That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 6

Smell of Victory

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 31, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Raven has to work with Ben Sturky known as STINKY Sturky who stinks REAL BAD on a science project while Eddie wants to ask Crystal out on a date!!

    Great episode!! In this episode, Raven and Eddie are dealing with Ben Sturky known as Stinky Sturky who has a real problem with his hygiene! I love the way that Ben is sooooooo stinky that even Cory's hamster who died two weeks ago smelled better than him??? That is funny! But when Raven has to work on a Science project worth 25 percent of her grade with Ben, what happens next?????? How is Raven gonna survive? I mean Raven can't get a good grade if she can't breathe!!!! Meanwhile Eddie also tries to ask Crystal out, the girl he likes so much he even drools over her and has a dream in the cafeteria where he imagined him kissing her when he was kissing Sloppy Joe??? Ha ha! However, this episode is also kinda of a lesson where you must not let stupid things of people prevent you from being friends with them like Raven says in the last part of the episode. Like Ben stinks but he is a nice guy and does well in Science! Luckily Crystal was NOT grossed out of Eddie's pimple but he actually had make up on!!! Finally, Mr.Lawler was kinda a bit well sad because he got dunked!! Ha ha!

    Final rating: 8.0 to 8.5
    Final Grade: A
  • A great start to an amazing series.

    This pilot episode contains Raven having a vision of being paired with the most stinky guy in school, Ben "Stinky" Sturky. Overall, I say this episode is pretty funny, especially the nosebleed and sloppy joe obsession, ROTFL! It didn't introduce Raven good though. Because she doesn't start disguises until the next episode! Also, Chelsea wasn't introduced as well until the next episode. So this one introduced the rest of the cast greatly. I also say that this is a pretty great show. So that's the end of my pilot episode review for the series, I'm going to expect a lot more in the series.

  • REALITY!!!

    Raven becomes annoyed when her assigned partner, Ben Sturky with whom she is working on a project for science class, is concerned more with studying than with his own personal hygiene. Meanwhile, Eddie attempts to win the heart of his latest crush, Crystal.

    This episode is realy compared to what humans do, if someone stinks they know the will let their actions out, because NO one, and I mean NO one, would ever want to be near a person that doesn't bath.

  • Raven is teamed up with Stinky Sturky for a science project. Meanwhile, Eddie is crushing over a fellow student by the name of Crystal, but is too shy to ask her out.

    Raven has to team up with \"Stinky\" Ben Sturky for her science project. She doesn\'t want to because he smells and she tries to get her other classmates to switch partners but to no avail. Her friend Eddie comes up with the idea that she should ask \"Headcold\" Kenny to switch partners and he agrees. But is taken out of school for the week cause he got too sick. So Raven is back to square one. Raven runs into Stinky in the hallways and he\'s excited about being her partner cause she\'s the prettiest girl in the class. Raven feels bad, but she still doesn\'t want to partner with him. She tells her science teacher she can\'t work with him cause she\'s allergic to body odor. Her teacher is about to give her a new partner until she gets a vision of getting an A for the project and changes her mind

    Meanwhile Eddie is scared to aska girl \"Crystal\" out on a date. Raven tells him to just ask her to the carnival which he does, after another kid throws him across the lunch table and right next to Crystal. Raven has a vision Crystal will be grossed out by his face when they go to the Carnival. Eddie freaks out.

    Later on, when Raven and Ben are working on the project at her house, Eddie stops by. He found out what Crystal will be grossed out by, he has a pimple. Raven and her parents try to help Eddie but nothing seems to work. Raven also has a vision of her project being ruined, she runs to stop it from happening, and ends up ruining it herself. And that means another night she has to work with Stinky on the project

    At the Carnival Raven volunteers Stinky to enter the dunktank and adds soap in the water, hoping someone will hit the button and he\'ll fall into the waterpool. Doesn\'t happen. Also, Raven tries to hide Eddie from Crystal. Raven then finally comes up with the idea of makeup which she uses to disguise Eddie\'s pimple. Eddie and Crystal finally meet up and her talking. Until Crystal wipes his face off and sees makeup on her tissue and that\'s what grosses her out. Raven tells Crystal she shouldn\'t judge him cause of one little flaw and realize she\'s been doing the same thing. Crystal says she still likes Eddie regardless. Raven finds Stinky and after accidentally dunking him in the water, finally tells him the truth (That he stinks). Stinky confused by the revelation says he\'ll take a bath if Raven wants him too. Raven says she doesn\'t care, he then says he wont. When Raven takes a brush out of her pocketbook and starts to wash him herself.