That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 3

Test of Friendship

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 17, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Raven gets a better introduction and Chelsea is introduced!

    Not bad for a second episode. Raven gets more of an introduction and Chelsea is also introduced to the show. So this episode is about Eddie finally making it to the basketball team and has to have grades C or above on all subjects to stay on, but Raven has a vision that Eddie will get a F on his spanish midterm. So Raven and Chelsea, two advanced students in spanish, try to tutor him. I say that this episode was pretty hilarious and better than Smell of Victory. Raven actually starts the disguises in this one and Chelsea's introduction is phenomenal. There should be more episodes like this.

  • Great pilot for what looks to be an amazing series!!!!!

    Raven really wants to help her friend Eddie with a Spanish Test. Raven has a vision of him getting a F on the test. Things get a little crazy, because if Eddie gets lower than a C, he can't get on the Bayside Basketball Team. Raven has a vision of him getting a F, however she is scared to tell him, but she does tell him. So Eddie begs Raven to get the answers, because during her vision she sees the answers. Although, when Eddie begs her she said she's not going to tell him the answers, because she isn't a cheater. So that night, before the quiz, Raven and Chelsea help Eddie get a C or higher, but he just doesn't try hard enough. Therefore, Raven asks Senorita Rodriguez to change the test and she does, but she makes it harder than the first test they were supposed to take. In addition, Raven and Chelsea don't think Eddie will do good. Next, they help him threw a window, from a platform outside. Furthermore, Eddie gets a C on the test not an F, so he knows that means he could get on the basketball team. Even though, Eddie does accuse Raven of not being a true friend, they both make up and became best friends again.
  • Raven at her best.

    I don't have Disney Channel but I've seen this show numerous times. I just downloaded and watched this episode today and I was so surprised at how great it was. I've only seen newer episodes and they are just okay. Everyone looks really young and they are funnier than ever. Chelsea looked weird with her hair that way but she was still her gullible funny self. The scene when Corey was speaking the Spanish was hilarious and another great part was Chelsea and Raven as window washers. Overall this is a great episode and everyone was at their best. It's hard to think that the show has ended.
  • This was a FUNNY episode!!!!!

    "Test of Friendship" was one of the first episodes of That' So Raven that I ever saw, and one of the episodes that has gotten me hooked on the show ever since.
    In this episode Raven has a vision that shows that Eddie will get an 'F' on his test for Spannish, but Raven also sees the answers to the test and then deliberates over whether she should tell Eddie the answers to test, knowing that if she doesnt Eddie will get kicked off the basketball team. During this time when Raven is deciding whether or not she should tell Eddie the answers or not she goes through several funny adventures. But firslty she damages her friendship with Eddie. Then in attempt to help Eddie but not give him the answers Raven helps him study with que cards, but Eddie continuoulsy gets them wrong even though the words are similar to those in the English language. Then Raven, with Chelsea go to Eddies Spannish Teacher pursuading her to make the test easier, saying that kids are planning to go to French as Spannish is boring and hard. After no apparent success Raven gives Eddie the answers only to find that the teacher has made a completley new test. After an attempt to talk to Eddie directley failed, Raven and Chelsea dress up as window washers and attempted to tell Eddie that its a new test through the window with a sign, but the sign blew away. Eventually Raven and Chelsea got the message through and Eddie re-did his test quickly. Raven and Chelsea got caught by the Vice Principal and Eddie got a C on his test, allowing him to stay on the basketball team.
    This was a hilarious episode with Chelsea in her normal stupid mind-set and Ravens crazy ideas.

    I LOVED IT!!!
  • Funny.

    That's So Raven,
    A very funny episode to start.Now i am not a big fan of That's So Raven but when i saw this episode i got interested about it.In this episode the character named Eddie needs to get a C+ or higher on his Spanish test in order to play on the Basketball team.He uses the guilt trick on Raven to give the answers to cheet from.Raven and Chelsea are told from the Spanish teacher that out of the blue she has changed around the test.Now knowing eddie will fail the test if copyies the cheet paper R and C come up with a plain.Not a good one.The appear as window washers in order for Eddie to come to the window and tell him the truth.Very funny what they do to get his attention.
  • Raven is worried when she has a vision Eddie will fail his Spanish test and Eddie will get kicked off the team so she does not know how to tell him.

    Ha Ha!In the beginning,Raven was happy Eddie made into the basketball game but when she had a vision of Eddie failing the French test with a F,she and Chelsea tried to help him by having a study party at Raven's house.When Chelsea says Raven knows the answers,Eddie trys to ask Raven to give him the answers but when she refuses,Eddie thinks she is not a good friend.So,Raven gives him the answers but then the Spanish teacher changes the test on pink paper for fun!So,Raven and Chelsea tries to warn him but got caught by the principal.In the end,Eddie gets a C+ and thanks Raven and Chelsea for helping him.Then,Raven asks Eddie to 'let it all out'.Eddie yells so loud the entire school,city,and the world could hear it!
  • A great beginning to a fine show.

    A great beginning to a fine show. "That's So Raven" is a show about a psychic, her brother, her parents and her two best friends.
    She and her best friends, Eddie and Chelsea, are trying their best to live up high school. (Or middle school, I guess?!)

    The pilot episode was great, according to ratings. But sometimes I think the show (I mean, the writers) are a little bit boring and they get carried away.
    I'm not insulting nobody. I mean, honestly, sometimes I enjoy the show.

    and FRIENDS!
  • Raven has a vision of Eddie failing his Spaninsh test, meaning he can\'t play in the basketball team.

    A fantastic start to the series. I think it encouraged people to watch it more. I laughed every second, some people would disagree with me as i guess you might need a certain type of humour to laugh out loud at \"thats so raven\". I would use the words funny, entertaining, exciting and awesome to describe that episode. I don\'t know anyone who doesn\'t love \"thats so raven\" and anyone who doesn\'t should give it a chance. In this episode we see just how much Raven cares bout her friends. If you don\'t like thats so raven, you would like this episode anyway.
  • Raven tries to help eddie get the answers, but then she gets caught outside on the up and down thingy.

    Exellent. the best episode i love it. Raven tries to help eddie get the answers, but then she gets caught outside on the up and down thingy. Eddie and Raven are really good friends i think. the other episodes are good too. Thats so raven is great! I love it
  • The start to a awesome series!!!

    This pilot episode was a great way to start Disney's hit show Thats So Raven!!! I have enjoyed this show for a few years and the episodes are always fun, original, and well-thought out!!! Lots of people, including I think this show is great and excellent because its orignial, its fun, and the characters are cool!
  • Raven has a vision of the answers to Eddies spanish test. She tries to help Eddie by throwing a study party to help him pass. Eddie finds out Raven has the answers and begs for them. She refuses to give answers but the she soon caves in to it. AWSOME!

    I thought this was a good episode! I love Thats So Raven and from then on I have seen every episode! Its an awsome show and sad it is ending soon! The eppie was very funny! Cory is funny!!!!! I like when Raven and Chelsea are outside on the scapole.(whatever it is called) It is a funny scene! Then when Senorita Rodriquez says they have till the end of her Ricky Martin CD! I loved every eppie after that and still enjoy it today! I hope they come out with a seasons DVD for all the seasons! I love this show!
  • I love the show!!!

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  • Raven has a vision of Eddie failing a Spanish test. Eddie\'s worried because if he fails he may be kicked off the basketball team. But when Raven tells Eddie that she knows the answers to the test but she doesn\'t want him to cheat, risking their friendsh

    This is a great episode. Being the second episode made and the frist one broadcasted obviously the characters personality are still in development and some characters like Max and Ben Sturky(not in this episode) will leave and some will come(Alana, Devon, Muffy, Loca ect). Also in about the first 10 episodes or so, Raven\'s little brother Cory has a crush on Raven\'s best friend Chelsea but he grows out of it as the series goes on. In fact alot of the characters change their looks and personality as they grow up such as, Chelsea adapts a more grown up hairdo and loses the little-girl look and personality and Eddie\'s rapping is so much better in later episodes. Anyway a great way to get the series off the ground!
  • funny

    when eddie takes spanish he is really bad (not multi-language guy). but he can just cheat off of somebody elses test. and why is seniorita rodriguez so obsessed with ricky martin. why weren\'t victor or tanya in this episode. I think this show needs a tiny bit of improvement !
  • as people said eddie wants to pl,ay baketball but he's failing spanish so he asks raven to cheat because she's psycic

    it was funny when raven and chelsea swung across the window to tell eddie the teacher changed the test i liked other parts when raven was trying to drop crap hints so eddie obviously didn'nt understand them but the funniest part was when raven told the teacher to help eddie but he wouldn't listen until raven said about some people switching to french. hilarious hilarious hilarious HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • OK

    I didn't really like it as the first episode of this show. I mean, the producers could've been way better.

    Raven has a vision of Eddie failing a test, but the serious thing is that Eddie's dream is to play basketball and if he doesn't get a C or higher than he won't be able to play on the basketball team anymore.

    Raven tries to help him, but Chelsea tells Raven that she should give the answers to Eddie, and eddie heard Chelsea. Raven is a really good friend, because she knows that she shouldn't cheat, because it's not going to help Eddie, therefore, the day before the test the Spanish teacher Senorita Rodriquez is so...cocky/funny. Raven and Chelsea tries to ask her to postponed it, but she said no! Next, Raven tries to ask her to change it a little bit, and she did, but she made it even harder. So, the night before the test Raven tries to help Eddie so hard, but Eddie was mad at Raven so bad that they dropped as friends. However, Raven and Chelsea was anxious of what he would get on the test and funny thing Eddie got a good grade and was still on the Bayside basketball team.
  • Well it's like some sort of a demo for me and it's like lonely cause from the original cast it's only 4 who really made it!

    Well it's like some sort of a demo for me and it's like lonely cause from the original cast it's only 4 who really made it! It's a very lonely episode OK well it's just fine then very good cause as we can see Raven's visions caused trouble and Chelsea really looked great unfortunatelly she sounded bad but it's okay it was funny you know tissue paper!!!!!!!!!
  • This really is a great episode. I nearly wet myself just watching it! This episode has gotten full rating from really is absolutly hilarious! That's So Raven has a comic touch that not many other shows have..

    This really is a great episode. I nearly wet myself just watching it! This episode has gotten full rating from really is absolutly hilarious!
    That's So Raven has a comic touch that not many other shows have. The actors/actresses really bring the storyline together. Raven-Symone (Raven) and Anneliese (Chelsea) especially, have natural flair for comedy. Also, they're not afraid to work hard to get the job done. They really put themselves out there.
    Anyway, in this episode, Eddie basically gives Raven no choice but to give him the answers, but after she does, she finds out she made the matter a whole lot worse by going to see Senorita Rodrigez about it. Raven and Chelsea end up dressing as window washers and getting themselves into a whole lotta trouble,as Raven puts it, "a very loud, angry blur."
  • Eddie has a spanish midterm but hes not doing very well in that class and doesnt want to get kicked out of the basketball team. Raven has a vision that he fails and tries to help him out.

    I like this episode because I like when they use spanish. I also like it because it is very funny too. I love when Raven and Chelsea were on that thing (dont know what it is) trying to give Eddie the right answers. It was so hilarious!! That's So Raven rocks!!!
  • In this episode Raven has a vision of Eddie failing his spanish test, therefore he can't be on the basketball team. So then Raven and Chelsea decide to tutor him within 24 hours. Then Eddie gets mad when Raven knows the answers but won't tell them to Eddi

    This episode was quite nerve-wrecking for me because I honestly didn't think that Eddie would pass spanish. It was also majorly nerve-wrecking when I wasn't sure if Senorita Rodriguz would postpone the test or not. Boy Oh Boy was it nerve-wrecking. Though it was also one of my favorite episodes in the series because it has to do with two friends happen out their other friend who needs help in order to be on a sports team that he really wants to be on but in order to do that he has to pass his Spanish test- His Worst SUBJECT! Though I'm happy in the end everything worked out.
  • Eddie wants to be in the basketball team, but he keeps failing Spanish class and doesn't know what to do , in a vision, Raven sees the answers but won't tell Eddie about it, that makes Eddie think Raven isn't a good friend, but the Spanish test is complet

    It was fun to watch this episode because it makes a reference to Spanish language, and it was great because I'm a mexican, but I couldn't appreciate it so much because I saw it in Spanish, anyway it was great when Cory says a small speech in Spanish. Also it was a little bit sad when Eddie tells Raven she's a bad friend, but the funniest part was when they're hanging on the window for Eddie to look at the new answers and a pigeon stands in Raven's head, for being a pilot that presents the characters, it is great!