That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 15

Soup to Nuts

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 25, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • well it was okay but not great.

    the thing that made it okay was it was a dream which wasnt that good and cole and dylan arn't in it cmon i i mean we love them but there gone cole & dyan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we were expecting them to be in this episode!gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! it said they were gonna be in it and they were no where to be seen hello are you there ? i like raven and that so raven in general though, but this episode was kinda boring and bleh maybe next time they should tell us the real guest stars and not get are hopes up thinking cole and dylan were gonna be in it!!!and as you can see by are username we love + like them
  • Trippy episode... really, trippy!

    Sometimes, trippy is how I roll in the kinds of genres of tv I watch. That's why I like this episode. It has that feel of guilt, at the same time, Kinda lets you feel that it was just... Earthboundish.

    First off, after the Stuckleman gets beaded into the head, Raven tries to pose her as sick. After eating 3 alarm soup (don't ask why) she tries getting her mind off by watching tv, ranging from hotness to... herself?! Honestly, I was laughing off when Raven - not only watching herself on tv - but, actually, ADMITS is herself! Epicness!

    Eventually, soup comes to her and she dreams of her life right now in I Love Lucy and Wizard of Oz. The best part has GOT to be her awful luck knowing. HAHA!
    Anyways, the only reason it got off the week side was that... the begginning was weak, to an, otherwise, trippy episode.
  • The best episode of the season!

    After severely injuring Dr. Stuckerman, Raven finds out that tomorrow is to be his last day of being the principal of Bayside before he retires. However, Raven thinks that Dr. Stuckerman will probably ban her from all of the fun end of the year activites that seniors get to do. So she fakes a cold in order to skip school that day, but after having some of Grandma Baxter's 3-alarm cold killer soup. She starts to have a crazy dream. I thought this episode was just hilarious, I can't stop laughing at all of the creepy sitcoms and movies Raven finds on television that involves her and her friends and family. I liked when Raven said "Oh my goodness, I had such a crazy dream," in a strange accent, and then Victor said "Why are you talking like that?" And Raven replied "My bad," in her regular voice! Too hilarious! There should've been another great episode like this.

  • Raven comes to school in an outfit she shouldn't be wearing(according to principals new rules) Then she spills her beads and the principal trips and hurts his back.So he goes to the hospital.Raven plays sick 2 avoid him.She has odd dreams in this episode.

    I like this episode very much.But to tell ya the truth,it was very out of character but the way they aired the events was perfect.I like the Part where Raven's music video aired then the Principal cut it off!!And I liked Raven's outfit alot in the beginning,but I agree with the principal that its a safety hazzard. I think the way Rae's friends rubbed in that she missed the field trip, but surprisingly was an okay filler scene.So in my opinion this was a great episode.But another thing I forgot to add(oops lol) is that yeah,this episode may have other show sets\characteristics in it,but all the characters(especially Raven) stay in character like they do in the regular show.
  • This is my favorite episode!

    This episode was really funny, with all of the things happening in it. First, she causes her mean principal to break his back. Then, she has a vision that he's gonna retire the next day! So she fakes a sickness to get out of school to avoid getting in any more trouble. But her dad must have been really tired that day, because he actually believed it! So then he gives her some really spicy soup that's supposed to make her feel better. But because of the soup she falls asleep and starts having weird dreams. And they all involve the principal! I thought the one where they were in "The wizard of Oz" was SO funny! This was a great episode.
  • When Raven hurts her principle, she stays home sick the next day to avoid him until he retires. But then she starts having dreams about her principal and she learns a valuable lesson.

    This episode was really funny, funnier than the some of the rest of the episodes. I would say this was definatley one of Raven's best work. And we also got see her music video for "Some Call It Magic", which is a great video! And Raven has a great voice! She did a great job. My favorite scene was the Wizard of Oz scene, where Raven was Dorthey, Chelsea was the Scarecrow, Eddie was the Lion, and Cory was the Tin Man. They all did great jobs. This was definatley one of my favorite episodes. Although Principal Stuckerman was a little weird and didn't fit in at all in this show.
  • Well it would have been good if they all weren't yelling so much.

    No seriosuly. Does Raven really have to scream at the top opf her lungs in every episode? After a while it gets kind of annoying. This episode gave me a headache, however I thought the television part was funny, with spin offs from I Love Lucy (a true classic in itself) and the one part where Raven didn't yell and the Wizard of Oz (also a classic). Raven even sees her own music video lol. That's the only reason I gave this episode almost a six instead of a flat zero. Gramma Baxter is mentioend in this episode when Victor uses her soup ingredient.
  • Raven comes to school in slingy beads and everything with spiky hills and dimonds around her hat when she finds out that she isn't allowed to wear anything like that so she pretends to be sick and when her dad feeds her soup she goes nuts and she misses

    Raven comes to school in all slingy beads and dimonds and spiky hills and the Princapal trips on her beads and broke his back so just cause she dosen't wanna get into trouble she pretends to be sick and her dad feeds her Grandma's soup that has her going nuts all in a dream and she found out that she missed out on Senior Suprize Day at Happy Mountain. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Some call it magic...

    Raven fakes sick because she accidently made Principal Stuckerman trip on her beads and she fakes sick so she dont have to go to school and her Dad made her this soup to help her get rid of her cold and she gets woozy and falls asleep and when she does she has these wierd dreams about her being on tv shows...And I thought that this episode really was special becasue it sorta reminded me of an episode of The King of Queens. Doug got sick and he takes some medicine, falls asleep, and then has these dreams of him in tv shows. This episode was really funny, like the part when Raven falls asleep and you see her music video come up "Some call it Magic" lol. But I thought that Chelsea, Eddie, and Cory were sorta scary in those wizard of oz costumes becasue I mean picture that walking down the street on Halloween.
  • This episode is about Raven skipping school after she accidently trips the principal. Then she has to lie to stay at home so she says she's sick and her dad makes her have some soup with a wierd recipe...

    This episode is straight out funny a soup with a secret recipe makes Raven go nuts and when she turns on the tv everything is about.... her! She's on a tv show she's on the Wizard of Oz and more. But there's something else thats wierd the principals is in every episode making her feel horrible for real. Thats why I think this episode is so funny! After that painful expierence she finds out that her principal is at the front door and not to yell at her, but to thank her for fixing his back. So she actually help and didn't even worry!! Tell me that isn't funny.
  • Raven skips school and goes to Oz.

    I loved this episode! The Sprouse twins were not in it like everyone said, but I'm very pleased by that because I think they are terrible little wannabe actors.

    Raven did an excellent job performing as Dorothy and even her Lucille Ball impersonation was quite nice. Although Orlando (Eddie's) portrayal of the Ricky like character was awful.

    The makeup effects done on the Oz characters were phenomenal. This is definately one of my favorite episodes. So sad that the series is ending!
  • This episode is cool because the Sprouse brothers are going to be on it.They are looking foward to doing more episodes The Suite Life of Zack & Cody studios is right next to Thats so Raven studios.Besides Raven did an episode on the Suite life with Miley.

    What bascily this episode is going to be about is...

    This episode is going to be starring Dylan and Cole Sprouse. They will be visiting Raven and Korrie's town and going to the same school as Corrie. Kyle Massey (as Corrie) is very good friends with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. The studios for The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody is right next to the studios of Thats So Raven and both Dylan and Cole plan on being in more episodes. In this episode Dylan Sprouse will play a smooth talker towards Chelsea. This episode will air sometime in June. Cole will be passing all of his classes and making Dylan and Corrie mad. Corrie becomes good friends with Dylan and they both figure out a great way to make loads of money. Corrie and Dylan also pay Cole to do some of their homework so they have time to work on their money making project.
  • The Identical Davidson Twins (Played by Dylan & Cole sprouse) join Kory's School and become Kory's friends.

    I saw this episode and I thought that it was awesome. It's the only episode in the 4th season that i've seen (yet) but Kyle, Raven, The twins and everybody else did great acting. I didn't really see any goofs although I don't have too good eyesight. The only thing that was sort of "not good" is that the episode appeared to be made quite some time ago (The twins have hair length similar to that in the TSL episode "Day Care") The episode is very well worth watching and has the best acting that i've seen sine the Season 3 episode "Five Finger Discount". Another great episode. Watch for it on Canada's Family Channel sometime May 29th, 2006-May 31st, 2006 (I think) and July 7th, 2006 on Disney Channel USA.
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