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  • That's So Stupid!

    That's So Raven is another mind-numbing sitcom from Disney. Most Disney shows are bad. Most sitcoms are bad. Put them together and you get this piece of crud. Raven is a psychic who gets in trouble due to her visions of the future. Like most sitcoms, Raven makes plans... and tries to undo them when they fail and she gets in serious trouble. To make matters worse, the show takes every single cliché and uses them over and over and over again. They also overuse the annoying laugh trace to cover the pure, unadulterated stupidity of this show. Please cancel it... NOW!
  • Oh my god, how can people like this show.

    The acting was horrible, and it was by far the most boring show on the planet.
  • What the classification says.

    I originally gave this show a 6/10 but thought I was being way too generous. First off it is seen on a terrible teen channel with lots of bad teen shows. Second off the acting is extremely cheesy and over the top and this show has a lot of corny humour. However every bit of the show's comedy is so overdone it may actually manage to get a chuckle or two. Then again I haven't watched it in a while. I was about 11 or 12 the last time I watched it and thinking back it really wasn't that good. Just like with Disney's other shows I doubt I'd be able to stomach it now.
  • This show is racist and annoying.

    Alright. This show was just horrible. I can sum up every episode for you. Raven dresses up in a weird outfit to solve a problem, she says "Oh snap!", and everybody laughs. I fail to see the humor in that. This show is also racist. They make all of the white people look retarded. It's just like all of Disney's shows. There's one stupid person who makes everyone laugh by being idiotic. Here's a word of advice. Don't bother wasting a half hour watching this show. Do something productive and read a book or something. Trust me, it's much better than watching a poor excuse for humor.
  • I don't remember why I even watched that! Wait...yes I do!

    anneliese van der pol! The only reason this show lasted more than 1 year! Raven is as annoying as she was on the cosby show, orlando is flat and boring and kyle is just plain dumb. This show is not funny and needs a laugh track because that is the only way to get a laugh! It is boring and predictable and at points lame! The story line are retarded and the cast hypocrites! anneliese van der pol at the mean girls premire was tacky and now that she has lost all respect and class that show has lost all appeal! It doesn't help that Raven lovers try to put her up in the top 10 celebs of today, it is clear she is not and never will be.
  • Thats So Raven Sucks

    That's So Raven really isn't that great of a show! The new Disney shows are WAY better than the old ones!
  • About a girl who doesn't use common sense and gets into trouble alot.

    This show is one of the worst shows on t.v and I see why it got cancelled. Most people say it was a cool show, but apparently I didn't see what they saw. The girl didn't have a brain, did stupid things that could've been prevented, and didn't have respect for anyone, not even herself. I've never cared much for Raven in the first place, because everyone she's ever played was stupid. Now people might disagree with me, but I have the right to speak my mind. The show seemed like it was about the same thing everytime. And I'm glad it's cancelled, and disney needs to stop showing the episodes over and over again, because all it's teaching children is that they don't have to use their brain to do simple things.
  • Not very good

    That's So Raven is really not a very good show. It got boreing after the first three episodes. They are all the same and are all very predicatble. The characters are getting annoying, especially Chelsea. No one can be that oblivious. Raven can see in the future and she always tries to change it, which makes it happen. It's just predicatable. It's also majorly overdramatic. She screams so much and so loud; it's just pointless. The story lines are not origonal and are not really that funny anyways. Overall, it needs to be scrapped because there is nothing new anyone can do with it to make it better.
  • I personally don't like that's so raven!!! If you want to know why? Read my review!

    Hi!! I want to tell you why I don't like that's so raven... so...... that's so raven is boring.. Its episodes are not cool. I hate raven because she does does stuped things. She acts like she is dumb and she wears so ugly thing. I only like Chelsea because she is funny :D She is so coool :D Hmm... Eddie- I personlly don;t like him because he is so dumb.. I don't like that's so raven but this is only my opinion so you should have your opinion also so if you disagree with me I won't be mad because everyone have their own opinion!!
  • This show is ok


    This show is not good enough to get above a 6. It was a funny show but sometimes you couldent even tell what was going on in the episode This show was very confusing. This show was also boreing. The positive thing about this show is you can watch it when nothing else is on tv.

  • This.Show.Sucks.

    I absoulutely hate this show. Raven is so annoying. One minute she talks all sqeeky and high pictched then the next she talk all low and manly. Raven thinks that she is cool and popular for talking like that. And the jokes are not funny! The laugh track is put on stupid jokes that arent funny at all. And the worst episode was the one where they sing. That episode had the worst acting I have ever seen on a show before It is so bad they can't sing. The only good thing about the show is the fact that I could do voice overs from it.
  • Raven has phycic powers to see glimpses into the future, which gets her into trouble by trying to stop them.

    Ignorant. Stupid. Makes some of the stupidest jokes i have ever heard. That chelsy has a mental illness, and apparently thats funny. It makes no sense at almost all times. I have have watched about four episodes and i hope none of my friends ever find out. She over reacts to be funny, but i hhave hated it since i have been young. The only views it gets are from little kids with parents too lazy to chanch the channel. so, don't tune it to the next episode, and lets get this tv show off disney channel forever. ok there u go, don't hate me for my harsh opinion
  • Please read this! Please Please Please Please Please!

    In the beggining, I was a huge Raven fan, no lie I would go around singing the song and everything! But it got worse. It was all like a bad horror movie, first they made Chelsea dumber, then they made Raven a stereotype and only let her say "Oh Snap" over and over again, in fact I still have nightmares about Raven coming to me in her elaborate costumes or dressed as a man and saying Oh, Snap until i die. Eddie was never really that good. He was just neutral. Neutrality RULES!, Sorry random moment. Also, why does she always have to dress up as a man? Hasn't she realized that being a drag queen only works if you actually stay that way, you don't make a very good transvestite! Also, why can't she ever put her last name on ANYTHING! I mean even in the credits, they put "Raven Baxter: Raven". Not very descriptive Ms. SYMONE! We all know it: we all watched The Cosby Show! Honestly Raven, I had high expectations for you but you shot them down by using the same plot over and over and over again. Will you ever learn? You're visions are never like you actually see them and if they are, it's because you try to meddal with them! The future is inevitably, if it was meant to be it was meant to be, and you shouldn't interfere. My suggestion to her is to watch Final Destination until she realizes that.

  • A disney channel original about a teen psycic who tries to live her life as a normal high school kid but her visions get in her way of that and she always tries to make her vision happen if she likes what she sees or try to make them change.

    I think that Thats so raven got worse and less funnier each season because the first series or so were really good and quite witty but then it sort of got like all the other disney channel shows, not funny and the same every episode. The writer probably ran out of jokes and started putting all them rubbish jokes in the show. I think that the show would be a complete disaster if Raven Symone wasnt the main charcter because she makes the show and she is naturaly funny. Her younger brother cory got less funny as he got older aswell as the show. But the only thing that did get better during the years was Ravens best freind,Chealsea. Although I very much used to enjoy watching Thats so raven everyday when i came home from school its a shame it had to change!!
  • Man this show is going downhill so fast that when they hit the ground they're gonna go straight to hell where they belong. They're just making really dumb episodes now... I mean I hate this so called "over the top humor" because it's not funny at all!!!!!

    Man this show is going downhill so fast that when they hit the ground they're gonna go straight to hell where they belong. They're just making really dumb episodes now... I mean I hate this so called "over the top humor" because it's not funny at all!!!!!

    Man if Raven Symone was Psychic she could probably see this show going off in a couple of months I mean honestly. What they've done: Made Chelsea stupid and a Hippie, made Cory a selfish brat, Victor has become a bad parent. Plus alot of the story from the beginning has been lost like Tanya going to College, Victor becoming a Chef, or Corey getting to go on a date with Chelsea.... ok I can't see that happening, but still. All Raven does anymore is make things worse and most the visions are obvious of what's going to happen, but she's way to stupid to figure it out for herself. She also just talks in a high pitched voice the entire which, if it was loud enough, could prolly break glass in my home or make my dog howl at the top of his lungs. And some of these episodes I honestly think there's no point of doing it at all I think it's over for you Raven guest starred in Fresh Prince and Annie, but I think this is the end of the line for you... :(
  • Getting worse.

    I liked this show when it first came out. It was original and very funny. The actors were very likable too. Now, I think it's the right thing to end this show, which is what they are doing. The story lines aren't so funny any more and I think everyone just gave up knowing it was ending. Raven and her fashion career was boring too. I think the fashion part was a bit sexist, which is wrong. They should of made it something more exciting and funny. Overall, this was a good show and I think they are doing the fight thing by ending it.
  • i hate this show its stupid and i hate all of the actrs especialy that kid um..ravens bro.

    I strongly dislike this show, because raven's charcter is so conceited. I don't like to see chelsey playing a dumb,mode charcter. There is more drama wich i like, but I'm not feeling the vibe with it. I don't really like raven dressing in stupid diguises, it doesn't make her to original. There should be more famous people from other dramatic t.v. show be on the show. I hope it brings its vibe back, and there is also alot of change, witch i like in here. Sometimes i watch it, but i just criticing it.

    By far, this is one of the unfunniest, offensive peice of crap since SpongeBob Squarepants. 30% of the show\\\\\\\'s character\\\\\\\'s are white. And they\\\\\\\'re all incredibly offensive to the Caucasian part of the viewers. Mr. Petrocheli is a \\\\\\\'spiter\\\\\\\", Chealsea is a ditz, and Jake Heassel is a \\\\\\\"lady getter\\\\\\\". This show should be heavily edited or taken off the air.
  • Honestly the most annoying show I have ever watched.

    This may, in fact, be the worst show of all time. There is absolutely nothing original about this show, other than when the camera pans into Raven's eyes... I'm not sure any other show would have the stomach to get so close to someone so annoying. Also, it has the basic overused preteen sitcom best friend scheme: one friend is a guy, the other's a girl, and they both are a different race.

    If you study the jokes in this show carefully, there are three basic types throughout the show: unbearably annoying, exhaustingly overused/cliched, and people falling down. And you know what I find amazing? Little girls everywhere never tire of the same stupid comedy! I actually get angry at my sister for enjoying this show!

    Ugh... Even thinking about the show makes me so mad I can hardly attempt to open the world's eyes about this show without yelling at my screen. Well, I think you get the gist of it... Watch this show only if you are one of the following: a) Blind and/ or deaf, b) a family member of Raven Symone and are only doing it so she doesn't squeal at you, c) You are trying to find something to entirely convince you that this world is totally screwed up and that life isn't worth it, anyway.
  • a show about a girl who has sycic powers that she tries to stop fom happining or do all she can to make them come true. she gets into rediculos situations and usually herts the people aroundher until it all works in the end

    this show was preety good in the beging, with a girrl,raven, and her to friends dealing with ravens sycic powers. but now it just gotten to rediculusly silly and way to stupid. its be en goin on 2 l o o o o o o o oo o oo o oo oo o o o o oo oo o ong. nd why is everything all about raven!! i m glad its ending soon and i kno a lot of people who think the same thing. it gone way out of hand. although once in a whil e they hav good messages.
  • Needs A LOT of work

    That's So Raven was a funny, orginal show back when it first came out. But then it began to get old and they ran out of ideas. Raven is not a very good actress, which doesn't help. She makes noises to make it sound like she's acting but it doesn't really work. Her expressions are good, but i have seen better.
    The plot is no longer funny and is no longer about a physic. It's about a spoiled teenage brat with a job as and intern at some fashion design place. It's gotten really boring and they've begun to reuse storylines. Disney can do so much better!
  • The show has an original concept but suffers from bad writing and bad acting.

    That's So Raven is a tragedy. I thought the concept was interesting but when I watched the show, I quickly found out that the show is a train wreck. The acting is horrible and over-the-top and the writing suffers from just not being funny and unoriginal plots. The show is basically a badly acted, and badly written rehash of classic sitcom plots and scenarios.
  • I used to be a fan of the shows earlier episodes. Characters were developed, ideas were flowing, and performance was good. But the newer episodes are more and more dissapointing to a point where i have dropped the show.

    If you have watched some of the newer episodes latley, you may say the same as I do. The ideas are not as good for episodes, making it less enjoyable. Humor isn\'t as it used to be in the earlier episodes, which was actaully funny. The humor in the new episodes, are not. The performance earlier was great in the older seasons, but in the newer seasons, characters such as Mr. Baxter (raven&corys father) Raven, Cory, Chelsea and Eddie, all their performances have steadily been declining.

    In the older seasons, you would have noticed that Chelsea\'s character was smart, funny and caring. In the newer episodes, they have changed her character to be dumber-than-a-post. For instance, in the middle of a scene from \'cake-fear\' where Raven and Cory\'s old revenge-seeking babysitter escapes and comes to babysit them, in the middle of the madness when they think the babysitter is a murdeur and they all run, guess what chelsea does. She screams a little then looks at the floor \"Oh a penny! This must be my lucky day!\" They have also gotten rid of the character of the mother in the series and Ravens old boyfriend, Devon, who shows up in the new episodes only once. They replace these characters with new ones such as a bully called the \'juicer\', a fashion-designer \'donna-cabonna\' and her assistant. These changes bring down the show a lot for its regular viewers.

    In my opinon (and many others) Thats So Raven, is running out of ideas, there for, its heading downhill. To awnser my question topic-title \"Is \"Thats so Raven\" heading downhill?\" the awnser is \"Yes.\"
  • That's so Raven is a show about a girl who goes to school and has random visions that's about it.

    The show was minimally funny from the get-go but after the first season started to go down with more repetiveness. Now it's basically a comedy with nothing funny said in it. The already bad plots started getting worse and uncomedic. And the current basic plotline is Raven making sure she get's what she wants and to hell with everyone else. The "jokes" are repetitive and dumb. And Raven is the least funny character on the show. Any remotely funny scenes usually happen when Raven's nowhere to be found. The comedy if any seems dragged and chopped up to the point it's not funny anymore the acting is horrible. The show either needs to get better writers or be cancelled.
  • Its kinda, well, boring!

    This so is getting more boring, and pointless! I use to think this show was cool, but now its stupid. Nothing really makes since anymore. They don't have many fans now. Hey, I watch this show when nothing else is on. Even then, I don't really care whats going on. So, I do not care if it goes one forever, or if it gets canceled.
  • What the heck has happened to this show? Put more suite life instead of this crap.

    I used to love this show it was funny and entertaining but every sweason its going wayyyyy downhill I mean watch the old ones and the new ones than compare.this show SUCKS NOW! Its not good the new episodes I don't even lkaugh once anymore.disney should cancel this show before it gets worse. Suite lifw rox raven doesent!
  • Andy Milinokis +1

    They say curiosity killed the cat, and in this case, it killed half of my brain cells. I'm in constant pain ever since I had this show play before my eyes. I managed to watch one entire episode, and I've came up with an intelligent verdict.
    "That's so Raven" is , by far, the most over-rated hulk of %&*$ I've ever had the mispleasure of watching! It is no lie, Disney really screwed up when they grew the ****s to let this show air.
    This comedy series puts you in the life of Raven, apparently she has no last name, who struggles with the every day challenges of metally challenge teenager. She has two friends who have no friends, which makes a triangle of retardness. Her friends are some girl and some guy. That is all I want to say about them.
    "Hahahaha"... That laugh... It's eating my brain! By far, the most annoying thing about "That's so Raven" is the fact that they laugh at their own jokes... Every... Single...Time! It's a non-stop buffet of corny jokes, and obviously fake laughs.
    By the way, this series, like Andy Milinokis, features a middle-aged man with a growing disorder, proving this is the worst show in history!
    Thank you for your time.
  • This. Show. Sucks.

    This show is a horrible teeny-bopper show. All it is is some Disney crap that was made in order to make pre-teen and younger girls to watch this crap, then buy the crap that the show produces, and to raise Disney's popularity.

    It's about a teenage girl who predicts the future, then tries to prevent it, and ends up doing something really stupid. How stupid is that? Teeny-bobberly horrible. If you haven't had the misfortune to had watched it, stay away!
  • This show is terrible!

    This show is very unoriginal. It has been done a million times. A teenager that gets in trouble all the time and gets saved at the end of the show or something. The only difference is that she's psychic. I hate Chelsea. She's apparently supposed to be stupid. You can tell that she is but at some times why is it that she miraculously becomes smart? I hate Corey because he's so fat! I've seen him at the beginning of the show and now and he looks like he's gained a million pounds. Like other people have said the laugh track is way overused. I have always watched the show in hopes that at least one episode will be funny. none of them have been. I give this show two thumbs down. I wished that I had more hands so that I could give it more thumbs down. as a matter of fact, I give this show two thumbs and eight fingers down.
  • In my opinion, truly awful. First season was good, but instead of better every season, it got worse every season.

    I think everyone noticed that in the second season that they decided to cancel the real audience and get some cheap tape with a lot of canned laughter. Now if shows put that at a good level, they MIGHT be able to get away with it. But with Thats So Raven they really screwed it up. The tape laughs at everything, way too much. Plus the writers obviously don't know what to do cos have you seen how many goofs they make? It's terrible. You just can't ignore things like that, it ruins the whole show. It makes everything unrealistic. To me the only good part is the theme song thats why I gave it one point. This show had a good idea, but took the viewers for granted. My advice don't bother watching, you might have a couple of laughs but its not worth it.
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