That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 20

Teacher's Pet

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 15, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Raven's vision: Dr. Stuckerman firing Courtney.

    • During the lead singer auditions, Kyle Massey isn't really hitting the drums while playing.

    • Right before Raven and Courtney bump into each other, you can barely see Candace Cameron (Courtney) leaning on the adjacent wall from Raven's locker, waiting for her cue.

  • Quotes

    • Juicer: Good news, I'm your new lead singer.
      Cory: We were kinda hoping for a girl.
      Juicer: So were my parents, they got over it.
      Larry: I never really thought of you as musical, sir.
      Juicer: News flash, weenies. It's been said that I sing like an angel.

    • The Juicer: Don't you know any good head-squeezing music?
      Cory: You-you mean head-banging?
      The Juicer: It's like you don't know me at all! Look, now I'll roll. But tomorrow...we rock! (Leaves)
      Larry: What does head-squeezing music sound like?
      Cory: Three boys crying!

    • Dr. Stuckerman: Do you know what my first name is?
      Courtney: I'm afraid not Sir.
      Dr.Stuckerman: BINGO!
      Chelsea: (to Raven) Yeah he looks like a Bingo to me.

    • Dr. Stuckerman: Do you expect me to believe that you dressed up like a Bug Exterminator and brought fake spiders to school to disrupt the class and scare off Miss Dearborn just to postpone a test??
      Raven: Yes Dr. Stuckerman. I do stuff like this all the time...that's so me!

    • Chelsea: Isn't it weird that everytime something strange happens Raven isn't here to see it.
      Eddie: That is because she is Raven!

    • Chelsea: That study party was off the heezy. It's just bad that we are going to fail.

    • The Juicer: (singing) Goodbye weenies, goodbye weenies, goodbye weenies, I'm still gonna juice your heads.
      Cory: (emotionally) That was the most beautiful threat I have ever heard!

    • Courtney: Any other questions?
      Raven: Yeah, did you get that top at Sassy's, too?
      Courtney: Yeah, right. On a teacher's salary? (undertone to Raven) Actually, I got this one at Sassy's Outlet.
      Raven: They have a Sassy's Outlet?
      Courtney: Yup!
      Raven: Shut up!
      Courtney: No, you shut up!

    • Eddie: Ms. Dearborn...
      Courtney: Eddie, call me Courtney. We're all friends here.
      Eddie: Ok, Courtney. So this whole war started over a woman?
      Courtney: Well, imagine if Beyonce got stolen by Canada. What would you do?
      Eddie: (Eddie quickly jumps up and salutes) Eddie Thomas reporting for duty, ma'am!

    • (Courtney is nearly done writing her name on the board)
      Raven: Hey Courtney, I really think you need to sit down before the teacher catches ya.
      Courtney: (to Raven) Oh, I wouldn't worry about him.
      Chelsea: (about Courtney) Wow! She really is a rebel!

    • Raven: (excitedly) Shut up!
      Courtney: (imitating Raven) You shut up!

    • Courtney: (to Raven's class) Good morning, class! Your old teacher, Mr. Brustrom, won the lottery and moved to Maui. I'm Courtney Dearborn, your new teacher.

    • Pricipal Stuckerman: Is this a history class or a game of Duck Duck Goose?

    • Juicer: Okay, guys, let's take a vote. All those who don't want me to be the lead singer, speak now and you'll never speak again.

    • Raven: You know what they say, (starts singing) if you want to look classy...
      Courtney & Raven: You got to shop at Sassy's.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • This episode is extremely similar to the Bearinstein Bears episode in which the school bully has an unexpectedly good voice and sings the exact same song that Cory's bully, The Juicer, sings.

    • Candace Cameron of the sitcom Full House guest stars as the character Courtney in this episode. Coincidentally, the executive producers of That's So Raven worked on Full House.

    • Christy Carlson Romano sings a song with the title "Teacher's Pet".

    • In this episode, Courtney (Candace Cameron) is the teacher. She tells the students to take out their #2 pencils. Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol) asks if a #4 is acceptable. This is an allusion to when Candace Cameron (who plays D.J. Tanner in Full House) has a bad dream about her S.A.T.'s. They use #4's.

    • In PBS Kids, the show titled Bernstein Bears, the school bully sings "Beautiful Dreamer." The Juicer also sings that song.

    • Episode Title: Teacher's Pet
      Disney has a show that is also called "Teacher's Pet".