That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 20

Teacher's Pet

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 15, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Raven has got a new COOL and NICE history teacher after her old one left but she got fired in the end....What's gonna happen? Something crazy of course!

    Great episode! In this episode, Raven meets this new girl in her school whom she bonds well with but she has a surprise. Her name is Courtney and it turns out she is not a new student but a teacher! A history teacher after Raven's one left after winning a lottery! I was like really surprised when I found out Courtney was actually their teacher!! It was like wow, how could someone who look like a student be a teacher? And Courtney was actually a good example of a teacher which students will like, since she got everyone's attention in class when teaching History with doing special things like using her first name as well as arranging the class seats in a circle. That is something a teacher should do in a boring class for students to learn better. Unfortunately, the only thing is Mr. Stuckerman does not like the way Courtney is teaching. Then Raven and her class had to take a test tomorrow but thanks to Raven of what she did, the class was gonna fail but their History teacher postponed the test which was nice of her but then thanks to Raven, she got fired in the end.....I won't spoil the ending here or what Raven did to get Courtney her job back so you will have to watch the episode yourself then!! Final rating: 8.0 to 8.5
    Final grade: A
  • This episode is a very special eisode in that's so raven. Candance Cameron(DJ from full house) guest stars as their cool new history teacher. But when Raven forgets to study for a test she tries to get it postponed, she ends up getting fired.

    This is definatly a must see episode of the that's so raven series. Candance Cameron guest stars as Miss Dearborn, their cool new history teacher. Miss Dearborn definatly tried her best to make learning fun for her history class. Hear is a quote on how fun and up to date she tried to make history 'Eddie: So this whole thing got started over a woman? Miss Dearborn: Well imagine if Bey'once got stolen by Canada. What would you do? Eddie: Eddie Thomas Reporting for duty sir!'
    She was definatly their favorite teacher. Until she gives some suggestions on how to make studing fun. Raven and her friends take it a little too far and end up not studing at all. Raven tries to get the test postponed but ends up causing problems for everybody, espesially Miss Dearborn.
  • AHH! SPIDER! AHH!!!!

    Teacher`s Pet is about Raven meeting a girl in the hallway named Courtney (Candace Cameron). Courtney says she is new here and Raven thinks she is a new student. It turns out that Courtney is Raven`s new student teacher. When Raven`s class are having a test tomorrow, Courtney tells them to have a little study party. Raven thinks it is a real party, so her and the class party all night and don`t study. The next morning, because they didn`t study, Raven dresses up as the exterminator so she can postpone the test. It turns out that Courtney has already postponed it. Raven throws a fake spider out the window and Courtney freaks out and jumps out the window. The next morning, Courtney gets fired. Later on, she gets rehired. This episode was really funny! It was funny when Courtney jumped out the window because she was scared of the spiders. Although I didn`t like her character on Full House, she was really great in this episode. Overall, this episode was very funny and awesome!
  • raven bumps into a girl named courtney and she thinks she is someone who just goes to her school and is new. but what raven doesn't know is that courtney is really ravens new teacher because her old t4eacher moves away to malibue california

    this is a really cool episode because raven thinks it is a little wierd to interact with a teacher. i liked how raven tricked the teacher into getting out of the room,so the kids can fool around,by pretending there was a huge spider on the floor. raven always seems to feel guilty in like every single episode. in this one raven has a vision that her new teacher is going to get fired by the principal because she went out of the class room and left the kids alone.i also liked the little extra stuff and the comments about her teachers shoes.
  • That's So Raven brings yet another hilarious episode; Raven bonds to her new teacher, finding many similarities between the two; then believing she can swindle her new teacher's mind for Raven's choice. While 'The Juicer' forces his way into Cory's band.

    Raven comes across a blonde girl, with an excellent taste for fashion, Courtney. But when she turns out to be Raven's teacher.

    Courtney turns out to be the cool teacher; which leads Raven to think she can swindle Courtney to make her do what Raven wants; say; postpone a test.

    While Cory's band, "Cory and the boys" needs a lead singer; a perfect singer is found; until school bully, 'The Juicer'.

    This episode holds humour, and extreme realism in which Raven thinks due to the fact her teacher is a friend; she can find a way to get out of tests, and get to party whenever she feels like without repercussions from school.

    This is episode is Exactly why I watch this series.
  • Raven befriends the new girl, not to know she's actually her teacher. Cory has auditions for a singer for the band, but get stuck with the Juicer.

    Very exciting! Raven befriends the teacher and later realizes that she's actually her new teacher. Candace Cameron guest stars as the new teacher and she does a great job. She was funny, just like she was when she was in Full House. It was really good to see her back again. What would really be good to the show is if she came back. Most people adore her and it would be awesome if she would be a recurring character. Meanwhile, Cory and the Boys try and find a new singer and end up with The Juicer. The Juicer is also a great character and I'm glad he's a recurring character. But overall, this episode was one of the best episode yet, along with Soup To Nuts and Mad Hot Collition.
  • Better than I expected. You'll want to see it again.

    This is a classic That's S o Raven epsiode. It ha its funy scenes, and Chelsea wasn't as blaintfuly slow as she is in other episodes, but most of all Candice Cameron makes this episode, and she's beautiful, I might add. Seh is such a great actress. In this episode Courtney (Candice) also known as the new cool teacher suggests that they have a study party and when Raven hears the word party she goe crazy so none of them study for the test. RAven almost gets Courtney fired but Courtney is understanding. The REAL spider scene was so fake, tohugh. They copuld have done a btter job with that. The Corey sub-plot was kind of boring.
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