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  • That's So Raven is like off the hook. On a scale of one to ten, I'll give it a 10 because I think it is that good. It is absolutely fabulous.

    That\'s So Raven is an awesome show. It is a great show for anyone under the age of 17. I really love this show a lot. Raven Symone is a fantastic actress, and she is an excellent singer also. The whole cast of That's So Raven is just terrific. I bet they work really hard to make the shows that funny!!!!
  • a physcic girl in high school everyday having visions of things happening but aren't always what she expects it to be.

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  • That's So Raven is a comedy starring Raven-Symone as a psychic teen whose foresight into the future isn't always what it seems to be. She is helped along by her best friends, Eddie (Orlando Brown) and Chelsea (Anneliese van der Poel).

    That's So Raven is a huge influence on many kids' lives. Raven does an outstanding job in this role since comedy is definitely her forte. Also, she hits the nail on the head for playing a 15-year old like she actually is one (she's 19 in real life). Also, Anneliese (Chelsea) plays her role as ditzy Chelsea with such sincerity you can't help but love her. And who can't help but love Orlando (Eddie). Although to me, he's the leasy dynamic of the three best friends, he still plays his role well. And the supporting actors Kyle (Cory), T'Keyah (Tanya-Mom), and Rondell (Victor-Dad) are also well cast.
  • Thats so Raven is like my favorite show. I watch it every day. Old or new. But i love Raven for who is is not what she lookes like. Other people think that Raven is fat. But i love her texture. From when i first watched The Cosby Show i....

    Thats so Raven is like my favorite show. I watch it every day. Old or new. But i love Raven for who is is not what she lookes like. Other people think that Raven is fat. But i love her texture. From when i first watched The Cosby Show i saw raven as little olivia and i just wanted to know who that was, so i went on the internet and found out that raven was little oliva. So I keep a report on Raven and Now i have every cd that raven is in or made. And i have her posters and everything. So i heard that raven is making a new movie and i will be the first to see it.

    Thank you
  • It is so funny!

    I am a grown up, but I will admit that That's So Raven is so funny! I laugh out loud everytime. I am so glad to see a show about a black girl and her family. They address some serious topics and still can add the humor. The cast is very talented and the scripts are original. I hope she gets to stay on for a couple more seasons.
  • The Rating Game

    Im going to list a Raven episode and the next person on will rate it (1-10) and then they will list another episode for the next person on this site. Just keep on writing new episode names and make sure to rate them. This is the first episode.

    Chef Man and Raven

  • Raven has come a long way from Olivia, and really knows comedy

    This show really exceeded expectations. Disney Channel is known for its cheesy made-for-tv movies and cheap attempt to "stay hip", however TSR has real comical talent. Although made for little kids and preteens, TSR has comedy that reaches all ages. Although it has its moments of cheesy lines, and stunts that are obliviously trying too hard, these scenes are overshadowed by the great ones. Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea are a great trio, and the support they have for one another is great. A chemistry really comes across with the three friends and they really take you along for the ride in every adventure, all while laughing your face off. The earlier episodes are very cookie cutter, so obliviously Disney-made shows that are really kindergartenish. However as the show matures, so does the topics. Truly fun for all the family. Thats So Raven is So FETCH!
  • Anyone who knows me from TV Tome, knows that I support the ship of Chelsea/Eddie AKA Anneliese/Orlando. Here is where I explain why.

    That's So Raven is my favourite show for many reasons. One, because it is funny. Who can forget that look Raven gave the audience in "He's Got The Power?" after she said her line "now that is just rediculous, I mean who would watch a show about a teen pyshic?" I also watch it because of the Chemistry that certain people on the show seem to have.

    In Disney Channel best friends almost always end up together. Louis and Tawny in 'Even Stevens', Lizzie and Gordo in 'Lizzie McGuire', 'Kim and Ron in 'Kim Possible' and (most likely) Phil and Keely from 'Phil of the Future'. Unfortunatly, it is always the main character who gets the guy (or girl, depending on who they are) I think this should not be.

    Anneliese and Orlando have shown immense chemistry not just on That's So Raven, but on the circle of life video, during the Walt Disney World Christmas parade (WDWCP), along with many other places and events. For example, during the WDWCP Orlando was in a picture with Anneliese and Christy Carlson Romano. (Ren from 'Even Stevens' and Kim from 'Kin Possible')Orlando didn't even put his arm on Christy's shoulder, and Christy only had one arm on Orlando. Annliese, however, put both of her hands on his shoulders. Hmmmmm. In the Tiger Cruise pictures, Annliese and Orlando are very close. Its hard to explain, but anyone who has seen the picture will know what I'm talking about. In the Circle of Life video, Anneliese continued to talk to Orlando during the video and once even stepped over Kyla Pratt (Penny from 'The Proud Family') just to say something to him. Most of these are hints that Anneliese likes Orlando. But does Orlando like her?

    Most signs of Orlando liking Anneliese are in That's So Raven. I have noticed a couple times where Orlando will put his head on Annliese's should, or touch her in some way. Once again, hmmmmm. In 'Fours a Crowd' just before Raven walks in front of the lockers to say her lines, you can see Orlando do something to Anneliese that looks a little like an air kiss. In Radio Heads, you can see Orlando mouth (say?) something to Anneliese when he goes to press the button for his radio jingle.

    There are many other hints. Annliese frequently smiles at Orlando in this way that "I can't explain well so I won't try" and Orlando smiles at her too. I'm not saying they're dating or will date on or off the show, but I'm just saying all the signs are there. What do you think?
  • The Best Show Ever. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE It.

    That's So Raven Sounded Stupid At Firts. But After A While, I Found Myself Singing Along With The Theme Song. I Was Hooked. I Love The Episode Where They Work At The Chill Grill. I Never Figured Out How They Made The Pizza So Fast? But That's What I Love!
  • A girl who can see the future! Very creative!

    One of the best Disney shows EVER! I can't see why people hate it so much. Clearly this is suitable for children of all ages. Anybody who watches this will be entertained for the entire half hour. If your child starts watching Disney, encourage them to watch this show. This is a must watch show!
  • This is a good show four the kids. trust me the kids will love it.

    Thats So Raven is a excellent show. Raven is always up to something, wether it chasing Corey or getting into deep trouble. I must say Chelsey is like a dum blonde but she a brown. Shes like a big air head! Eddie is very funny and things are always happening to him, but Raven there to save the day!
  • A teenage girl sees in the future and keeps it a secret except to her friends and family.

    This is one of my favorite TV shows. I love this show. If anyone would say that they hated this show I would probaly think he his crazee. It's so Hilariously funny and the audience laughing during the show is a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very nice touch. I recomend this show for a lot of people.
  • Raven You are Great. You are one of the greatest actresses ever. You can do it all. You can dance, sing, and act. Keep up the good work!!!

    That's so Raven is one of the Best Disney Shows Ever!!! It's funny and Entertaining for all ages! It's great. I'm always waiting for a new episode, it never ends. I am so glad disney sign her on for another season. She is going to be a hit. Go Raven!
  • That's so Raven, is one of the best new shows on Disney Channel today. I think that it is better than any other current show on disney channel today.

    That's so Raven, is one of the best new shows on Disney Channel today. I think that it is better than any other current show on disney channel today. The show is about a Teenage Physic (Raven Baxter), played by Raven Symone and her friends (Eddie Thomas), played by Orlando Brown and (Chelsea Daniels), played by Annelise Van Der Pol who has to deal with everyday situations with the help of her family (Tanya Baxter) played by T'Keyham Krystal who plays her mother, (Victor Baxter) played by Rondell Sheridan who plays her father, and (Cory Baxter) played by Kyle Orlando Massey who plays her brother.
  • Love it so much

    Love it Love it Love it! What else can i say besides I love It
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is a Great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! WOooO HOoo ooO!!! I Love this show!!!! YaY yay YaY yay YaY yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoooO HOoooO YA y Y ay I Love mucho! i love it
    yay yaya yayayay !!
  • This is a nice show on Disney Channel about an average teenage girl who has awesome friends, loving parents, a pesky brother, a fashion designing dream, and an unusual psychic power to be able to see into the future. This quality always gets her into maj

    This is way beyond what I expect from Disney Channel. Although the comedy is still pretty immature, it's a guilty pleasure that's fun to watch. No doubt is it the best, only good show on Disney Channel at this moment. Features some great actors such as obviously Raven, Anneliese van der Pol as Chelsea, and Orlando Brown as Eddie.

    Also recommended shows on Disney Channel: Phil of the Future, Even Stevens, Naturally Sadie.
  • That's So Raven is one of most greastest show Disney has ever came up with and hope it lasts as long as it can.

    That's So Raven next episode I can't wait to see it because Raven is really showing her true talent doing differet roles on the show. Raven has always had lot of talent ever since The Cosby Show and I That's so Raven really shows her great gift from God.
  • Thats So Raven!

    Thats So Raven is a great show for small children through senior citizens! It has comedy, family issues, and a twist. It is my familys favorite TV show and every week night we sit down from 7:00-8:00 and watch Raven, and at 7:30 on weekends! I would highly recommend this show for it's values on family and friendship. I personally cannot wait for the upcoming episodes and the new season!
  • That\'s so Raven Stars Raven-Symone as Raven Baxter a off-beat teenager who gets a glimpse of the future with her parents Victor and Tanya Baxter and her little brother Corey and her 2 best friends Chelsea and Eddie whos all jump to conclusions about her

    That\'s so Raven is one of Disney channe\'s most popular series coming back Disney renewing the show for a Fourth season going up to 100 episodes.
    Season 4 will begin filming in july. Along with books, videos, Games, toys, and fashion line, plus a possible movie in 2007 That\'s so raven has a lot in it\'s future!
  • The first season started slow, but got real good!

    When this show first came out, I dont think that they had many ideas to put into this show, because it started Very slow! But now, even though I have seen every episode, I still laugh at all the jokes. Even my favourite episode,BLue in the Face which they never show on Family) is still hilarious. Some episodes I am glad I never see like the episode with Cory's birthday! That episode was crap!But the rest of the show is good. The second season also has improved alot because the first season had an incredible amount of goofs! Peace Out!
  • Extremely funny show and gets me laughing every time I watch it!!

    That's So Raven is my favorite show. It is very funny and for kids of all ages and adults too. My sister who is 19 also likes it so if she does, everyone can! I can watch one episode over and over again and never get tired because I love it so much.

    If Raven was not such an exagerator than the show wouldn't be so good. Two thumbs up for her and the rest of the cast!

  • i love this show . it so cool . its a good a idea that their remaking it. their no more show like this so classic.

    i love this show . it so cool . its a good a for this show be hear. it so cool how their is a teenage phyic. i aways wish i could have powers like and make one of those vision faces. i hope that they continue this show for many many years
  • Raven Baxter is a young girl who happens to have pshychic powers, unfortunatly for Raven, she doesn't always know when she's going to have these vissions, plus, she doesn't always read them right, which always creates a whole lot of comical trouble for he

    That's so Raven is a great show for kids from 5 to fifty five. Out of all the shows my sister and I watcg, this is the one my mother likes to watch with us, and every time there's a great twist so something goes just the oposit of how you expect it. Eash episode of that's so raven keeps me laughing and guessing.
  • this is a great show i watch it almost every nite

    some of you may remember raven as oliva on the cosby show.but this show is completely different.
    this is a great show it is a teen aged show great to watch any time this is ravens best work.its a great show to watch anytime.all though i would like to see more new epsodies.its alway great to see whats next.this is a show i would like to see more of.have they ever consider of changing the theme been there forever.this a show to watch in your spare not a must watch.maby and only if there was a new epsode on but not any reruns

    mabe watch
  • Raven Symone out does herself in this show!

    First and foremost Raven Symone is hilarious in this show. She has great facial expressions which make it even better. In the show Raven has psychic visions. Which she always reads wrong. Thats what gets her into some kind of sticky situation. But in the end she always gets things pretty much back to normal. Lastly, any body who is 5-40 years old really can enjoy this show.
  • That's so Raven: Up and Down

    First, I want you to think back to when the show first started out. Pretty good show, basically focusing on the fact that Raven Baxter is psychic. Raven would have 2-3 visions per episode and the plotlines were very very funny.

    Now, think of the second season. Disney decides to move away from the psychic theme of the show, and move to a somewhat funnier version of Disney's recently canceled show, Lizzie McGuire. Raven would have about one psychic vision per episode and it wouldn't really count to the plotline of that particular episode.

    Also in the second season, Raven gets a boyfriend named Devon. This is when the show really started going downhill and getting annoying. The show turned into a show about a girl who never stops thinking about her boyfriend, all she cares about is her boyfriend and so on.

    Devon was finally written out of the show, and I started to look forward to seeing where disney was going with the show this time. The show, in it's 3rd season, is now getting much better although it's developed too much for it's own good.
  • this is an ok show

    this is an ok show it's not something i'd be upset if i missed a new episode, i'd recemond this show to young teens or tweens. Its about a phycic who has visions but you usually see that her visions cause her to have the visions, you won't get it now but if you watch the show you'll find out that visons create visions. Nobody knows about this except her two best friends, her family and a clown who was in one episode "A Fish Called Raven". All togeather this is an ok show but it can be a little slow sometimes.
  • A very fashionable high school teen has visions that show a piece of the future that will happen, but she doesn't know when or why it will happen, and that often causes her to misinterpret it and cause trouble. Only her family and three closest friends kn

    I was so anxious to see "That's So Raven" when it first came out that I couldn't keep still. The show is very good, but the only thing I hate about it is the million reruns of the show. I wish the show came on on a weekly basis with new shows because everytime I see another rerun of "Thats So Raven", I just dislike watching it more and more. Please, Raven, keep the new shows poppin'. Your show it too good to be lacking new shows. I love you girl, but come on with the come on! Peace! :)
  • It's basically about a teen physic who can see into the future. She has two best friends named Eddie Thomas and Chelsea Daniels. They help her out when she's in trouble. She also has an annoying little brother named Cory. He always think about money. It i

    That's So Raven is my favorite show on Disney Channel!!! It's about a teen physic who can see into the future. I thought it was gonna be a lame girly show. But then one day I was waitng for Even Stevens to come on, and I saw it. It was awesome!!! I have seen every episode of the show so far, and I must say this show is funny!!! The first season was good. The problems weren't as drastic as the newer episodes. Plus, Raven's outfits were cooler. But my favorite season so far is the second one. I love Raven's hair during that season. Plus, she had a boyfriend for a while. His name was Devon Carter. But he had to move somewhere. I hope he comes back. Anyways, my favorite episode is The Road To Audition. They had really catchy songs. Except for Cory and Eddie (no offense guys). Chelsea is funny too!!! But in the first season, she wasn't so retarted. She seemed like Raven. You know, talking about boys, clothes, etc. But now she is more into the enviorment and stuff. But she is still crazy funny. Even though she looks too old to be in tenth grade. Eddie is cool too. He has a girlfriend now. I think her name is Chantel. Cory is cool too. But if you've noticed, puberty has caught up to him, and he does not look like a 12 year old sixth grader. Also, in the first season he had a crush on Chelsea. But I guess he's over her now (although they never explain why). The parents are cool too. Rondell Sherman (the guy who plays Victor Baxter), also played a father in Nickelodeon's Cousin Skeeter. Also, the person who plays Raven's mom, was in an old sketch show called In Living Color. So far, the third season is really good. I can't wait until the one hour long episode of That's So Raven. Plus, I heard that the show is gonna have a fourth season. I hope it has more romance. Anyways, it's gonna end with 100 episodes, going past Disney's 65 episode limit. They might have a movie too. How exciting!!! Overall, this is Disney's most popular show so far, and I highly recommend for everyone to see it!!!
  • this is an ok show i mean if theres nothing better i guess i would watch it its a good show but it could be a hell of a lot better like funnier

    dis show is ok i wouldnt watch it if there was a show like chappeles show or road rules on i mean those show r great dis show is just ok bcuz its not really that funny and kinda stupid but i would still watch it if it was on sometimes
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