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  • Original and intellectual

    Love it so much
  • One of the greatest shows on the entire planet!

    I need to be straight-up honest: Seasons 1 & 2 were the only ones I like, the last two seasons... well they kinda disappoint me. But at least I know this show is one of the most unforgettable in the entire universe.
  • We Need More Shows Like That's So Raven

    That's So Raven is so funny! I don't understand why anyone would hate this show. WAY better than today's disney channel crap. I wish there were re-runs of this show....
  • Oh snap!

    I miss thats so raven :(!
  • the greatest show ever that came on Disney

    Great show, That's so Raven was by far the best . show in Disney history, what ever crap they put on Disney Channel, enjoyable and well I think Raven Symone should reproduce more Disney shows.
  • I Just Had A Vision

    Wouldn't it be amazing if Disney cancelled all their new crap shows and put the old ones one again? That's So Raven is a show I'll never forget because it's it wasn't the same every episode like some shows on Disney. DISNEY BRING THIS BACK!

    Omg where do i begin?! They are the most professional actors on earth. They know how to act and how to behave to fit their role, they don't go overboard and try to be maniacs like ant farm and jessie. This generation was real shows! I really miss Hannah Montana, Suite Life, Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven and the rest of the amazing shows. This show will always be the bomb!
  • Only have 2 words to say!

    I only have 2 words to say: OH SNAP!
  • I miss this!

    I so miss this show!!!! I used to watch it all the time! Raven is so hilarious! "You Favorite line from her :) that's so raven will be forever remembered!
  • great!


    this austin and ally and the other new ones suck!
  • what happen to my fav show!

    i used to really love this show. this was the type of show i would just sit back and watch every morning and enjoy.when they had a finale i was devestated and mad that one fo my childhood shows was gone.
  • man i hate disney

    i luv this show and disney is so stupid this was the most exsicting show on all disney and they stop making more episodes like wow you know they should stop making one of any shows on disney and make more episode of raven i would be so happy thumbs up if you agree
  • Best disney show ever!

    This show is the best disney show ever! I miss the show! it was funny and sweet and enjoyable to watch! I love love loved this show! it needed a proper ending then just being canceled! I was sooo happy when Cory in the House came on but that didn't last long at all! my favorite episode is when they get turned into cows! that was awesome! man do i miss this show. I would be happy with rerunds but noooooo they have to take it off completly! and i hate it!!!! all my childhood shows are disapearing one by one! :(
  • The last Great Disney Channel sitcom before Hannah Montana

    Hannah Montana ruined Disney Channel and of course,we have It's a Laugh Productions making horrendous sitcoms on Disney Channel. However,this show was basically Disney's last good sitcom. That's So Raven is about a teenage girl named Raven Baxter who goes through life with her friends and family. However,she has a power to see the future,and tries to prevent it from happening. Now,this wasn't made by It's a Fail,I mean,Laugh productions. This is made by another company,Which I'm glad because they will ruin it. The characters are all not morons,they are all funny. Raven is not such a selfish brat and can be funny at times,her friends Chelsea and Eddie were also great. I never got into Chelsea that much,but Eddie was hilrailous,however,he's the reason why this show was cancelled,because the actor playing him did drugs. Stupid celebrities these days. Cory was always my favorite character,but was the spin-off was bad. The parents are not so over protective and had humerous moments. Not to mention Raven's catchphrase" Oh snap" which is very funny. And some of Raven's moments like getting attacked by a Venus Fly Trap,disguising as her friends sculpture because she broke it or skating a long rail were funny also. And this show doesn't have that stupid laugh track playing at the jokes that are not funny,which I'm glad. However,Hannah Montana took this show's place and It's A Laugh Productions took place in every single Disney sitcom. I wish did would last longer than 5 years. Bring this and Phill of the Future back,Disney Channel!
  • This show chronicles the life of Raven Baxter, a typical teen with the ability to see glimpses of the future. With the help of her two friends, Eddie and Chelsea, she manages to make these visions true. A subplot revolving around Raven's brother, Cory, is

    This show is, in my opinion, GREAT! I love the chemistry of the impeccably comedic cast, and how quick, snappy, and HILARIOUSLY FUNNY the episode plots are. I have seen every episode!!! I LOVE IT! This show chronicles the life of Raven Baxter, a typical teen with the ability to see glimpses of the future. Depending on the vision, with the help of her two friends, Eddie and Chelsea, she manages to make these visions true or untrue, and, of course, gets herself in trouble while doing so. A subplot revolving around Raven's younger brother, Cory, is usually included in each episode.
  • Very good/funny Show and im so Sad it Ended!

    I remeber first seeing this show back in.. 2003 and I will admit I thought it was just gonna be a once a week thing that I would watch it, UNTIL I realized that Raven Symone was in it! (I loved her on the Cosby Show!) so I started watching it again and again and I was HOOKED on it! Then on a sad day in.. 2008, I heard that "Where there's Smoke" was gonna be the last episode of TSR and I was so sad!! But I am glad that the last Episode was an important and memorable one! Although I was a little shocked that this certain episode didnt happen sooner (Not the plot cause I know Cory would be a little to young to be accused of smoking.. but hey I guess your never to young... to be accused that is.. lol) And I think that Disney made a horrible mistake by ending it at only 100 episodes, because it deserves a lot more! Its even more sad that they barely show it now!! sigh* They'll never know the mistake they made.. Anyway, I will Aways love TSR and it will forever live in my heart! :D
  • A great show that should be brought back.

    This show is amazing, it's about a teenage girl named Raven Baxter who can see into the future, with a limited list of people who know this. Her best friends, Chelsea Daniels and Eddie Thomas are always there for her if she gets into crazy situations. As well as her family, which includes Victor, her dad. Tanya, her mom. And Cory, her brother. I thought this show was really great, and Disney Channel should bring it back or make a spin-off with Raven. They were originally to do that, but they did made one based on Cory instead, which is also good. Disney should've made the Better Days spin-off, because its new idea (Hannah Montana) was retarded and I hate that show! Hopefully there might be a new sitcom based on Raven when Cory in the House ends, you might never know. But this was a really great show that I always watch when I can. Home Improvement is a little better though, but still a really great show.

  • A really good show.

    This is a really good comedy show. The funniest person on the show is Raven Baxter how she always pretends to be somebody else when she sees a vision in the future. Raven is a regular teenage girl that has visions and that is really cool. Cory Raven's younger brother who always scams people and that is pretty cool but he also learns valueble lessons and never does that again but comes up with ideas and does it over and over again. I am really upset that this show was replaced by Cory in the House and Raven isn't in it and I really miss her and visions and her adventure.
  • Loved it! Laughed at every episode!

    This was one of Disney's greatest shows ever! I Laughed at every episode I'm actually satisfied that it has 100 episodes, In My Opinion that's already a lot . I Love the Cast! They are very talented! They are amazing actors/actresses! and singers too!! It's nice too see how they struggle in high school and how they struggle on raven's visions and how to prevent/solve it from happening! The humor is so funny! and I love the Big Sister-Little brother relationship between cory and raven! But However I do have negative points in this show. It's weird how raven's mom just "Disappeared" and how raven directly went to fashion college leading cory and his dad alone in washington. but I still love it!
  • Every episode was splendid.

    I don't want to use a word to many times so that's why I use weird words (like zany). Great show and the last episode was almost as good as the futurama's last episode. Another great comedy from disney. You know I said in my suite life of zack and cody's review that it didn't beat that's so raven but the SLOZAC last season was better than that's so raven.

    But that doesn't mean that I hated the last season of that's so raven and I'm not sad it's gone. But if it's replaced with a crappy show then I will be. HOLY @!#%, Raven Symone is a damn good actor. Chelsea is my favorite character, god is she so wonderfully dumb.

    Storylines: Visions are awesome-10
    Characters: His name is Cory, and this is his story-10
    Theme song: That's so raven, it's the future I can seeeee!-10
  • i think that this shoe is great

    I love that so raven because everybody on this show is just so beautiful and i just love raven and cory so much. Tanya is funny in some of the shows. Devon is just so sexy because he is just so sexy. I wish that he was my man. Also I like eddie. If i had to meet one of the character i would love to meet devon and raven because they are just the best. I also like alana because she remeber of my friend bianca that went to my old skool beacause those are some reason why i love That so raven..........bye
  • Oddly Funny

    This show is about a girl named Raven baxter who gets in all kinds of trouble due to her psychic visions. Assisting her is her rap obsessed friend Eddie Thomas and her somewhat ditzy friend Chelsea Daniels. There is also her soon to be chef dad Victor her caring mother Tanya and her money obsessed brothe Cory. She usually goes into disguise to try to prevent something from happening. She usually misinterprets them though.

    I personally love this show. I very well recommend them to. The show gets better every season to. It is one of the shows that last a while.
  • this is the best show ever raven makes it so funny

    I love this show it's the best show ever. even though it has ended i still watch it and still have laughs over it. The characters in this show are so great they make it so funny. Raven and Annalesse are my favorite characters they are so fun and they are pretty cute too. I am so mad at the people who cancelled it it is one of the best shows i've ever seen and it didn't even get a movie while really bad tv shows like lizzie mcguaire and even stevens get movies. Disney has made me so mad they are ending every show that's really good.
  • I would like to bring this series back... T_T

    This was one of my favorite show in Disney channel too bad it was already canceled. Instead they replaced it with a dumb show Cory in the house. I wont even make me laugh, and the story is also dumb (no offense). I want Thats so raven to be back again. It was my favorite show. I really like Chelsey a lot she really makes me laugh how she act like a dumb person. Raven too, she's one of my favorite star in the Disney channel. I really like her voice a lot. She really is a talented person. I hope that the show That's so raven would be back on Disney Channel. ^^)
  • The best Disney Channel show EVER.

    That's So Raven is an awesome show about Raven Baxter who can see the future at random times that get her into all kinds of crazy situations. She has two best friends. One of them is Chelsea who is a vegetarian and loves the environment. But is also very dumb as well. Eddie is a rapper and plays a ton of basketball. She has a mom and dad and an annoying little brother named Cory who is in love with Chelsea.

    Why is this the best show ever? Simple. It is the funniest show ever! The jokes are always hilarious either Chelsea being dumb or Raven being like all about herself. Or maybe saying stuff like, "That's my jam!" It's also funny when Raven does very funny things to change some of her visions. Cory is also funny since he hogs the sub-plots most of the time. Not as funny as Raven but still a bit funny. Like when he gets bossed around by the Juicer for example. But overall, the show is flat out funny and better then some of the crap on Disney Channel right now.
  • Treandsetting show. The original teen comedy, all other Disney Shows are based on the success of That's So Raven.

    This show is by far my favorite. It has inspired a generation of comedy series. Disney Channel wanted to capitalize on this show's success so they made Hannah Montana, Cory in the House, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc. But this is the orginal teen comedy. It laid out the schematics for shows which meant addicted audiences and a fortune for the Disney Channel. The schematic is: main star is a girl, comedic situations, secret life, family responsibilities, deals with siblings/other annoying children, 2 best friends (one boy, one girl), and has loving parents.
    Raven Symone's acting skills really came through. It's hard to act out comedy, but this show became so popular that it has been mentioned on shows like MAD TV, American Dad, Regis and Kelly, etc. It has given birth to a new era of outgoing children; this is the image a show should evoke.
    I love Raven--you're my girl.
    This IS the authentic teen comedy.
  • the show is just so fantastic, no other one like it. i just wish there are easy ways to get free downloads ( P.S if you are reading this and you know how to get free downloads mail me how to on ""

    wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, show. great job. who thought of this, anyway sometimees it tends to get a little boring, many episodes are a little boring, but just a tiny bit though.its influential, classic and imformative and not even a little bit racist. otherwise the show is good; not to small, not to much. you might say its a brilliant show and you want it back but somepeople, ( like 45% of people )will disagree. i love you Raven Symone. and in the review dont force people to write more than 50 words at least because then they wont know what to say like me and just write rubbish. P.S get websites that will offer free downloads of the episodes
  • Nice.

    It's nice to see a show that can deal with real life problems, right?
    Example? That's So Raven.
    It's about a girl with a normal life and friends but the catch? She's psychic!
    Raven Baxter couldn't have been better portrayed without the actress Raven Symone. She's full of talent and knows where to head and not become a ditsy Hollywood good for nothing person.
    Her friends are always there for her and it actually shows real life issues. Divorce, school, etc. The show is far from cheesy and the show couldn't be any better! It's a real pleasure to watch and hopefully you'll love it more than me!
  • one of the best shows ever!!

    Raven Baxter a high schooler with a big secret..she can see into the future...This show is so funny!!! I am so sad that it got cancelled, I mean it didn't even get a proper finale! This show will forever be missed. Even though the last season was kinda boring its still a wonderful show, I still watch re-runs, but I miss seeing new episodes. That's So Raven will always and forever be one of the best shows on disney channel.
  • This show is a great!!!

    Thats So Raven. Kids will love to watch this show, but its entertaining for adults too. 'Raven Baxter' (Raven Symone) is a bubbly teenager who loves to make her own clothes, have fun with her friends Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol) and Eddie (Orlando Brown). Raven also has the power of 'Phsycic Visions'.... Although most people would find these easy to handle, Raven will always find some way to get into a 'bad or embarrassing situation' when she misinterprets the meaning of her visions. This show is very funny. It has an interesting storyline and great actors to play the characters. Its an easy show to watch and I would anytime!
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