That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 12

Teach Your Children Well

Aired Daily 12:00 AM May 02, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Raven's mum becomes her class substitute teacher for English after Mr. Lawler leaves!! What happens next?

    A very funny and touching episode! This episode starts with Raven and her friends going to their English class with the spitter teacher, Mr.Lawler! However, he announces while spitting that he is being promoted as headmaster and there will be substitute for the class. And it turns out that the substitute is Raven's own mother who used to be a teacher!! However, Raven does not like this too much..... How will you feel if your own mother was a teacher? Normally people will laugh at you or tease you or something like that. But Raven's class actually likes her as the teacher as she is a good teacher AND she entertains the class with their style!! I mean, Mrs. Baxter actually used slang to teach English to the class? That is impressive and a good way to get their attention!! Raven doesn't like this too much as she felt uncomfortable about this and when Mrs. Baxter messes her up with Eric, a guy Raven likes, she wrote a hate note about her mother and you WOULD NOT want that note written about you! Eventually, you will want to watch the episode yourself to know what happened in the end and it is REALLY touching!!

    Final rating: 8.0 to 8.5
    Final Grade: A
  • Tanya gets a pernament job as the English teacher at Bayside.

    This episode was a real classic, it starts with Mr. Lawler sharing news that he will be moving up to principal postition and that a substitude teacher will fill in for the week. When Tanya comes in to give Raven the lunch she forgot this morning, Mr. Lawler offers her the job when she says she knows a lot about English. When the week is over, Tanya tells Raven that she has gotten a pernament position as the English teacher. Raven is mad and writes an insulting letter about Tanya. When Chelsea has finished reading it, Tanya takes it, thinking it is her vocabulary homework. Now, Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea must retrieve the letter back before Tanya reads it. I say that I really enjoyed this episode more than others in the first season. I liked when Eddie was dancing when he finds out Mr. Lawler isn't teaching anymore, when Cory threw the patry, when Raven starts riding the desk, and the end. This episode was really hilarious to me!

  • Finally the first time that Rondell Sheridan does not appear!

    Finally the first time that Rondell Sheridan does not appear! This episode is basically ridiculous I mean look at it I think that this episode is funny especially the desk part you know it is a great thing that they did that scene in this episode I loved it I just do!
  • Taaaanya

    Raven has a vision of her mother, Tanya, becoming their teacher and sure enough her vision comes true.

    Tanya got the job by telling Raven she forgot her lunch by coming up to the school. Tanya told Mr. Lawler that she used to be a teacher and he was moving up to another spot highter than teachers. So this is Raven's worse nightmare, because most teenagers would never want their parent to work at their school, because it just wouldn't fit right.
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