That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 10

Sister Act

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 08, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Nice episode which went well with the show.

    This episode was a fine example towards the show. I thought this episode was very cute how Raven and Sidney dressed identical and everything. It had a nice "buzz" to it and I found it very entertaining. I couldn't stop laughing at the fatc that Cory and Stanley were the hosts and that Chelsea and Eddie were the musical acts towards the sister act. The whole fight scene towards the end was pretty good and it lived up to the hype of the episode and the rest of the show. It was such a pleasent experience to view and I'm sure many people will feel the same way.
  • When Raven and Sydney enter a pagent,but when Buffy and Muffy enter,things go crazy.

    This episode was enjoyable to me.It was when Raven and Sydney signed up for The Little Miss and their Big Sis pagent.When Raven and Sydney arrive,they see a girl named Buffy saying that her sister is fashionably late.When she arrives,it turns out to be Muffy.Raven and Sydney try to beat them.1st was the talent contest.Raven and Sydney sang,and Buffy and Muffy did something(forgot name)without a net.Buffy and Muffy won the Talent contest.Next was the fashion contest.Buffy and Muffy wore tennis outfits,and Raven and Sydney wore buissness outfits.Raven and Sydney won the Fashion contest.They were the finalists.They had a personality contest,and Raven messed up on answering the questions.During the song "Sisters around the World",Raven and Muffy were fighting.Raven had a vision about Sydney pulling a rope that drops a globe on Buffy.Raven was stopping her,and noticed that everyone was fighting.Raven was stopping them.
  • Raven and Sydney join a beauty pageant and go against Muffy and her younger sister Buffy. Raven's excitement to win against Muffy leads her to setting a bad example for Sydney which causes the chances of her and Sydney winning the pageant.

    I thought this episode taught a good lessons for kids learn about the fact that winning is not always everything and it really is all about having fun. I thought it was a cute episode especially because I loved Raven's and Sydney's performance. I didn't really understand the point of Muffy and Buffy's performance since the viewers don't exactly see what they were performing. All together it was a lot of laughs although the kid sitting in back of Raven's dad was very annoying. It made me want to jump inside the tv and hurt that kid myself. All together another great episode to the series.
  • Raven and Sydney enter a pageant, in which Cory and Stanley host, and Eddie and Chelsea provide the music and choreography. Muffy and Buffy win talent, and Raven and Sydney win fashion. Neither end up winning because they started a fight.

    this episode is soo soo cute! and did anybody else notice that the girl who plays Sydney was on America's Got Talent? yea she was pretty cute there too. but what i don't understand is when Raven started liking kids. if you remember back when Sierra was on, she was so annoyed by her. now, with sydney, she wants to be her big sis! and i am so glad that disney channel didn't pull one of their traditional endings where the main character wins. it surprised me when neither of them won, and i thought that was a sort of break through for the show. i am sad that it is ending!
  • Yeah well it is kinda not good it was just safe although it did appear quite exciting because I wanna wrestle and pound Muffy's sister, I know I am kinda evil in this subject but she was annoying well then thanks!!!

    Yeah well it is kinda not good it was just safe although it did appear quite exciting because I wanna wrestle and pound Muffy's sister, I know I am kinda evil in this subject but she was annoying well then thanks!!! Goodbye to you all and this was the most recent EPISODE that I'VE SEEN TOO BAD!!!
  • Raven and Sydney enter a pageant and get competitive with Muffy and Buffy!

    Raven and Sydney enter a pageant and all goes well until they find out one of the contestants is Muffy and Buffy! That's when things got competitive!

    I really enjoyed this episode. It had a great storyline! wasn't one of my favorites. I mean, the only thing that was kinda silly was the fact that everyone started fighting when Raven and Muffy did--and out of no where did everyone else besides Raven and Muffy start fighting--so sorta silly, at least to me. But other than that it was a great episode! I really like the song Raven and Sydney did. "My sister and me, my sister and me"! LOL!
  • Raven and Sydney entered a pagent just to have fun, but become competitve when Buffy and Muff are contestants and the asall goes awry!!

    i enjoyed watching this, I so love Raven, enjoyed Syndey, loved the rapping/singing!! Victor, Eddie and Cory were bad with their acting in this one, i didn't really like them, always enjoy Stanley and Chelsea. And Cory,, I really, really hated him, i didn't like him in the episode at all, i hated Eddie too, the singing and all, ugh....just hated them. Syndey, i like her, but kinda don't, always love Raven, everything she does gives me a laugh!! I don't if i could watch it again without muting and closing my eyes during Eddie and Cory parts, mad that i have to miss stanley, but things have to be done!!!!
  • "Sister Act" was a great episode of "That's So Raven". It had a lot of action and was a little bit "classic Raven".

    "Sister Act" was a great episode of "That's So Raven". It had a lot of action and was a little bit "classic Raven". "Sister Act" was another funny episode of "That's So Raven". I also that that it had a good message behind it. I think that it was good to see Sydney again and even better that Raven got to be her big sister. The Cory/Stanley part was also funny and it showed the usual Stanley (tricking people). I really liked the rivalry in the episode. It was fun seeing Raven and Sydney and Muffy and Buffy fighting. I couldn't stop laughing when Raven said, "Bring it on". I thought it was great that Raven stopped the fighting before it got too serious. She made up with Muffy and peace was back in. They showed the real meaning of the sister pageant. I also thought that the part about Victor's head being big was funny. Although I should have seen it coming, I didn't expect Raven and Muffy to be disqualified, and it taught them a lesson. Overall, I thought this was another great episode of "That's So Raven" and I look forward to seeing the rest of the last season.
  • An unpredictiable episode with fascinating storyline.

    This episode brought all the joy back to That\'s So Raven. Raven in this episode tagged along with Sydney for the Little Miss and Big Sis Pagent.Buffy and Muffy also compete for the title. Raven and Sydney (Sydney Parks)looks much more girly and looks much older and more mature than her first appearance. Mrs. Valentine (Karly Rothenberg) has her funny lines occasionally. Muffy (Ashley Drane) makes her final appearance in season 4 but we now learn that she has a little sister named Buffy (Rachel Fox). Buffy is just as snooty as Muffy and we learn that Muffy and Buffy\'s mom expects them to be snooty. We saw a scene where Buffy was yelling: Buffy: We have 6 more pagents!, Pull it together girl!. Cory and Stanley (Bobbe J\' Thompson) are the Emcee\'s for the festivities. But personally I think Tonya and Stanley fighting for the jokes would have been much better. Victor got in a huge arguement with a kid and his parent because the kid kept kicking his chair and stuck a lollipop to Victor\'s head. However Vcitor played a very small part in this episode. And finally Eddie and Chelsea fight over which is more important for their company name Daniels did choerography and Thomas did music. Eddie showed Chelsea an example without music and the all collided.They argued over Thomas & Daniels or Daniels and Thomas. In the end they didn\'t even bother because they werent even going to get hired. ANOTHER GREAT INSTALLMENT!