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  • Original and intellectual

    Love it so much
  • One of the greatest shows on the entire planet!

    I need to be straight-up honest: Seasons 1 & 2 were the only ones I like, the last two seasons... well they kinda disappoint me. But at least I know this show is one of the most unforgettable in the entire universe.
  • Thats So Raven Sucks

    That's So Raven really isn't that great of a show! The new Disney shows are WAY better than the old ones!
  • We Need More Shows Like That's So Raven

    That's So Raven is so funny! I don't understand why anyone would hate this show. WAY better than today's disney channel crap. I wish there were re-runs of this show....
  • Oh snap!

    I miss thats so raven :(!
  • the greatest show ever that came on Disney

    Great show, That's so Raven was by far the best . show in Disney history, what ever crap they put on Disney Channel, enjoyable and well I think Raven Symone should reproduce more Disney shows.
  • I Just Had A Vision

    Wouldn't it be amazing if Disney cancelled all their new crap shows and put the old ones one again? That's So Raven is a show I'll never forget because it's it wasn't the same every episode like some shows on Disney. DISNEY BRING THIS BACK!
  • Raven77 doing review 157 on a show about a character called Raven

    An old Disney show that felt really funny to watch. I enjoed most of the episodes and characters and I really do wish quality could go back up on Disney Channel since it has been stale for a while.
  • Cool Tv Show!!

    That's so Raven is one of the best show Disney had ever created compared to the new shows they does theses days. I love it and I am still rewatching.. <3..

    Omg where do i begin?! They are the most professional actors on earth. They know how to act and how to behave to fit their role, they don't go overboard and try to be maniacs like ant farm and jessie. This generation was real shows! I really miss Hannah Montana, Suite Life, Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven and the rest of the amazing shows. This show will always be the bomb!
  • Only have 2 words to say!

    I only have 2 words to say: OH SNAP!
  • I miss this!

    I so miss this show!!!! I used to watch it all the time! Raven is so hilarious! "You Favorite line from her :) that's so raven will be forever remembered!
  • Oh my god, how can people like this show.

    The acting was horrible, and it was by far the most boring show on the planet.
  • BEST Show Ever In Disney History :)

    I love That's So Raven! The show is hilarious! Raven is pretty & funny! Chelsea is dumb, but she can be real smart in her ways and that's cool :) Eddie makes me laugh a lot! Cory cracks me up talking about Raven xD This show is just great! I loved this show along with the old disney :) Now all they have is "Austin & Ally , ANT Farm, Shake It Up, Good Luck Charlie!" -.-

    I mean the rest are cool, but "Austin & Ally" needs to be canceled! Anyway That's So Raven, the best show ever! Who could possibly not agree? :D
  • great!


    this austin and ally and the other new ones suck!
  • what happen to my fav show!

    i used to really love this show. this was the type of show i would just sit back and watch every morning and enjoy.when they had a finale i was devestated and mad that one fo my childhood shows was gone.
  • It was a cool show

    I actually had a spot for this in my heart. Some where......
  • Fun entertainment for when I'm bored.....

    I think that's so raven is a great comedy for everybody to enjoy. It gives me a lot of laughs and joy. my favourite characters have to be Raven and Chelsea because they both crack me up!

  • A bubbly character to see...

    Raven is a very well written character every time I come across this show. Her natural spirit kind of makes her a natural star, despite her having her own show at such a young age. She is talented, gorgeous, a sweet pea (perfect for your child or for overall youth to see), and the scenes are refreshing as she is surrounded by great friends and classmates. It's fun, fashionable, and exciting to see! Go Raven!
  • A teenage show but actually very good!

    That's So Raven is the only good show for teens which everybody should watch and not that crap like Lizzie McGuire Hannah Montanna Drake and Josh Zoey 101 and Unfabulous it is about a girl which is actually very funny named Raven(same name as that girl in Teen Titans) has problems especially really funny and Drake and Josh takes the Mickey out of this by the retarded crying and stuff but in this show it's hilarous watch this show instead of the other teenage crap it's good and one of the greatest comedies.
  • Missing the old Disney

    Disney are losing it, 1 of my Fav programmes ever and it will always remind me of my child hood all the way! (btw why waste your time giving it a bad review )
  • I Miss Watching This

    I wish it was still on air!
  • man i hate disney

    i luv this show and disney is so stupid this was the most exsicting show on all disney and they stop making more episodes like wow you know they should stop making one of any shows on disney and make more episode of raven i would be so happy thumbs up if you agree
  • Man this is...


    why Disney channel just keeps getting worse. That's So Raven was great but it lead to the 2007 downfall. This and Hanna Montanah turned into Wizards Of Waverly Place which lead to Sonny With A Chance with lead to So Random! which lead to ANT Farm. You could just see the shows getting worse and worse as time went on. It's like going down a ladder.

  • Classic Disney.

    This show is one of the older Disney shows that were just great, though I like shows on present day Disney, the shows that were on when Thats So Raven were on have been the best. This show was the first one to bring some sort of magic to Disney, which Wizards of Waverly Place finished the job. This show just has so many aspects to it that it is hard not to love it. Some of the episodes also have real world messages in it that other Disney shows don't, like smoking. It is also the first show to have it's own spin off, Cory in the House. So this is an Awesome show.
  • Best disney show ever!

    This show is the best disney show ever! I miss the show! it was funny and sweet and enjoyable to watch! I love love loved this show! it needed a proper ending then just being canceled! I was sooo happy when Cory in the House came on but that didn't last long at all! my favorite episode is when they get turned into cows! that was awesome! man do i miss this show. I would be happy with rerunds but noooooo they have to take it off completly! and i hate it!!!! all my childhood shows are disapearing one by one! :(
  • The last Great Disney Channel sitcom before Hannah Montana

    Hannah Montana ruined Disney Channel and of course,we have It's a Laugh Productions making horrendous sitcoms on Disney Channel. However,this show was basically Disney's last good sitcom. That's So Raven is about a teenage girl named Raven Baxter who goes through life with her friends and family. However,she has a power to see the future,and tries to prevent it from happening. Now,this wasn't made by It's a Fail,I mean,Laugh productions. This is made by another company,Which I'm glad because they will ruin it. The characters are all not morons,they are all funny. Raven is not such a selfish brat and can be funny at times,her friends Chelsea and Eddie were also great. I never got into Chelsea that much,but Eddie was hilrailous,however,he's the reason why this show was cancelled,because the actor playing him did drugs. Stupid celebrities these days. Cory was always my favorite character,but was the spin-off was bad. The parents are not so over protective and had humerous moments. Not to mention Raven's catchphrase" Oh snap" which is very funny. And some of Raven's moments like getting attacked by a Venus Fly Trap,disguising as her friends sculpture because she broke it or skating a long rail were funny also. And this show doesn't have that stupid laugh track playing at the jokes that are not funny,which I'm glad. However,Hannah Montana took this show's place and It's A Laugh Productions took place in every single Disney sitcom. I wish did would last longer than 5 years. Bring this and Phill of the Future back,Disney Channel!
  • This show is ok


    This show is not good enough to get above a 6. It was a funny show but sometimes you couldent even tell what was going on in the episode This show was very confusing. This show was also boreing. The positive thing about this show is you can watch it when nothing else is on tv.

  • What the classification says.

    I originally gave this show a 6/10 but thought I was being way too generous. First off it is seen on a terrible teen channel with lots of bad teen shows. Second off the acting is extremely cheesy and over the top and this show has a lot of corny humour. However every bit of the show's comedy is so overdone it may actually manage to get a chuckle or two. Then again I haven't watched it in a while. I was about 11 or 12 the last time I watched it and thinking back it really wasn't that good. Just like with Disney's other shows I doubt I'd be able to stomach it now.
  • I used to love this show so much!

    This used to be one of my favorite shows! I remember that every Saturday morning I would come downstairs as fast as I could to watch it. I could name almost every episode and every character! I used to love it so much!

    That's So Raven is basically about a teenager named Raven that has powers to see into the future. She lives with her nutty family and has crazy friends. I guess you could compare to about every other show that's now airing on Disney channel. Actually, I think it's That's So Raven that started the trend.

    Anyway, I used to think it was an awesome show and I still do. But... there is a slight difference in quality from the older shows to the newer ones and therefore I'm glad it ended. Shows aren't meant to go on forever and obviously the creators had enough sense to end it before the show got any worse. Sure, I miss That's So Raven but I can't even imagine what would have happened if the show went on. The actors were getting old, the actor that played Raven's mom moved on... it was defiantly time for the show to end.

    Overall, That's So Raven is a great show. If you can ever get your hands on a DVD or two of it, don't hesitate to try it out. That's So Raven was a great show!