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Disney Channel (ended 2007)





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  • The last Great Disney Channel sitcom before Hannah Montana

    Hannah Montana ruined Disney Channel and of course,we have It's a Laugh Productions making horrendous sitcoms on Disney Channel. However,this show was basically Disney's last good sitcom. That's So Raven is about a teenage girl named Raven Baxter who goes through life with her friends and family. However,she has a power to see the future,and tries to prevent it from happening. Now,this wasn't made by It's a Fail,I mean,Laugh productions. This is made by another company,Which I'm glad because they will ruin it. The characters are all not morons,they are all funny. Raven is not such a selfish brat and can be funny at times,her friends Chelsea and Eddie were also great. I never got into Chelsea that much,but Eddie was hilrailous,however,he's the reason why this show was cancelled,because the actor playing him did drugs. Stupid celebrities these days. Cory was always my favorite character,but was the spin-off was bad. The parents are not so over protective and had humerous moments. Not to mention Raven's catchphrase" Oh snap" which is very funny. And some of Raven's moments like getting attacked by a Venus Fly Trap,disguising as her friends sculpture because she broke it or skating a long rail were funny also. And this show doesn't have that stupid laugh track playing at the jokes that are not funny,which I'm glad. However,Hannah Montana took this show's place and It's A Laugh Productions took place in every single Disney sitcom. I wish did would last longer than 5 years. Bring this and Phill of the Future back,Disney Channel!
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