That's So Raven - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • 9/24/04
    Alana and her crew get on Raven's last nerve, causing her to overreact in class and flunk a test. In order to avoid being suspended, she must make peace with Alana. To do so, she invites Alana over to a slumber party. But when she has a vision of an earthquake, things get pretty weird. Meanwhile, Victor gives Eddie driving lessons, which don't go too well when an officer pulls them over.moreless
  • 9/17/04
    Raven and Chelsea get job's at The Chill Grill to pay for a ski trip, and they don't do too well on the first day. Meanwhile, Cory tries to stop William from having a clown at his birthday party at The Chill Grill.
  • Numb and Numb-er
    Episode 20
    Cory is scared to go to the dentist when Raven has a vision of him needing a filling. Meanwhile, Victor, Chelsea and Eddie come up with ideas for a commercial for The Chill Grill.
  • The Lying Game
    Episode 19
    Chaos ensues when Raven is assigned as a teacher's aid to her little brother's class. Meanwhile, Eddie tries to sell Tanya and Victor a new couch, and Chelsea puts her police detective skills to the test.
  • 7/30/04
    A talent scout comes to Bayside, everyone has reason to sing, except for one thing, the talent scout is dressed in disguise. Meanwhile, Cory looks for Victor and Tanya's embarrassing performance tape.
  • The Dating Shame
    Episode 17
    Raven and Chelsea go on a TV show called "TermiDate" to win a date with a boy named Chad. Meanwhile, Cory lies to Tanya and Victor to stay home alone when they say that he is not old enough to stay home alome.
  • Skunk'd
    Episode 16
    Chelsea convinces Raven to go camping with the school's Outdoor Club but Raven really doesn't really rough it, bringing household appliances. Meanwhile, Eddie hires Cory as his manager for him to do a gig.
  • He's Got the Power
    Episode 15
    Eddie gets psychic powers, he brags about it which makes him popular and making Raven mad at him. Meanwhile, Cory gets hooked into this Crime Disco movie, "Undercover Disco Divas".
  • A Goat's Tale
    Episode 14
    Eddie gets tired of Jefferson stealing the Bayside Barracuda, he steals the Jefferson Goat, which eats Raven's concert tickets. Meanwhile, Cory goes worldwide gaming with someone in Hong Kong.
  • Radio Heads
    Episode 13
    Raven and Eddie begin to resent each other over a DJ job. Meanwhile, Cory wants Victor to be "Hip", so he gets him a wig.
  • 6/11/04
    Devon's father is getting re-married, and the Carters are relocating to Seattle, meaning that Raven won't be able to see him anymore. Meanwhile, Cory gets an annoying motion detector alarm.
  • Leave It to Diva
    Episode 11
    Raven gets a "psychic cold", which she has the ability to read minds, just as her grandmother comes, who is planning to get Raven admitted in the junior division of her White Glove Society. Meanwhile, Cory has to take his pet rat, Lionel over to Eddie's, and starts to miss him.moreless
  • Spa Day Afternoon
    Episode 10
    Tanya wants Raven to go the Spa with her, she refuses, until she has a vision of her favorite singer Maisha is going to be there. Meanwhile, Victor has Chelsea, Eddie and Cory trying out his Mother's "Pickled Artichoke Mash Potatoes".
  • Blue in the Face
    Episode 9
    Raven is asked by Devon to go to a Blue Rain concert, her grades keep her from going. Meanwhile, Cory wants to hang out with a "Cool Girl" who makes fun of William's clothes and Victor becomes slightly obsessed with his new paper shredder.
  • 4/9/04
    Raven tries out her creation to be in a model magazine, but is surprised at the results. Meanwhile, Cory sells things to get a "Gameball 2"
  • 3/19/04
    Raven gets invited to a convention for Devon's favorite show she doesn't want to go, but when she has a vision that Devon is nuzzling another girl, Raven, Chelsea and Eddie crash the convention. Meanwhile, since William thinks Cory is psychic thanks to Cory not telling William about Raven's vision about finding William's rabbit Cory goes along with it and hits people up for cash to read people's pets minds.moreless
  • Hearts and Minds
    Episode 6
    When Raven has a vision of Cory getting no valentine she tries to give him tips but they don't work, so Eddie teaches him to rap to get a boost of confidence. Meanwhile, Chelsea has to have her new boyfriend approved by Tanya and Victor since her parents are away and Raven tries to mail a giant Valentines card to Devon.moreless
  • Four's a Crowd
    Episode 5
    Raven goes on her first date with Devon, and grows anxious when she has a vision that he's going to kiss her on the date. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie interrupt Tanya and Victor's night alone with a movie and game night.
  • Clothes Minded
    Episode 4
    Raven tries her best to protest against the new school uniforms, but only Alana, Muffy and Loca join her, so Raven temporarily joins their group, until they want her to help frame Chelsea and Eddie for stealing. Meanwhile, Lionel gets a credit card and Cory goes over the limit with it.moreless
  • Run Raven Run
    Episode 3
    Raven tries to avoid Alana after making her get paint in her hair. Meanwhile, Victor, Cory and William get chicken pox.
  • Don't Have a Cow
    Episode 2
    Alana is having a Halloween party, and Raven wants to go, so she casts a spell to be invited, and it goes through. So she does another one to make her and Chelsea popular but it ends up failing when they accidentally put a " save the cows" button into the pot for the spell, and both of them turn into cows. Meanwhile, Cory thinks he's to old to be trick or treating with Victor.moreless
  • Out of Control
    Episode 1
    Raven pries into Eddie and Chelsea's business after having a vision of the two looking like they're about to kiss. The Baxters prepare for the opening of Victor's restaurant, "The Chill Grill".