That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 20

Separation Anxiety

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 19, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • So funny.

    Seperation Anxiety is one of the funniest episodes of Season 1. Chelsea made me laugh with her jokes. They were so hilarious! Especially the last one about when she wanted to wear her dress to school. Lol!!! Ha ha I was cracking up for like the rest of the day! This episode is about Raven having a vision of Victor and Tanya saying they have to split up, so Raven wanted to prevent her vision from happening. It turns out that they were splitting up to look for the wedding ring Tanya gave to Victor. So overall, a reccomended episode and it's hilarious!!
  • We've been together forever a line actually basically it is hilarious!

    Raven here is so stupid and if she will do a science experiment she would definitely fail because of her actions she is just playing bad that is what I can say in the story, I meant after she saw a vision saying : "This family must split up". She jumped to conclusions that is basically her problem well we cannot blame her for that attitude. Well it was funny the so called play was really funny they like messed up and they started fighting and in the end Raven got turned off because of her stupidity on jumping on conclusions ha ha ha We've been together forever!!!
  • try

    Raven has a vision of her parents arguing and takes it as a signal that they will be getting a divorce, especially when she foresees her father telling her mother that it is "best if they both split up".

    Raven tries her best to make her vision, prevent from happening, but Victor meant something different than what Raven thought.