That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 15

Saturday Afternoon Fever

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 11, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Raven has to spend time with her mother while she tries to go out with this guy named Ricky. Meanwhile, Cory has to watch a BORING movie and how will he survive?

    Hilarious episode! In this episode, Raven has to spend time with her mother but she tries to get out of this by coming up with a reason but who knew she finds her WHOLE FAMILY at the place she wants to spend time with a guy named Ricky!!!! It was pretty funny to see how Raven managed to get lots of invitations from her school mates to hang out during the weekend and how she said no by screaming!!!! Raven wanted to actually watch a movie with Ricky which Eddie happened to be watching the movie with but she then had to watch a movie with her mother instead!! Also, Cory had to spend time with her father as well thanks to Raven and they had to watch a movie with Bunny people?? What the hell is that kind of movie suppose to be?? Even the father had fell asleep during the movie and they went to watch the movie that Eddie and Ricky were watching and boy they enjoyed it!! He even tried to reason by saying of lies that the movie should not be showing as well!! But the main thing is that Raven should have spended time with her mother! I mean come on, Raven had to ask Eddie to watch the movie with her instead and even the mother didn't even know that, instead she kept saying how glad she was Raven watched the movie with her! Luckily she did it in the end at the last part of the episode while Cory and Mr. Baxter suffered in the end because of the romance movie!!! This just shows well spending time with your Mum is not so bad after all!!

    Final rating: 8.0 to 8.5
    Final Grade: A
  • I think this episode refers to what mothers do to their never-around teenage children in real-life.

    In this episode, Tanya feels as if she's not spending enough time with Raven. So she plans to go somewhere with her on Saturday. Raven is okay with this since she has nothing to do on Saturday, until she finds out Eddie and Ricky are going to the cinema on the same day. So in order to get away from her mother, Raven lies about failing English and having to go to the library all afternoon to study it. So when she goes to the cinema, she finds her entire family there! This episode was really funny and enjoyed it a lot. My favorite parts was when Raven sees her family at the cinema and she says "Hey, family..." LOL! And I also liked when Victor said "I wish someone would get beaten up in this thing." ROTFL! It's too bad Chelsea wasn't in it again, but this episode was not near bad on my rating scale!

  • This would probably be one of the best performances of the first season!

    I totally loved this episode this episode really rocks my world and mind drives me insane I really like the part where Raven inserted herself in Eddie's jacket and Eddie was the one who takes control of Raven's hand and the best part is the tissue her face looks so silly ha ha ha!
  • mothers

    Raven's mother wants to spend quality time with her at the movies. Meanwhile, Cory and Victor has to see a G-rated movie, which turns out to be boring.

    Every mother wants to spend quality time with their children. They want to do this to make sure their life is going good.
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