That's So Raven

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 16, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Chelsea convinces Raven to go camping with the school's Outdoor Club but Raven really doesn't really rough it, bringing household appliances. Meanwhile, Eddie hires Cory as his manager for him to do a gig.

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Justine Johnston

Justine Johnston

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • It is very unlikely that a senior party be held at a high school, and at night time. And without a coordinator or chaperone to make sure everything goes well.

    • Chelsea is the only member of the Outdoor Club who doesn't wear a club shirt.

    • Raven mentions she could dress up as a lunch lady to see what Chelsea's hiding from her. She has uses this disguise in Juicer Consequences.

    • When Raven and Chelsea were rolling downhill in the log, if you look closley inside the log, Raven and Chelsea aren't in there.

    • There is a lot of people hanging around school around the school when Raven and Chelsea leave the Outdoor Club, despite the fact that the meeting was held after school.

    • When Raven gets Chelsea's foot out of Cell Phone Rock and they run away, Chelsea forgets her light.

    • The log that Raven and Chelsea go in to hide from the bear is obviously not a real log.

    • In between shots, around where Raven saves Chelsea and they run to where the log is, then when they're in the log, up until where they come out again once they've rolled back to the campsite, Chelsea's right earring keeps disappearing and reappearing, the left earring, on the other hand, is always there.

    • When Cory and Eddie are talking in the room with the senoirs, Cory's hat keeps moving between shots.

    • In Raven's vision, Chelsea yells, "My foot's stuck!" but when Chelsea gets her foot stuck in between the rocks, she yells, "My foot's caught!".

    • If you look closely the tent can has a pop top like a soda can, but Raven opens it on the other side.

    • When Raven is trying to save Chelsea, she has a green leaf and a white piece of foliage stuck in her hair. The two run out of shot and into the next scene, but in the next scene there is no white foliage in Raven's hair and the green leaf is a different shape. In addition, she has an extra brown leaf on the right side of her hair.

    • Raven gives Chelsea a smoothie and after she stirs it, Chelsea sits it down, but then they get up, and the congo line comes, and it disappears!

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Raven: I traveled through the dirt and the mud, and all the little creatures that live in the dirt and the mud, just to save you!

    • Raven: Ok, everyone, back up, hot tube, hot tube! (Raven throws her 'Tent in a Tube' and the tent appears in an instant) I just wonder how you put it back in the tube!

    • Eddie's Rap:
      The seniors always want to complain 'bout how they never hear from their spolied grandchildren all through the busy year.
      We all know the least they can do is give you a little ring, but they're all focased on mall hopping and bling-bling!
      Hey y'all young once, yeah you knew how to groove when you were young, so you can teach us some moves.
      Now shake you're booty! Oh yeah!

    • Chelsea: Rae, didn't you notice any of the natural beauty on your way up here?
      Raven: You know what, actually I did. There was this beautiful rock that looked like a cell phone, and and top of it girl, a little bird and it was chirping like, like a lil' ringer. Chirp chirp, hello.

    • Raven: What is that smell?
      Chelsea: Well, Rae, that would be fresh air!
      Raven: That has got to go! (sprays air freshener) See now that is what I call, Fresh Mountain Pine.

    • Chelsea: I hear you Mr. Owl, and I hear you Mr. Frog
      Raven: Chelsea!
      Chelsea: And I hear you, Miss. Mouth

  • NOTES (1)


    • Raven makes a reference to Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Were Made For Walking" when she says that the boots she is wearing were NOT made for walking.

    • Title: Title
      There is also a show on Discovery Kid's that actually has the name Skunk'd. This show is similar to Punk'd, but more kid-oriented.