That's So Raven - Season 3

Disney Channel (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • The Four Aces
    Episode 35
    Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie are doing community service work for school and they work at a senior citizen home. Meanwhile, Cory is having some issues deciding what to get his girlfriend for his anniversary and Stanley's not helping, because he hustled Cory twice.
  • Vision Impossible
    Episode 34
    Raven keeps on having these strange visions and is wondering what is going on. Dr. Sleevemore said he had a vision that Raven needed him and he came and tried to get to the bottom of her strange visions. Dr. Sleevemore tried to see whether her strange visions were because she falls a lot or doesn't act herself (disguises).moreless
  • Cake Fear
    Episode 33
    Victor has to leave out of town and calls their old babysitter, Ms. Patterson, who got fired after they lied and said Ms. Patterson ate their mom's birthday cake. Ms. Patterson is back and wants revenge on Raven and Cory.
  • Save the Last Dance
    Episode 32
    Raven and Chelsea don't have dates for their junior prom, so Eddie tells the school that they are available. After that, Danny Warren asks Chelsea to go to the prom with her. Then Raven has a vision that she is slow-dancing with a guy and only sees his ear, so Raven goes around trying to find out who the guy in her vision is before the prom. Meanwhile, Cory is studying genetics and finds a hair on his back and when he sees the hair on his dad's back he is afraid he will have a back filled with hair.moreless
  • Goin' Hollywood
    Episode 31
    Cory wins a chance to be on one of his favorite TV shows, but when it is time to film he has trouble remembering his line. Meanwhile, the star of Cory's favorite TV show, Better Days, gets injured while competing when she goes to a public school and cannot perform for the kissing scene.moreless
  • Mr. Perfect
    Episode 30
    Raven looks flaw with her "Perfect" boyfriend, Andre, after having a vision of her telling him they need to break up. Meanwhile, Victor takes Cory's idea and creates a food truck named "Baxter and Son", to help the construction people get what they want to eat, thinking Cory wants to follow his dreams.moreless
  • Food for Thought
    Episode 29
    When the cafeteria is turned into an unhealthy food court, Chelsea tries to convince her friends to protest. Meanwhile, Cory hires a personal assistant to help him with his homework and chores around the house.
  • Country Cousins (2)
    Country Cousins (2)
    Episode 28
    After the cousins leave, Raven and Chelsea are in their room and Chelsea thinks Percy-the scarecrow is looking at her. Then Rae tells the story about Percy again and says its fake, then Chelsea tries to call for a bus ticket back to San Fransisco. When they try to go to sleep, Raven and Chelsea hears a noise inside the house a "OOOOO" sound. They start to get scared and then Percy comes up from the hole and says "GOOO HOOOMEE" and they run outside, then Raven has a vision that Betty Jane put Percy in their room. Angry the next day, Rae decides to put her cellphone under Percy's head on a platter and Chelsea calls her phone, making Percy's head shake. Vicky comes out and gets startled by the head, making the eggs fall on her head and making Betty Jane slip and get a bucket stuck on her head-again. Then Raven says she should have never came in the first place. While upstairs, Raven asks her dad if he took it, with Chelsea on "Hole Patrol", and he screams. Then as Raven is walking, she falls into the hole, waking Baby-G. She then has a vision that Delroy is thanking Raven for bringing the family together, while holding the gravy boat. Raven asks if they can stay for lunch and Auntie Faye says yeah. During lunch, they get mad again about the Gravy Boat and then they start accusing each other then Delroy says he put the Boat on the porch to dry. Raven then remembers that her and Betty Jane buried it in a game of "Buried Treasure". That's when Delroy thanks Raven for bringing the family back together. Later, the Cousins come to stay with the Baxters for 3 weeks. Meanwhile, Eddie has to cover for Cory when he comes home late. Then Cory tries to sneak out when he has to do his homework before he can leave.moreless
  • 0.0
    Raven has problems reconnecting with her country cousins. Cory gets angry with Eddie when Eddie refuses to cover for him again.
  • Country Cousins (1)
    Country Cousins (1)
    Episode 27
    The double episode finds Raven venturing to the countryside, in an attempt to reconcile her side of the family with her cousins. Unfortunately, Raven's city slicker mentality upsets the natural balance on the farm.
  • 0.0
    Raven tries to reunite with her country cousins. When Eddie babysits, Cory takes advantage and sneaks out to the mall.
  • Point of No Return
    Episode 26
    Raven needs a new Scientific Calculator for Trigonometry in school which costs $100. She buys a shirt instead to wear to a party. Meanwhile, Cory is freaking out because he has to go shopping with his dad and Cory feels he's too old to be shopping with his father.
  • The Grill Next Door
    Episode 25
    Raven attempts to stop her vision of the Chill Grill going out of business from coming true, after her dad's rival, Leonard Stevenson, opens a new restaurant next door.
  • Extreme Cory
    Episode 24
    As Cory practices his skate moves on his new skateboard, Raven ridicules him. Then when Raven asks for money for concert tickets, Victor explains that until she starts showing some support for her brother, she can forget about the tickets. When Raven has a vision of Cory getting hurt she dresses up as an extreme skater and gets herself into some steep staircase trouble. Chelsea films Eddie for a project, but keeps missing the exciting things that happen to him.moreless
  • Too Much Pressure
    Episode 23
    Raven is so determined to meet Pressure, her favorite R&B superstar, that she scams Cory into taking dance lessons so she can get close to him. After having a vision that she is in Pressure's video, Cory learns that she scammed him, and with a little help from Pressure, decides to get even with her because she sank so low just to satisfy herself. In the meantime, Victor and Eddie and trying to install a new satellite dish.moreless
  • When in Dome
    Episode 22
    Chelsea's friend from Camp Waccamosh visits and it seems to Raven that Jennifer is taking over Chelsea. Meanwhile, Cindy passes Cory a note during class because she has to talk to Cory about seeing him on the weekend. For advice, Cory goes to Eddie about what to do and what it means.moreless
  • Chef-Man and Raven
    Episode 21
    Victor competes against his cookery college rival in the show Challenge Captain Cook-off but doesn't actually want to. Raven though has a vision of what the food they have to cook will be, so will they get a head start? Meanwhile, Cory and his mom set up a new desk and get stuck on the stairs!moreless
  • Mismatch Maker
    Episode 20
    Raven tries to get Eddie and Chantel back together for the basketball dinner. Meanwhile, Cory finds a dog that followed him home from school.
  • Hizzouse Party
    Episode 19
    Cory tricks Raven into throwing a party while Victor and Tanya are out of town.
  • Mind Your Own Business
    After Raven, Chelsea and Eddie win a group challenge at the Future Leaders United in Business meeting, they must compete against each other for the grand prize which is a shopping spree at the mall. Vowing to keep the rivalry friendly, the competition nearly gets the best of them. Meanwhile, Cory doesn't want to share his new hot tub with Victor.moreless
  • Mind Your Business
    Episode 18
    Raven, Eddie, & Chelsea set up competing businesses at school. Also, Cory buys a hot tub, then can't get Victor out of it.
  • 4/29/05
    Raven and Chelsea are tired of giving Eddie money so he can treat his girlfriend. But they don't think that will lead him to steal from the student store-until Raven has a vision, anyway. Meanwhile, Cory pretends to be bad at math to get tutored by a pretty teacher.
  • On Top of Old Oaky
    Episode 16
    When Chelsea finally meets a guy she think she likes, she begins to take full interest in him. Him being the perfect guy, a vegetarian and a person that disagrees with the fact that people kill animals, gives Chelsea no reason to distrust him. But when Raven has a vision of Jake actually eating ribs, she tries her best, along with Eddie, to prove to Chelsea that Jake's a fake.moreless
  • Gettin' Outta Dodge
    Episode 15
    Raven, accidentally hits Bianca with a dodgeball, it actually has a chane of personality affect on her afterwards. But problems really start to align, when Loca and Muffy want Raven as their leader, leaving everyone else to believe Raven has become just as bad as Bianca. Meanwhile, Cory, begins to get jealous after Larry starts to spend more time with, his father. So in turn, he starts to take time out to spend, with Barbara, Larry's mother.moreless
  • Boyz 'N Commotion
    Episode 14
    When Boyz In Motion stay at Raven's house, she convinces them to stay away from the business and the fans. Meanwhile, Tanya is tired of cleaning up the Boyz mess while staying there, so Cory decides to collect the trash and sell it on the internet.
  • Art Breaker
    Episode 13
    After accidentally breaking Chelsea's sculpture, Raven has to pose as the work of art. Meanwhile, Cory and William sell pop in Milk Cartons after the school bans Pop Machines.
  • The Royal Treatment
    Episode 12
    After Raven helps a student from getting picked on, he starts to give her strange gifts, such as feathers and a dress. He then invites her to a party, but come to find out, Tanya, was doing research on it, and Raven was on her way to her wedding. Meanwhile, Lionel wins a rat competition and a rat photographer wants to give Cory money for Lionel.moreless
  • Dog Day After-Groom
    Episode 11
    When Raven and Eddie get jobs as Dog-Groomers, they accidentally dye the champion dog bright pink. Meanwhile, Victor takes knitting as a hobby to relax, Cory decides to sell the things he makes.
  • True Colors
    Episode 10
    When Raven and Chelsea apply for jobs at the local mall, Chelsea does bad, but Raven on the other hand, does extremely well. But in the end Chelsea gets the job instead of Raven. They wonder why, until Raven has a vision that the boss didn't hire her because she was black. Meanwhile, Cory must do a report on an icon in Black History.moreless
  • The Big Buzz
    Episode 9
    It is time for the awards at Bayside High School and every year someone wins Best Dressed category and Raven comes in second place. This year Raven guarantees that she is going to win Best Dressed with the help of the school counselor, Ms. Romano.
  • 1/7/05
    When a new guy at school, mistakes Raven for an athlete at school, Raven pretends to be her, to win his heart over. Meanwhile, Cory tries to create a new look, with glasses, to impress the girl he likes, Cindy.
  • Double Vision
    Episode 7
    When Chelsea falls for a new guy at school Raven has a vision, of her kissing him. So she tries her best to stay away from him, but when she finds out he's psychic, a problem develops and she's forced to morph powers with him. Meanwhile, Cory is tying it down with his new girlfriend, Cindy, but the problem is, to make it official, he must kiss her.moreless
  • Sweeps
    Episode 6
    The City Of San Fransico has a national play every year, for 37 years. This time, it's the Baxter's time to plan it. Everything is going fine, until Raven has a vision of the crowd leaving at the play. This causes her to go to another level. She begans to take over, Tanya's job as director and directs the play to her own effect. But Raven, still has the same vision of people leaving, so she thinks it may be because of something she hadnt already covered. So she still directs everyone's jobs, forcing them to call a meeting about her. Raven finds out about the meeting and questions everyone. But then, she has another vision again, of the play failing, so this time, her directing drives the cast to actually quitting. While at the play, Raven finds herself in a one-woman show, doing all the parts. Since everyone left, that is kind of hard for her. She realizes that she messed up dearly, and so the old cast comes back and helps her. They all perform the rest of the play and all is well again.moreless
  • 12/3/04
    Cory gets sucked into a world of peer pressure, after his friends lead him into stealing from a local mall. But when Raven has a vision, of actually catching him doing it again, she must dress up as a sercurity guard to stop him. Meanwhile, Eddie and Chelsea win a prize, and try to figure out who gets it first.moreless
  • 11/19/04
    Raven and Chelsea's plans for an all day movie marathon are ruined when Eddie has to bring his annoying neighbor, Stanley, who still has hots for Raven. Meanwhile, Cory, Victor, and Eddie all lose their valuables to Stanley in Ping Pong. Chelsea decides to play him for all their stuff back.moreless
  • Opportunity Shocks
    Episode 3
    Victor is having a business entrepeneur, Presto Jones, have a birthday party at the Chill Grill and Raven, Cory, and Victor want to show their ideas to him so they can get money. Raven cannot get her ideas for Presto Jones correct because Sierra and a new kid, Stanley, keep on bothering her.moreless
  • Stark Raven Mad
    Episode 2
    Raven gets a new neighbor next door called Sierra who always wants to be with Raven. When Raven has a science project in school, she gets paired up with a cute guy called Jalen. Jalen thinks Raven is weird because she keeps on talking to herself. They meet at Raven's house, but Sierra interrupts them. Then they go to the museum and Sierra interrupts them again. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie are doing their science project on how sleep can affect you and they end up not sleeping for 48 hours.moreless
  • 10/1/04
    Inspired by a makeover show, Raven insists on "making over" everyone she meets, including Tyler. She has a vision that he wanted to be made over because he fancies her, and gently tells him that he has no chance. But when she sees the new Tyler, she changes her mind. Cory and Victor take up a father-son activity.moreless