great!!!!! This is my favorite.
  • "That's So Raven" is the hit Disney Channel show about a your normal, everyday teen who just happens to be a little different. She's physic. Raven has two best friends, Chelsea and Eddie, a little brother Cory, and her parents are Tanya and Vict

    "That's So Raven" is an awesome show. Before I got cable, I didn't think it was all that great. In fact, I thought it was boring, and I was looking forward to being able to watch "Sister, Sister". But then I got cable, and I realized how amazingly awesome TSR is, and that SS is just an okay show, a bit boring at times.

    So, TSR is an awesome show. It's hilarious. Raven is SO talented. Chelsea's slowness cracks me up, too. Everything does. I think that TSR is just a great show, and I'm glad that it got renewed for a fourth season, but I'll miss it when it ends.
  • I like this show because its different from other shows.

    This is a great show. It’s funny. I like it because it’s different. It’s about a physic teenage girl. Her best friends are Chelsea and Eddie. Sometimes she tries to stop her visions from coming true. Sometimes she wants them to come true. Usually both ways she gets herself into trouble or some sort of problem. It’s all about how she gets into trouble and tries to get out of it. It has singing, dancing and is totally funny. Her little brother is always trying to make money and he like lives for money. Raven is a great fashion designer.
  • a phycic tean who wants to be normal and friends who want to have fun. That's So Raven is the best show on disney and it brings that light that we need.

    That's So Raven and Phil of the Future are the only shows that leave reality and bring you to a new time and place. We live in a world full of evil and at Bayside high the only evil is an F on a test or tripping in front of a cute guy. that's So Raven is the best show on disney and i'm so sad it has to end. out of all the shows on disney and on tv over all this is the show i watch the most. when you've seen every episode ten times you know there is no better show. That's So Raven is the best show in disney channel history.
  • These espiodes make me laugh everyday when i see them.

    A Great Show from Disney. As again this espiode doesn't need improving yet. But bare the question what happen to raven's Mom? (I know she went to law school) will she ever come back. Either way hopefully they will continue the show when Raven is in college and Cory is in High School. I would love to see that. As again I like Raven Mom because of her sarastic remarks and funny stuff she tries to do. Otherwise this is a great show. I do have an espiode suggestion, but i can't write to disney.
  • this show is totally original and awesome!

    it just seems to get better every season also bigger every season,it's fun to watch all the crazy situations raven get's into because of her visions,i started watching this from the start when it wasn't as popular as now loved it then and i still love it now!one of the reasons i like it is because it's so original like some shows can be compared with and linked to all these other shows with there plots but how many times have u seen a show about a teen phycic?disney has had some really cool ideas in the past and this show is no differant,you should watch this show very entertaining!
  • The show is about a regular girl but who is psychic and has visions. She has to deal with things that makes her look insane.

    This is the funniest show I have seen on Disney Channel. If this show never premiered on Disney Channel I wouldn\'t watch Disney Channel at all and I would have never saw other great shows. I always watch this show because it makes me laugh at the same thing over and over again even if I have seen it like 10 times. If I were to rate this show 1 to 10 and 10 meaning good and 1 meaning bad then I give this show a 20. There is no other show that can be more funnier than this show not even The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
  • The show is about a teenager named Raven baxter who has the ability to see the future, together with her ditzy best friend Chelsea and Rapper Eddie, the trio go into alot of misadventures.

    At first I thought That's so Raven was a boring and a show that sucks and it'll easily go offair after one season, but when I had the chance to watch this show, I was suprise to see such a cool and funny show, man I was so wrong about this show, it's kinda funny and you'll learn alot from this show like family, friends, school and etc..., the show gives good humor and important lessons, the characters are cool, my favorite is Chelsea because she's so funny with her ditzy and fun-loving personality, overall this show is cool and it rocks!!!
  • That's So Raven is just So Raven!

    I love this show! Raven Baxter is an ordinary teenage girl with an amazing and unusual talent. She can see into the future. She has visions that tell her what's going to happen. The only problem with the visions is that they don't tell her how these things are going to happen or when they are going to happen. They only tell her what is going to happen. And sometimes, even that is not enough. Sometimes, she misreads her visions. And a lot of times, she tries to keep something from happening, but it happens. Or other times, she tries to make something happen, but it doesn't happen the way she had planned it to. Sometimes, the results hurt her. She may end up with her two best friends getting all pissed off at her and hating her, or she may end up getting hurt or in trouble. Hey, it's tough being a psychic, but it can be fun though. Still, it might be easier for her if her visions would give her all the info.
    Raven is SO Raven!!!
  • this show is most definetly the best show out there it is always fresh and funni

    i can also say i always watch this show every sinece it came out i was a very big fan and a matter of fact i am still a big fan and they keep up with new eposides and its very exciting to watch this show every week and plus raven looks hot so thats all i can say if u have n e thing to say bout it send me mail i wud like to be the owner of this show dono how but i guess i will learn ok lata
  • This is O.K. but I like other shows a lot better

    This show is Alright I still think that it could get a little or a lot better ....
    I wish there would be more of a variety . It is like the same thing each show she is doing something then she has this expression then it goes into like a blurry picture then shows something then comes back to reality ....
  •'s ok

    Nothing in the show would happen in reality and everything is predictable. you always know what is going to happen next. Raven's visions occur less in the newer seasons. there were two or threee in each episode and now there is only one and it does not affect the course of events as much. The three friends sem like they would be popular in real life but in the show they are unpopular. it is embarassing what they do sometimes. they sometimes do some pretty crazy things that they shouldn't.
  • =)

    I never really got interested into this show. Okay really just a little bit, but not so much. BUt my cuz introduced to me, and it really is a classic. IT is so funny and romantic at times(devon). This show has pretty peole(devon)! I;m not all that up to this show, but i guess its alright,and Raven is a real inspiration to me(in a way) especially to my cuz. So yeah there you go.
  • ermmmmmmmmmmmmm.what can i say

    errrrrrrrrrrm what can i say, raven is really doing a good job.she has a talent and she's using it very well.liked her from when she acted dr dolittle.the show's cool and hip.Keep watching it cos u will be sorry if u don't.All the teen actors in it are doing very well.i think each and every one of them are very talented and should start doing big movies.Raven is a show that will keep u happy and awake.Never Boring fun and laughter all thru till the is so cool that's why i love watchin it if u don#'t watch i thnk u shud give it a go.u'll love it
  • Raven Baxter is like any other kid..Or at least she would be, if she weren\\\'t psychic!

    It has it\'s moments, but after a while, it starts to get predictable, because the plot is nearly the same in every episode. Raven gets a vision, it somehow causes her to screw things up, and she has to fix it. In fact, you could probably use that to sum up every episode.
  • A decent kids show on the disney channel.

    A decent kids show on the disney channel. Raven-Symone stars as Raven Baxter a cute young school girl. The show is about Raven and her friends and family. Not the greatest show for adults that are watching along. Most of the content is pretty juvenile in nature. The cast does a pretty good job with what they are given. The remander of the cast includes Orlando Brown as Eddie Thomas, T'Keyah Keymáh as Tanya Baxter, Rondell Sheridan as Victor Baxter, Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter and Anneliese Van Der Pol as Chelsea Daniels. A fun show for kids to watch.
  • Raven, a unique and crazy teenager, often has glimpses of the future at random times. She either tries to make the vision happen or tries to stop it from happening with her best friends Chealsea and Eddie. These episodes are often about her relationship w

    That's So Raven is an incredibly popular show and doesn't get all the credit it deserves. Raven is a hilarious actress, and even though her friends are often confused and behind her connecting mind, they join along with her plans anyways. I think it's one of the most funny and popular shows on Disney Channel. But, I think the actors and actresses on the show are getting a little too old for their parts.
  • thats so raven used to be a good show

    Thats So Raven is all all about a psychic that have visions about something about to happen but it usually goes wrong she always dresses in unnecessary costumes like a costume of her mother with the big butt it looked nothing like her? each episode starts to get old and the plot doesnt make sense
  • Raven Symone is Raven Baxter and does an excellent job, along with Orlando Brown, Annelise Van der Pool, and the rest of the cast. Raven gets visions and either trys to stop whatever she saw in them from happening or wants to make sure they DO happen. Awk

    With a stellar (and sometimes not so stellar) comedic cast this show's goal is comedy. I have to say - they've hit their mark. Whatever situations everyone ends up getting themselves into, the solution or outcome is original and hilarious - no one is like the other. Save for the values of family, friendship, love, hard work, and all that good stuff Disney discreetly puts into all of their shows. Music also seems to play a good part, and it occurs every once in a while to great sucess, even if some parts are a stretch and unrealistic. All in all, it's a wonderful show that too many people don't feel are quite up to par compared to other shows.
  • That's So Raven has to be one of the best show EVER. Some of the shows can be boring (like the first season) but as the show got along it got better and better.

    That's So Raven has to be one of the best show EVER. Some of the shows can be boring (like the first season) but as the show got along it got better and better. In the beginning of the show it was kind boring. But the show came out with some good shows, like the hour long episode. That show had a good plot. At the end when they found the gravy dish that was a good twist. Another show I really really liked was the musical. Now Im not a fan of musicals but I really liked this one. It had some hip- hop, and rap to it which was the best musical ever. I especially liked Eddy's part when he was making a beat and rapping by bouncing the balls. Ravens part came next in my favorites. I really liked how she sang and it had some flaveor to it. I wasn't really a fan of Chelseas but she was rocking her outfit. I also liked the part where the girl that Raven dont like sang. She was straight. I didnt like the ending when the real star person came and Raven didnt do anything. She could have been a star. I also mis Raven's old boyfriend. He was fine!!! Devon I think his name was. I love him I didnt want him to leave. But anyways in conclusion I love That's So Raven.
  • a story about a physic girl with a twist....i like it

    i don\'t know why i hadn\'t started watching this show in the first place!!!!!!!! i\'ve only watched it for 1 year now and its become my new favorite show!!!!!!! a physic girl trying to pervent bad things happening is mildly interesting, but the creators put a reality/comedy twist which probally makes the show even more popular!!! this show is funny and the characters are fun!!!!!!! the episodes rock probally because they are well thought and written!!!
  • Funny!!

    Raven is physcic (dang it! i just cant spell that word! but you know what i mean!) Her 2 friends are Eddie and Chelsea! Raven is funny and Chelsea is kind of stupid and ditsy. Raven lives with her family and she goes to High School as well. It is a highlight of my saturday mornings!
  • about a girl with a gift of seeing the future which, most of the time, leads her to trouble

    i LOVE it! it's funny! it's family oriented. you can learn a lot from the show yet you can still laugh a lot! it's definitely my most favorite show!it's not a waste of time - no!no!no! .. it's predictable though.. since every show, you'll know that raven will have a vision - it would get them in trouble - then would manage to save whatever it is to be saved at the end. but isn't it what's the story's all about? ^_^ but when u think about it, even though it's predictable, it still keeps the viewer continue on watching.. ;)
  • I like this show because it's really funny. The characters just make me laugh. Sometimes the show is unpredictable. Raven's physchic ability is so cool.

    I like this show because it's really funny. The characters just make me laugh. Sometimes the show is unpredictable. Raven's physchic ability is so cool. I like this show because it's really funny. The characters just make me laugh. Sometimes the show is unpredictable. Raven's physchic ability is so cool. I like this show because it's really funny. The characters just make me laugh. Sometimes the show is unpredictable. Raven's physchic ability is so cool. I like this show because it's really funny. The characters just make me laugh. Sometimes the show is unpredictable. Raven's physchic ability is so cool.
  • A show about a physic teen.

    I like this show a lot. It was one of the first shows I started watching when I started watching Disney Channel. This show gives me something to look foreward to at the end of a long week with a new episode, and you never know what's coming with it. I think the idea for this television show is catchy and original - I mean, who would have ever thought of a physic teenager? And Raven fits the role of Raven so well, I can see why she made it big in Hollywood! This show has a great cast. !
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