That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 12

Teach Your Children Well

Aired Daily 12:00 AM May 02, 2003 on Disney Channel



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    • Max: Raven, I know you're bummed about your mom being here, but, if it helps, she's a babe!
      Raven Max, my mama is married. Let it go before it gets ugly.

    • Max: So when you send me to the principal you're gonna be sending me to you? Whoa, brain cramp.

    • Mr. Lawler: Hey, where did that desk come from?
      Chelsea: Uh, actually Mr. Lawler, this desk came from a tree. You know, until mankind decided to cut it down with no regard towards nature and all its wonder.
      Raven: Eh, What she was trying to say, Mr. Lawler, is that we found it in the parking lot and we're just bringing it back, really.

    • Tanya: Today we are going to be working on Romeo and Juliet. Can anyone tell me what this play is about?
      Raven: Boy likes girl, girl likes boy. They both die. Cry, cry, cry. The end.

    • Eddie: Mrs. Baxter, might I say how much I enjoyed doing the homework? But, uh, I'd like to change one itty-bitty thing. Can I see Chelsea's homework?
      Tanya: Eddie, that would be called, cheating.
      Chelsea: (Laughing) That's not what he meant.
      Tanya: What did he mean?
      Chelsea: I...don't know.

    • Eddie: 'Sup lil' man?
      Cory: You steal my women, I steal your pizza!
      Eddie: What?

    • Raven: We're going in. (Tries to open the door) No we're not it's locked!
      Chelsea: Ugh, it's locked!
      Raven: I just said that.
      Chelsea:I know.

    • (Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie are moving a desk)
      Chelsea: Raven, I don't know if we should be doing this, it's school property.
      Raven: I know, that's why we're moving very carefully.

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  • Allusions

    • Movie Reference: Rush Hour
      When Tanya is talking about how Romeo and Juliet would talk in the present day, she as Romeo says "do you understaaaand the words that are coming out of her mouth?" a reference to the line used in the "Rush Hour" movies.

    • Episode Title: Teach Your Children Well
      The title of this episode refers to the Crosby, Stills, & Nash song of the same name.