That's So Raven

Season 2 Episode 3

Run Raven Run

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Nov 14, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Raven tries to avoid Alana after making her get paint in her hair. Meanwhile, Victor, Cory and William get chicken pox.

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  • Raven tries to avoid her ex-best friend Alana when Raven accidently knocked Alana into bucket of blue paint.

    I liked this episode mos def. wasn't the best but it was funny. first, it's the beginning of a new year and Raven's goin' to the 10th grade and chelsea and raven are playin' this game to catch the perfect guy and Raven sees a cute guy that passed by Chelsea tells Raven that the guy is Devon Carter a guy Raven didn't like because he had braces and nasty zits on his face but now all of a sudden she has a crush on chelsea ask raven if she's gonna "go for it" and she of course says she will go for it then that's when she bumps into her ex-best friend Alana who's mad at Raven because she got the role of playin'the tooth fairy in tthe 4th grade play, after that Alana sees Devon Carter the guy Raven was checkin' out and alana goes after Devon makin' Raven a little jealous and y'all kno' the rest of the episode. this is the first apperance of the fine and sexy rapper lil'J.moreless
  • Not really my favorite and we learned that no matter we do our problems will keep chasing us!!!!

    Not really my favorite and we learned that no matter we do our problems will keep chasing us!!!! That is very important I am just trying to give a valuable lesson well that is all I can say it is just not much working for me there was just no flare!!
  • I thought it was funny but not the best

    I well tried episode but the show has had tons better Raven has a vission of Alana(the school bully) getting hurt so she tries to save her but ends up getting paint all over her and makeing her mad then when she tries to make up with her gets gum in her haid but heres that Alana is planing to get her back so she slips something on her so they know where she is and run from her I didn't care for it to much but it does have lots of funny partsmoreless
  • Loved it

    Okay, so Raven is enemies with a girl in her school named Alana, they used to be best friends until 4th grade when Raven got a part in the school play. So Raven has a vision and she see's that Alana is going to get hit by a television, so while the television almost hit's Alana, Raven knock Alana out the way, but things got crazy when Alana got knocked in paint and her hair got messed up.

    Meanwhile, Cory, Victor, and William has the chicken poks.

    This episode was one of the best episodes of Season 2. It was so funny. This episode was funny, because how when they all try to become friends again, Chelsea messes it up and tell's Alana that Raven put the paint in Alana, so everybody that tried to become friends again is shocked, because they would never think that Raven did that. Especially Alana, she was very very shocked. And William, Cory, and Victor cracked me up because they kept scratching with aything such as, fruit, vegtables, and cooking utensils. Also, Raven learned a lesson that you can still become friends with people even if you had differences in the past. And she followed her dad's word when e said you have to deal with it and she tried to become friends with Alana again, but it just didn't work out.moreless

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    • (after Alana gets hit by the cart)
      Raven: You see, I didn't save you this time, cause I thought this time was last time, and I saved you last time cause I thought this time was this time, but I guess it wasn't.
      Muffy: If Alana were concious right now, she'd say what?

    • Alana: Ooh, break me off a piece of that!
      Loca: What do you want me to break?!
      Alana: Chill Loca. It means I like him. (to Raven) Which means you can't have him.
      (Alana walks away with Devon)
      Raven: Sneaky boyfriend stealer!
      Loca: What'd you say about Alana?
      Raven: I said, schneaky schnoyliend schnealer. It means don't hurt me in German. Please.
      (Loca walks away)
      Chelsea: You know what Rae, Alana may be a schneaky schnoyliend schnealer, but you will always be the Tooth Fairy.

    • Raven: I am not backing down Alana. The only reason I pushed you yesterday was to help you out.
      Alana: (scoffs).
      Muffy: Alana says (scoffs).

    • Cory: Okay stop! Now look to your left.
      Raven: What is he talking about? There's nothing here but a candy machine.
      Cory: Now, put in fifty cents and get Cory something sweet.
      Raven: How would Cory like a sugar-coated foot upside his head?

    • Muffy: Hello, My Hair Lady? It' Muffy. Clear a chair, we're coming in! (squeals)

    • Alana: You only got that part, because you were a kissup.

    • Raven: (with a Jersey accent) As we say in Jersey, accidents happen.

    • Raven: (with a Jersey accent) Now, alls I'm saying is, sometimes you gotta take the high road and forget Raven. I mean, you-knows-whos for yous-knows-whats.

    • Alana: Hey Raven. Do you know what time it is? A quarter past payback.
      Chelsea: Really? Mine only says ten past.

    • Alana: What is this?
      Raven: (pretending to be a hair dresser) Darling, Wednesdays are free facials. Free facials.

    • Eddie: Hello ladies, looks like we got a party going on here.
      Muffy: Uh, do we know you?
      Eddie: Eddie Thomas, but you can call me E.T. because my rap is out of this world!
      Loca: Funny, I like you! (punches Eddie)
      Eddie: (laughs uneasily) I like you too!
      Loca: You better!

    • Eddie: I think I got a new girlfriend, and I'm scared.

    • Chelsea: All that running for nothing.

    • Raven: (to the receptionist at My Hair Lady) Hi, I'm trying to find Alana to apologize for something I did at school. I got paint all...You don't care do you?

    • Raven: I was trying to do the right thing.
      Chelsea: And you did Rae, you did. It just, you know, turned out horribly wrong.

    • William: You mean girls? Just hearing the word makes be itchy.
      Cory: Okay, you going to have to stop that cause you making me itchy.

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    • Eddie: Eddie Thomas, but you can call me E.T. because my rap is out of this world.

      E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was a 1981 movie about an alien that gets stranded on Earth.