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  • Andy Milinokis +1

    They say curiosity killed the cat, and in this case, it killed half of my brain cells. I'm in constant pain ever since I had this show play before my eyes. I managed to watch one entire episode, and I've came up with an intelligent verdict.
    "That's so Raven" is , by far, the most over-rated hulk of %&*$ I've ever had the mispleasure of watching! It is no lie, Disney really screwed up when they grew the ****s to let this show air.
    This comedy series puts you in the life of Raven, apparently she has no last name, who struggles with the every day challenges of metally challenge teenager. She has two friends who have no friends, which makes a triangle of retardness. Her friends are some girl and some guy. That is all I want to say about them.
    "Hahahaha"... That laugh... It's eating my brain! By far, the most annoying thing about "That's so Raven" is the fact that they laugh at their own jokes... Every... Single...Time! It's a non-stop buffet of corny jokes, and obviously fake laughs.
    By the way, this series, like Andy Milinokis, features a middle-aged man with a growing disorder, proving this is the worst show in history!
    Thank you for your time.
  • This. Show. Sucks.

    This show is a horrible teeny-bopper show. All it is is some Disney crap that was made in order to make pre-teen and younger girls to watch this crap, then buy the crap that the show produces, and to raise Disney's popularity.

    It's about a teenage girl who predicts the future, then tries to prevent it, and ends up doing something really stupid. How stupid is that? Teeny-bobberly horrible. If you haven't had the misfortune to had watched it, stay away!

    A HORRIBLE SHOW . I know im making myself seem like i hate disney shows but who could blam me there horrible . They make no sence Phile of the future horible the buzz on maggie there scary with there big eyes and all american dragen its okay but it can use some work i mean my cousin made me sit through a hour of thats so raven how did this show become so populare it is just wierd . When i watched the first ten minuts of it at my cousines house i changed the channel as soon as my she left the room.
  • Why?! This show is like sticking a fork in your eye turning it and then making soup out of it. No, actually that would be better.

    Why?! This show is like sticking a fork in your eye turning it and then making soup out of it. No, actually that would be better.n This show is so horrible all of the "comedy" is physical. They say nothing funny. Disney is going down the tube, rather quickly I might add.
  • Waste of time. This show should not have such a high rating.

    Thats so Raven does not deserve time on the air. It is a complete waste of time and not worth watching. It was okay at first. But it went downhill fast, really fast. It is horribly written with sposed-to-be-funny-but-aren't jokes. But the part that really got me was the "Country Cousins" episode. I live in the country and no one I know talks like that. In fact some of most of the people I know are extremely smart and act in no way like that episode. So please by watching this episode do not think that people who live in the south talk or act like that. Plus any actor or actress worth mention could act in four parts in a single episode. There's nothing different from that to playing different parts in movies. Not to mention the fact that most every actress on Disney is a singer. I think they make sure you're able to sing before you get a part in something on their channel. In summary this show is and never will be worth your time.
  • This show is terrible!

    This show is very unoriginal. It has been done a million times. A teenager that gets in trouble all the time and gets saved at the end of the show or something. The only difference is that she's psychic. I hate Chelsea. She's apparently supposed to be stupid. You can tell that she is but at some times why is it that she miraculously becomes smart? I hate Corey because he's so fat! I've seen him at the beginning of the show and now and he looks like he's gained a million pounds. Like other people have said the laugh track is way overused. I have always watched the show in hopes that at least one episode will be funny. none of them have been. I give this show two thumbs down. I wished that I had more hands so that I could give it more thumbs down. as a matter of fact, I give this show two thumbs and eight fingers down.
  • i hate this show its stupid and i hate all of the actrs especialy that kid um..ravens bro.

    I strongly dislike this show, because raven's charcter is so conceited. I don't like to see chelsey playing a dumb,mode charcter. There is more drama wich i like, but I'm not feeling the vibe with it. I don't really like raven dressing in stupid diguises, it doesn't make her to original. There should be more famous people from other dramatic t.v. show be on the show. I hope it brings its vibe back, and there is also alot of change, witch i like in here. Sometimes i watch it, but i just criticing it.
  • Oh my god, how can people like this show.

    The acting was horrible, and it was by far the most boring show on the planet.
  • In my opinion, truly awful. First season was good, but instead of better every season, it got worse every season.

    I think everyone noticed that in the second season that they decided to cancel the real audience and get some cheap tape with a lot of canned laughter. Now if shows put that at a good level, they MIGHT be able to get away with it. But with Thats So Raven they really screwed it up. The tape laughs at everything, way too much. Plus the writers obviously don't know what to do cos have you seen how many goofs they make? It's terrible. You just can't ignore things like that, it ruins the whole show. It makes everything unrealistic. To me the only good part is the theme song thats why I gave it one point. This show had a good idea, but took the viewers for granted. My advice don't bother watching, you might have a couple of laughs but its not worth it.
  • This.Show.Sucks.

    I absoulutely hate this show. Raven is so annoying. One minute she talks all sqeeky and high pictched then the next she talk all low and manly. Raven thinks that she is cool and popular for talking like that. And the jokes are not funny! The laugh track is put on stupid jokes that arent funny at all. And the worst episode was the one where they sing. That episode had the worst acting I have ever seen on a show before It is so bad they can't sing. The only good thing about the show is the fact that I could do voice overs from it.
  • I can't believe I watched this show within the past two years. I couldn't be happier that I finally discovered what decent TV is, as opposed the the junk Disney shovels out (no offense to fans). (And I wanted to rate it 0.1, but the site wouldn't let me)

    I wish I could delete my old review, it being a disgusting mark stuck forever on my profile, but since the site won't let me delete it, I'll just revise it. Let me just say, people, there are much better TV shows out there, and a wide variety, too. Try watching something that actually has an hour long timeslot. Those tend to be better shows. If you like comedy, well hey, there's some half-hour sitcoms that aren't bad. There's new stuff (Two and a Half Men, The New Adventures of Old Christine, etc.), and slightly older stuff (Friends, Seinfeld, etc.) If you want compelling storytelling with characters that actually act like real people, and relationships with realistic dynamics (as opposed to the kind of things you'd find in Disney shows, which most likely will give you a distorted fairytale vision of what relationships should be like, causing you to act overdramatic and persue person after person in search of what you learned from Disney (and don't even know that's where it's from) as "true love")- anyways, back to the point- for compelling stories about characters, realistic, complex characters, there are plenty of dramas out there- and within that category, there are others you might like. There are serious while still comedic dramas (House, Veronica Mars, etc.), there are action-packed dramas (Lost, 24, etc.), and it doesn't just stop there for dramas. Anyone reading this enjoy a good mystery? Suspense, twists and turns, a logical outcome? Try any of the many Law & Orders (though I prefer L & O: SVU), any of the CSIs, heck, let's face, today you can pick a random channel, and chances are it'll be running an hour long crime drama sometime in the week. Say you like mysteries, but you find Law & Order and/or CSI to be too "stuffy" for you. You need something that makes you laugh, but still enjoy a good mystery? Perhaps try Monk, Psych, or again, Veronica Mars.

    Now for the part where I actually review the show. In my opinion, it's ridiculously idiotic. Maybe way back in first season (I have a good memory, I don't still watch) the characters acted like people, but in the later episodes they most certainly did not. The situations and emotions were so fake and overplayed. Now, I know the whole point of this show is to be silly, to make you laugh and smile, but there are shows that can provide that while still having characters that are believable. Heck, this show used to be a decent show in that respect. But I'm sure fans can tell that as seasons went on, Chelsea became less of a character and more of a stupid idiot almost to a level of severe retardation, Cory became too much of a character for not having any good storylines, Tanya never had much story behind her, and let's face it- The Chill Grill was thrown in to keep Victor on the show by actually having some plotlines for him, and Raven became less and less complex and more of a disguise-donning overdramatic clumsy loon. This show was okay for kids possibly up through middle school, but definitely not past the first season or so. The intellignet viewer does not want to feel, when they watch something, as if the makers of something are going to great lengths to try to force an emotion out of them. The intelligent viewer wants the emotions to come through naturally through believability. What makes a show good for the intelligent viewer is believability. Now, I'm not talking about the situations. It's fiction, of course the situations will be a little out there- otherwise TV would be as mundane as real life and no one would watch it. But believability of characters is everything. If the intelligent viewer cannot relate to the characters because they respond to their situations, whatever they may be, unrealistically, than they cannot feel the emotions of the character, and they may as well be watching a wall, and so the show's only last resort is to force the viewer to feel not through empathy of charcaters, but through cheap gimmicks.

    People, I can understand watching this show, but explore other options. Trust me, it'll be good for you in the long run. I discovered good TV, and I haven't tuned in to the Disney Channel in over a year. And you know what? I don't miss it one bit. I'm too busy enjoying the great things on other channels.
  • because they deserve to be shot! If i could do a 0 my rating would suit it.

    this show could not be more boring. so unorigial it makes me sick. The story line is pathetic and the plot is even worse! She doesnt realise that what she does makes the vision come true. its so bad and it makes me go to sleep. The actors couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t deliver a line if they tried and they should be petrified of a new series. what else can they do as the stories they have done so far are so bad that nothing can pick this series up. They should feel ashamed and embarrased!
  • This show isn't funny. Read on...

    uh uh uh uhuh uh uhu hu hu hu huh uh uh uh uh uh uhu hu hu hu hu huh uh uh uh uhu hu hu hu hu hu hu huh uh uh u hu hu huh uh uh uh uh uh u hu hu hu huh uh... That's So Raven

  • I don't remember why I even watched that! Wait...yes I do!

    anneliese van der pol! The only reason this show lasted more than 1 year! Raven is as annoying as she was on the cosby show, orlando is flat and boring and kyle is just plain dumb. This show is not funny and needs a laugh track because that is the only way to get a laugh! It is boring and predictable and at points lame! The story line are retarded and the cast hypocrites! anneliese van der pol at the mean girls premire was tacky and now that she has lost all respect and class that show has lost all appeal! It doesn't help that Raven lovers try to put her up in the top 10 celebs of today, it is clear she is not and never will be.
  • That's So Stupid!

    That's So Raven is another mind-numbing sitcom from Disney. Most Disney shows are bad. Most sitcoms are bad. Put them together and you get this piece of crud. Raven is a psychic who gets in trouble due to her visions of the future. Like most sitcoms, Raven makes plans... and tries to undo them when they fail and she gets in serious trouble. To make matters worse, the show takes every single cliché and uses them over and over and over again. They also overuse the annoying laugh trace to cover the pure, unadulterated stupidity of this show. Please cancel it... NOW!
  • About a girl who doesn't use common sense and gets into trouble alot.

    This show is one of the worst shows on t.v and I see why it got cancelled. Most people say it was a cool show, but apparently I didn't see what they saw. The girl didn't have a brain, did stupid things that could've been prevented, and didn't have respect for anyone, not even herself. I've never cared much for Raven in the first place, because everyone she's ever played was stupid. Now people might disagree with me, but I have the right to speak my mind. The show seemed like it was about the same thing everytime. And I'm glad it's cancelled, and disney needs to stop showing the episodes over and over again, because all it's teaching children is that they don't have to use their brain to do simple things.
  • Funny to stupid!

    I used to like this show it was funny and cool. But then it changed. It went from funny to totally stupid. Chelsea\'s so freaking dumb! Raven is so freaking annoying! Raven started to go all over the place, and that got me really annoyed. When she showed up in abc mornings as the MICROPHONE LEAD that was the last straw! I hated Raven! And because of her dumb director I don\'t like Disney Channel anymore! Now I think of that Channel as boring, stupid, and dull! They even put stupider shows! And Raven is a fat cow! Did you see her body!? She used to be normal now she\'s a blimp! Whenever she turns to the side it burns my eyes *_* Anyways this show sucks now. If they want to be popular again they should act like they used to be! Even though I hate her too much I won\'t even come EVER! I have\'nt seen Disney Channel since...2 years! Almost 3! And it\'s all because of her stupid director! And I don\'t blame her she\'s not the one who makes the show! But I do blame her for not taking care of her body. Every season she gains a ton! Anyways Raven fans I HATE THIS SHOW!

    By far, this is one of the unfunniest, offensive peice of crap since SpongeBob Squarepants. 30% of the show\\\\\\\'s character\\\\\\\'s are white. And they\\\\\\\'re all incredibly offensive to the Caucasian part of the viewers. Mr. Petrocheli is a \\\\\\\'spiter\\\\\\\", Chealsea is a ditz, and Jake Heassel is a \\\\\\\"lady getter\\\\\\\". This show should be heavily edited or taken off the air.
  • I HATE this show with a passion!

    Ok, where do I start? This show sucks! Raven (what kind of name is Raven, anyway?) is an ugly singer who decided to star in her own show (that's what Disney Channel is all about right?.

    Chelsea is so stupid...I mean c'mon, nobody is that stupid! She acts like a 4-year old who just came out of a mental institution (that's who watches this show, anyway).

    Raven is an idiot as well, she has got the most ANNOYING voice and laugh, along with the annoying laugh track that plays after EVERY single crap joke! The jokes aren't funny either...basically, they suck, along with everything else in this show.

    Don't let your kids watch this show! It will devour their souls and make them twinkies like Corey and all the other airheads on this show and who made it!

    I hate this show! GOD! I wanna barf everytime my sister turns this crap on! Just another piece of crap on the Disney Channel that shows how much they suck! *gags*
  • I personally don't like that's so raven!!! If you want to know why? Read my review!

    Hi!! I want to tell you why I don't like that's so raven... so...... that's so raven is boring.. Its episodes are not cool. I hate raven because she does does stuped things. She acts like she is dumb and she wears so ugly thing. I only like Chelsea because she is funny :D She is so coool :D Hmm... Eddie- I personlly don;t like him because he is so dumb.. I don't like that's so raven but this is only my opinion so you should have your opinion also so if you disagree with me I won't be mad because everyone have their own opinion!!
  • Honestly the most annoying show I have ever watched.

    This may, in fact, be the worst show of all time. There is absolutely nothing original about this show, other than when the camera pans into Raven's eyes... I'm not sure any other show would have the stomach to get so close to someone so annoying. Also, it has the basic overused preteen sitcom best friend scheme: one friend is a guy, the other's a girl, and they both are a different race.

    If you study the jokes in this show carefully, there are three basic types throughout the show: unbearably annoying, exhaustingly overused/cliched, and people falling down. And you know what I find amazing? Little girls everywhere never tire of the same stupid comedy! I actually get angry at my sister for enjoying this show!

    Ugh... Even thinking about the show makes me so mad I can hardly attempt to open the world's eyes about this show without yelling at my screen. Well, I think you get the gist of it... Watch this show only if you are one of the following: a) Blind and/ or deaf, b) a family member of Raven Symone and are only doing it so she doesn't squeal at you, c) You are trying to find something to entirely convince you that this world is totally screwed up and that life isn't worth it, anyway.
  • This show is racist and annoying.

    Alright. This show was just horrible. I can sum up every episode for you. Raven dresses up in a weird outfit to solve a problem, she says "Oh snap!", and everybody laughs. I fail to see the humor in that. This show is also racist. They make all of the white people look retarded. It's just like all of Disney's shows. There's one stupid person who makes everyone laugh by being idiotic. Here's a word of advice. Don't bother wasting a half hour watching this show. Do something productive and read a book or something. Trust me, it's much better than watching a poor excuse for humor.
  • Thats So Raven Sucks

    That's So Raven really isn't that great of a show! The new Disney shows are WAY better than the old ones!
  • a show about a girl who has sycic powers that she tries to stop fom happining or do all she can to make them come true. she gets into rediculos situations and usually herts the people aroundher until it all works in the end

    this show was preety good in the beging, with a girrl,raven, and her to friends dealing with ravens sycic powers. but now it just gotten to rediculusly silly and way to stupid. its be en goin on 2 l o o o o o o o oo o oo o oo oo o o o o oo oo o ong. nd why is everything all about raven!! i m glad its ending soon and i kno a lot of people who think the same thing. it gone way out of hand. although once in a whil e they hav good messages.
  • nothing more than another piece of crap Disney Channle show

    Really this show just sucks but than again doesn't every thing on Disney channel. The show is for little kids who haven’t found out that it’s just a tape recording of an audience laughing at the crap jokes. Any one who finds this funny go get a life or go watch something worth your time!
  • i used to love this show, but they make raven too obnoxious and chelsea too stupid. Its not even funny anymore. Maybe if it was more realistic i might enjoy watching it, but for now, its a total bore

    Like i said in the summary, this used to be one of my favorite shows. Raven was normal, Eddie was funny, and Chelsea's blondness was actually well writen. but now, in my opinion, this show is getting worse and worse. I mean, the writers are not thinking clearly. They can make something funny without having Raven dress up as a cafeteria lady. And i know this might not sound nice, but they could at least give her better clothes. In Unhappy Medium, Raven is wearing red, and yellow, and blue. She looks like a kindergarden project gone WAYYY wrong. I know this review sound really mean but when I hate something, i REALLY hate it. And i REALLY hate this show.
  • Raven's work has really gone downhill since "The Cosby Show".

    This is yet another example of how the Disney Channel likes to not worry about whether a show is actually well-written or good, but rather promote the living daylights out of its star so they can sell merchandise. I know that it's a kid's show, but even kid's shows CAN be high-quality. That's just not the case, though.

    And here's another thing: why is it that every female star of a Disney Channel show need to lauch their own music career at the same time? This show is just a representation of how popularity has become more important than quality or credibility.

  • Not very good

    That's So Raven is really not a very good show. It got boreing after the first three episodes. They are all the same and are all very predicatble. The characters are getting annoying, especially Chelsea. No one can be that oblivious. Raven can see in the future and she always tries to change it, which makes it happen. It's just predicatable. It's also majorly overdramatic. She screams so much and so loud; it's just pointless. The story lines are not origonal and are not really that funny anyways. Overall, it needs to be scrapped because there is nothing new anyone can do with it to make it better.
  • That\'s so Raven needs to mix it up....

    I can\'t understand why they keep playing the same episodes of that\'s so raven. Me and my daughter love the show but they need to mix it up a little. The episode coming on tonight has been on at least 2 or if not 3 times this month. I know this is the last season but I just want them to mix it up a little so we don\'t see the same ones all the time. I used to watch it everyday but now I watch it when it\'s something new, old, or hasn\'t been played that much.
  • ill admit i used to watch this show. ill also admit it was good the 1st season. then after that it was so stupid.

    i really thought the 1st season was good and that it was stay good or even get better. wow i was so wrong. the show became so stupid. like the fact that raven turned so shallow & annoying. and cory is like 13 already & they give him 9 year old lines. cheslea wow ok no one is that stupid. a mentally retarded person sounds like a genius compared to what she says. its really annoying because they think stupid people are funny, and i guess its true but to a certain extent. anyone who thinks this show is entertaining, or even funny has the same IQ as cheslea.
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