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  • Anyone who knows me from TV Tome, knows that I support the ship of Chelsea/Eddie AKA Anneliese/Orlando. Here is where I explain why.

    That's So Raven is my favourite show for many reasons. One, because it is funny. Who can forget that look Raven gave the audience in "He's Got The Power?" after she said her line "now that is just rediculous, I mean who would watch a show about a teen pyshic?" I also watch it because of the Chemistry that certain people on the show seem to have.

    In Disney Channel best friends almost always end up together. Louis and Tawny in 'Even Stevens', Lizzie and Gordo in 'Lizzie McGuire', 'Kim and Ron in 'Kim Possible' and (most likely) Phil and Keely from 'Phil of the Future'. Unfortunatly, it is always the main character who gets the guy (or girl, depending on who they are) I think this should not be.

    Anneliese and Orlando have shown immense chemistry not just on That's So Raven, but on the circle of life video, during the Walt Disney World Christmas parade (WDWCP), along with many other places and events. For example, during the WDWCP Orlando was in a picture with Anneliese and Christy Carlson Romano. (Ren from 'Even Stevens' and Kim from 'Kin Possible')Orlando didn't even put his arm on Christy's shoulder, and Christy only had one arm on Orlando. Annliese, however, put both of her hands on his shoulders. Hmmmmm. In the Tiger Cruise pictures, Annliese and Orlando are very close. Its hard to explain, but anyone who has seen the picture will know what I'm talking about. In the Circle of Life video, Anneliese continued to talk to Orlando during the video and once even stepped over Kyla Pratt (Penny from 'The Proud Family') just to say something to him. Most of these are hints that Anneliese likes Orlando. But does Orlando like her?

    Most signs of Orlando liking Anneliese are in That's So Raven. I have noticed a couple times where Orlando will put his head on Annliese's should, or touch her in some way. Once again, hmmmmm. In 'Fours a Crowd' just before Raven walks in front of the lockers to say her lines, you can see Orlando do something to Anneliese that looks a little like an air kiss. In Radio Heads, you can see Orlando mouth (say?) something to Anneliese when he goes to press the button for his radio jingle.

    There are many other hints. Annliese frequently smiles at Orlando in this way that "I can't explain well so I won't try" and Orlando smiles at her too. I'm not saying they're dating or will date on or off the show, but I'm just saying all the signs are there. What do you think?
  • It is so funny!

    I am a grown up, but I will admit that That's So Raven is so funny! I laugh out loud everytime. I am so glad to see a show about a black girl and her family. They address some serious topics and still can add the humor. The cast is very talented and the scripts are original. I hope she gets to stay on for a couple more seasons.
  • Original plot, but the script needs a little bit of fine-tuning.

    \"That\'s So Raven\" is about a girl born with psychic powers, and can see visions of the distant future, but this happens randomly. And after each vision, Raven\'s life turns around when something unexpected happens to her and makes the vision come true. Raven is accompanied by her two best friends. One is a DJ-ing boy named Eddie. The other is a dim-witted girl named Chelsea. And don\'t forget to mention Raven\'s family -- her two suspicious parents and her little brother, Corey, who\'s best friends with a rat and thinks of mischievous ways to make money.

    Corey is a favorite of mine in this show. He\'s sneaky and can easily slip out of trouble, yet he never gets away with anything, except for a few times.

    Raven Simone is also known for her role as Olivia Kendall in the Cosby Show (season 6+). And her own show proves that she\'s very talented in acting. Well, I partially doubt that, because her acting skills in the show are sometimes mediocre. I don\'t blame her, though, I think it\'s the script that\'s causing the problems. The writer for the show better put some drama in it, and can SOMEBODY give the show a new laugh track? It\'s obvious there is no live audience, but I\'d like to hear something as realistic.

    That\'s So Raven is full of humor for the young teens and children. Disney Channel should probably cease their cartoons and make a living airing sitcoms.

  • Raven's work has really gone downhill since "The Cosby Show".

    This is yet another example of how the Disney Channel likes to not worry about whether a show is actually well-written or good, but rather promote the living daylights out of its star so they can sell merchandise. I know that it's a kid's show, but even kid's shows CAN be high-quality. That's just not the case, though.

    And here's another thing: why is it that every female star of a Disney Channel show need to lauch their own music career at the same time? This show is just a representation of how popularity has become more important than quality or credibility.

  • nothing more than another piece of crap Disney Channle show

    Really this show just sucks but than again doesn't every thing on Disney channel. The show is for little kids who haven’t found out that it’s just a tape recording of an audience laughing at the crap jokes. Any one who finds this funny go get a life or go watch something worth your time!
  • Best disney show ever!

    This show is the best disney show ever! I miss the show! it was funny and sweet and enjoyable to watch! I love love loved this show! it needed a proper ending then just being canceled! I was sooo happy when Cory in the House came on but that didn't last long at all! my favorite episode is when they get turned into cows! that was awesome! man do i miss this show. I would be happy with rerunds but noooooo they have to take it off completly! and i hate it!!!! all my childhood shows are disapearing one by one! :(
  • The last Great Disney Channel sitcom before Hannah Montana

    Hannah Montana ruined Disney Channel and of course,we have It's a Laugh Productions making horrendous sitcoms on Disney Channel. However,this show was basically Disney's last good sitcom. That's So Raven is about a teenage girl named Raven Baxter who goes through life with her friends and family. However,she has a power to see the future,and tries to prevent it from happening. Now,this wasn't made by It's a Fail,I mean,Laugh productions. This is made by another company,Which I'm glad because they will ruin it. The characters are all not morons,they are all funny. Raven is not such a selfish brat and can be funny at times,her friends Chelsea and Eddie were also great. I never got into Chelsea that much,but Eddie was hilrailous,however,he's the reason why this show was cancelled,because the actor playing him did drugs. Stupid celebrities these days. Cory was always my favorite character,but was the spin-off was bad. The parents are not so over protective and had humerous moments. Not to mention Raven's catchphrase" Oh snap" which is very funny. And some of Raven's moments like getting attacked by a Venus Fly Trap,disguising as her friends sculpture because she broke it or skating a long rail were funny also. And this show doesn't have that stupid laugh track playing at the jokes that are not funny,which I'm glad. However,Hannah Montana took this show's place and It's A Laugh Productions took place in every single Disney sitcom. I wish did would last longer than 5 years. Bring this and Phill of the Future back,Disney Channel!
  • the greatest show ever that came on Disney

    Great show, That's so Raven was by far the best . show in Disney history, what ever crap they put on Disney Channel, enjoyable and well I think Raven Symone should reproduce more Disney shows.
  • I Just Had A Vision

    Wouldn't it be amazing if Disney cancelled all their new crap shows and put the old ones one again? That's So Raven is a show I'll never forget because it's it wasn't the same every episode like some shows on Disney. DISNEY BRING THIS BACK!
  • This is a great show.

    I think this is one of Disney's best shows and I totally disagree with anyone who says it is overrated or trashy. The show does have some funny moments, and Raven being able to see the future doesn't mean she is reatrded, it just adds to the plot. This show is great.
  • Fantastic!!!! :)

    I have never been a big fan of Disney's shows untill I saw 'That's so Raven'. This show is fab-u-lus! Raven-Symone makes this show so much fun. That cast is great and the scripts wont leave you saying 'BORING'. I'm so glad this show was renewed for a 4th season! Cant wait :)
  • This show is totally original. Raven is crazy and hilarious, Chelsea's just plain dumb, and Eddy is, well, he's just there I guess. LOL, kidding. Eddy's pretty cool as well.

    I admire girls who don't mind acting crazy on tv. Most girls want to act in shows that would make them popular at school or show off how hot they are, but Raven and Chelsea (Anneliese) aren't like that. They have wacky schemes and they get into trouble all the time. Falling into cake, having to eat cheese melting from a heating vent, getting messy and looking totally hideous on television is just what they do. Cory is a trouble maker, and all he sees is just $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Raven's parents are pretty cool - strict yet fun. As for Eddy, he's short. lol fine, I'll stop critisizing Eddy. He's a cool dude who gets annoyed everytime Chelsea says something stupid, and everytime Raven makes him the guinea pig for her crazy experiments. Agree?
  • Classic Disney.

    This show is one of the older Disney shows that were just great, though I like shows on present day Disney, the shows that were on when Thats So Raven were on have been the best. This show was the first one to bring some sort of magic to Disney, which Wizards of Waverly Place finished the job. This show just has so many aspects to it that it is hard not to love it. Some of the episodes also have real world messages in it that other Disney shows don't, like smoking. It is also the first show to have it's own spin off, Cory in the House. So this is an Awesome show.
  • BEST Show Ever In Disney History :)

    I love That's So Raven! The show is hilarious! Raven is pretty & funny! Chelsea is dumb, but she can be real smart in her ways and that's cool :) Eddie makes me laugh a lot! Cory cracks me up talking about Raven xD This show is just great! I loved this show along with the old disney :) Now all they have is "Austin & Ally , ANT Farm, Shake It Up, Good Luck Charlie!" -.-

    I mean the rest are cool, but "Austin & Ally" needs to be canceled! Anyway That's So Raven, the best show ever! Who could possibly not agree? :D
  • Oh snap!

    I miss thats so raven :(!

    Omg where do i begin?! They are the most professional actors on earth. They know how to act and how to behave to fit their role, they don't go overboard and try to be maniacs like ant farm and jessie. This generation was real shows! I really miss Hannah Montana, Suite Life, Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven and the rest of the amazing shows. This show will always be the bomb!
  • what happen to my fav show!

    i used to really love this show. this was the type of show i would just sit back and watch every morning and enjoy.when they had a finale i was devestated and mad that one fo my childhood shows was gone.
  • man i hate disney

    i luv this show and disney is so stupid this was the most exsicting show on all disney and they stop making more episodes like wow you know they should stop making one of any shows on disney and make more episode of raven i would be so happy thumbs up if you agree
  • A great show that should be brought back.

    This show is amazing, it's about a teenage girl named Raven Baxter who can see into the future, with a limited list of people who know this. Her best friends, Chelsea Daniels and Eddie Thomas are always there for her if she gets into crazy situations. As well as her family, which includes Victor, her dad. Tanya, her mom. And Cory, her brother. I thought this show was really great, and Disney Channel should bring it back or make a spin-off with Raven. They were originally to do that, but they did made one based on Cory instead, which is also good. Disney should've made the Better Days spin-off, because its new idea (Hannah Montana) was retarded and I hate that show! Hopefully there might be a new sitcom based on Raven when Cory in the House ends, you might never know. But this was a really great show that I always watch when I can. Home Improvement is a little better though, but still a really great show.

  • Loved it! Laughed at every episode!

    This was one of Disney's greatest shows ever! I Laughed at every episode I'm actually satisfied that it has 100 episodes, In My Opinion that's already a lot . I Love the Cast! They are very talented! They are amazing actors/actresses! and singers too!! It's nice too see how they struggle in high school and how they struggle on raven's visions and how to prevent/solve it from happening! The humor is so funny! and I love the Big Sister-Little brother relationship between cory and raven! But However I do have negative points in this show. It's weird how raven's mom just "Disappeared" and how raven directly went to fashion college leading cory and his dad alone in washington. but I still love it!
  • you all need to chill out

    that's so raven is a light-hearted show that isn't to be taken so seriously. you people who criticize the show so badly and have such passionate hate towards it are really closed-minded and can't just take it for what it is. it's a cute, good-humored, random (which i love) show played on DISNEY channel for god's sake. it's not destined for an emmy. but the actors are good for the characters they're supposed to be playing. so if you people don't like the show or actores then don't watch it, and keep your harsh opinions to yourself.
  • "That's So Raven" is a Disney Channel series about an otherwise ordinary San Francisco teen named Raven Baxter who occasionally has "visions", or sudden clips of the future that she sees.

    I love and miss this incredibly unique and hilarious show. I didn't even start watching it religiously until the beginning of the summer, but already I have probably seen about a third of all of the episodes. "That's So Raven" is as I said earlier, unique (have you ever heard of a show like this?) and hilarious (with Raven's frequent mishaps do to her "visions"). At the same time, however, it is serious and educational, in the way that it tackles real issues such as racism, weight, feeling beautiful in your own body, fitting in, and many other problems that teenagers face in their everyday lives. Also, I love all of the main characters, especially the ditsy vegetarian environmentalist, Chelsea. Chelsea is so sweet and funny. I'm glad they made a spin-off of this show because I would miss the storyline too much if they didn't!
  • OMG I Luv this show, especially Raven Chealse And Eddie LOL if you want to find more about this hit TV show and my review please the following review below.

    the hit TV show starts with a phycic girl named Raven, whenever something bad is about to happen she always gets phycic visions about whats about to happen, then of course she try's to change what she saw in her vision... my personal Favourite episode is when Raven's brother (i can't remember his name how sad is that)find's what a powerful source that a creet card bring ETC. It is soooooo sooooooo awesome!!! lol random much. anyway if you dont already watch this show then turn on the TV damnit and if you do congrats u want a medal or a show bag for that one?
  • This show is very funny. That's So Raven is a great teen show, and even for younger kids and adults. Thats So Raven covers a lot of topics and hard lessons threwout the series. This show has surpassed the popular Lizzie McGuire, so you know this show is g

    That's So Raven is a great comedy show that will knock your socks off. That's So Raven covers important life lessons and always end in morals. This show is about Raven a teenage girl that has Pshyic power and going threw High School with her two best friends Chelsea and Eddie which she does some crazy things such as dressing as a plumber to spy on her bff, or dressing as her mother just to go to a Parent teacher conference, either way this show will may you laugh at least once a day. This is an great show, and is aired on the popular Disney Channel.
  • I Miss Watching This

    I wish it was still on air!
  • This was one of the longest surviving good live-action shows Disney had, it really needs to be brought back now to replace some mediocre live-action shows Disney has now.

    I love That's So Raven! Disney should bring this show back, I mean, it was so awesome! Watching Raven and her pals Chelsea and (forgot his name) Was the real actor's name Orlando? Maybe, Its been too long since I last saw this show that's for sure. Well I watched some Disney Channel today and I saw that last cool episode produced for this show which features Cory being falsely accused of smoking some cigarettes, where it is actually one of his friends (who is a girl.) At least I think this show ended with a great episode that was glimering with a golden life lesson being taught about the horrors of smoking and drugs. And it is also wise not to do it and to give in to peer pressure, don't smoke or do any form of drug, not even once otherwise you might get addicted to it. Well hey not only was that episode great but this is a great show in general, I wish it could be brought back, there was so many awesome episodes! (I don't think i even saw all of them.) Good thing there's reruns... Raven Simone is so cool! I also think her friends are awesome! This show also has very likeable and golden characters/actors. This show shall live on in our memories! (And back to the smoking episode: Like Raven said: Better on the floor than in your lungs. Cory: Yeah, that's for sure!) Those I think were golden lines too. I also thought the Juicer was awesome! Its a shame this show had to end so... suddenly... Looks like this show moved to Cory in the House, the downfall is i myself don't think its as good.
  • The show was about Raven who forsaw the future and attempted to change it.She would drag her friends in the situations she'd get herself into.

    This was the best show Disney Channel ever aired! The shows about a teen psychic named Raven,who sees the future and tries to prevent it. Along the way Raven gets her friends involved in whatever she is doing, she also dressed up in various disguises. The show was laugh out loud funny and hilarious, it had everything. The writing and characters were unbelievable, there was so mush comedy in this show. The plot was the ideas the characters faced in every episode were outstanding and always taught an important lesson.Too bad the show ended, but it's still in reruns, and that's just as good.
  • this was filled with laughs for the entire famiy to watch, bring it back!!

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    bring this show back!!
  • An excellent show!

    That's So Raven is a pretty good show. The stories are interesting and pretty funny to watch. I think it's hilarious watching Raven having visions that interfere with her life. Raven Symone, Anneleise, Orlando Brown and all of the other actors were the perfect ones for their roles on the show. I think that it honestly sucks that this show got canned and replaced with that dreadful Cory in the House, since it'll never be as good as this show. Overall, this is one of the greatest shows Disney Channel ever made, and it got canned way before its time.
  • The best show on Disney Channel!!

    I luv That's So Raven it was a great show it! I wish it didn't end but all good things come to a end and the actors wanted to o their own things i wish they had made a That's So Raven movie but it never happend That's So Raven will always be the best show on Disney no matter if new shows contiue to come on TSR is and always will be the best show on Disney. I loved Raven and Devon together that was the ulitiment best thing that happend on That's So Raven I love them together their soo cute!
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