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  • I used to love this show so much!

    This used to be one of my favorite shows! I remember that every Saturday morning I would come downstairs as fast as I could to watch it. I could name almost every episode and every character! I used to love it so much!

    That's So Raven is basically about a teenager named Raven that has powers to see into the future. She lives with her nutty family and has crazy friends. I guess you could compare to about every other show that's now airing on Disney channel. Actually, I think it's That's So Raven that started the trend.

    Anyway, I used to think it was an awesome show and I still do. But... there is a slight difference in quality from the older shows to the newer ones and therefore I'm glad it ended. Shows aren't meant to go on forever and obviously the creators had enough sense to end it before the show got any worse. Sure, I miss That's So Raven but I can't even imagine what would have happened if the show went on. The actors were getting old, the actor that played Raven's mom moved on... it was defiantly time for the show to end.

    Overall, That's So Raven is a great show. If you can ever get your hands on a DVD or two of it, don't hesitate to try it out. That's So Raven was a great show!
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