That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 2

Stark Raven Mad

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Oct 22, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Stark Raven Mad
Raven gets a new neighbor next door called Sierra who always wants to be with Raven. When Raven has a science project in school, she gets paired up with a cute guy called Jalen. Jalen thinks Raven is weird because she keeps on talking to herself. They meet at Raven's house, but Sierra interrupts them. Then they go to the museum and Sierra interrupts them again. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie are doing their science project on how sleep can affect you and they end up not sleeping for 48 hours.moreless

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  • The plot with Eddie and Chelsea was better!

    This episode is about Raven forcing her science teacher to pair her up with her new crush, Jalen, who is the captain of the football team, for the class' science project. It does happen, but let me stop right there. When I saw the beginning of this episode, I thought a running gag would be Jalen talking about football, too bad I was wrong. So before they start, a new neighbor named throws a ball into Raven's face. So when she gets to the bottom of this, it turns out a girl named Sierra just moved in. When Jalen and Raven begin their study "date", Raven goes romantic with him thinking it is a real date. But then Sierra ruins it. When Raven and Jalen decide to do theird date at the museum, Sierra disturbs Raven once again. I did giggle when Raven said she had no idea how she got into the model of the stomach, as well as when she was being attacked by the food and said "Don't you chew your food first!" but the rest of the episode was not funny. I even laughed at the subplot more, which is something I usually never do. This episode was one of the worst in the series, following the trail of Dissin' Cousins and maybe even A Dog by Any Other Name.

    FINAL GRADE: C-moreless
  • This is the first episode where Sierra appears. Raven\'s new totally annoying next door neighbor. In the midst of their science project, Raven, Eddie, Chelsea and Jalen all become overworked and nerve-wracked because of Sierra. Watch the episode to seemoreless

    I thoguht it sucks eggs. It used the plot line of many other television shows from all over the United States and for that matter, the world. It uses the signature lines of two cartoon characters, Cyborg from \"The Teen Titans\" and Ron Stoppable from \"Kim Possible.\" Plus, it, like a lot of other \"That\'s So Raven\" episodes, uses similar and sometimes exact remakes of other television show episode titles. This one being a similar remake to the episode Stark Raving Mad from the Cartoon Network/Miguzi show \"Totally Spies.\" To agree or disagree, you most definetly have to watch it.moreless
  • Because I watched this episode so many times, I am quite tired of it. But the first time I watched this episode, I enjoyed it a lot. It was funny that\'s why I laughed a lot.moreless

    It was funny when Cory threw the ball to Chelsea, Eddie, Victor, and Tanya to see how they react. They sure all reated weird!I didn\'t go to sleep a whole night and I didn\'t get that crazy! It\'s, like they totally changed. Well, it was still funny.

    When Raven was at the museum, in the stomach, it was also very funny. My friend laughed her head off. This is the only That\'s So Raven episode that I watched so many times. It\'s because my other friend has an ipod video and this is the only That\'s So Raven episode she has in it. We usually watch it on the bus. That\'s why I watched this episode 6 times and memorized most of it. In general, this episode is good.moreless
  • A good storyline, but the acting could have been improved upon.

    This was a good storyline, and Raven and Eddie were brilliantly played, but it's Anneliese van der Pol I'm not pleased with. After playing Chelsea perfectly for the first few seasons (a good friend, with 'original' ideas), now she's slipping into dizzy ways. She plays Chelsea as vacant and 'thick', even though she isn't; she's clever nature-wise. She no longer seems part of Raven's life -- she's just there, being dizzy. I'm not happy about this. Was there a new director or something? The last two series seem to be shot in a different way, but I can't be bothered to look. I'm just saying that Chelsea is not very well played from this episode onwards (excluding the one where she organises the veggie concert).

  • Kinda lonely but it will do!

    Kinda lonely but it will do! All I can say is that this episode is so lonely and Jalen is so stupid I mean if I would be a girl I would totally reject him because of his total stupidity also known as Jalen you may be a jock but you don't rock and you suck! I wanna see you dead cause your an airhead!

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    • When Raven was in the stomach she got hit by some liquid stuff & her hair gets a bit messed up but when she gets out she is completely dry & her hair is exactly like it was before she went in, this shouldn't be possible as it didn't seem to take that long to get back & she never mention going home. Also, even if she had dried a little she would still look a bit damp seeing as clothes do not dry that fast especially indoors.

    • The tour guide is credited as having the name Anita, but the name on her badge was Amy.

    • This is the second time we see Stretch (when Raven's looking at the science partners list). We first meet him in "Clothes Minded."

    • Anyone recgonize the set of the museum? It's the lobby from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody". The only difference is they changed the facade on the walls and other minor details.

    • Raven's room set bottom and sides were exposed by mistake by the camera.

    • When Raven is asking Chelsea what to wear in her room she holds up shirts from other eps, such as Hearts and Minds, Road to Audition, and Run Raven Run.

    • When Raven has the vision of Sierra inside the stomach, the first face she makes is toward the camera. Then it switches views and she is looking offstage before they zoom in to her eye.

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