That's So Raven

Season 2 Episode 8

That's So Not Raven

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Apr 09, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Raven tries out her creation to be in a model magazine, but is surprised at the results. Meanwhile, Cory sells things to get a "Gameball 2"

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  • Raven designs her own dress, her vision says she will be on the walkway; then is told \\\"You don\\\'t have the look\\\"; with her dreams crushed she tries to find way to make her vision come true.moreless

    Raven conveighs a great message in this episode; that message is \\\"don\\\'t be limited by looks\\\" well that\\\'s what I found; her dreams crushed and she tries to find a way to blend into the model world by becoming a size \\\"2, she eventually finds her way onto the stage; to the the editor of Teen-Look Magazine\\\'s dismay and models this look; I find this episode to be extremely well plotted and thought out; it does not assault either overweight people nor skinny individual, by Raven even teaming up with lovely model, Imayshia.

    Raven promotes to overweight individuals that the look, being obnoxiously skinny (to a point where Chelsea sarcastically points to a pole saying that the look is that size) is not all it is cracked up to be; promoting this to overweight people as they are widely discriminated against due to their weight.

    A greatly plotted episode; light hearted humour that didn\\\'t take away from the plot.

  • This is the best That's So Raven ever. (edited)

    I think this episode was awesome. It was funny and it showed something some teens have problems with, being insecure about how much they weigh and this episode shows that weight doesn't matter.

    Now, i know some people think it is critisizing thin people, but it's not. in fact it is actually trying to build thin people up, heavy set people, anybody. Raven said people come in all different shapes, sizes and colors and you shouldn't say they look bad. Basically, she was saying that everyone should be treated equally and that you should let people follow their dreams no matter how they look.

    Now i am a thin person and this is one of my favorite episodes. and just because it's hard to find a certain size at a clothing store, doesn't mean people are trying to critisize you. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that don't wear slims that have a hard time looking for clothes that are their size.

    This episode also taught you crash dieting is a very dangerous thing. People should stay away from that.

    Anyway an episode that shows size doesn't matter. Everyone should be treated equally no matter how they look. A definate 10/10.moreless
  • Yet another way media critisizes thin people...

    There have already been so many things that the media has done to make heavier people feel better about their weight. But while they're doing that, naturally thin people get neglected because of all the talk about being overweight, dieting, plus size clothing being everywhere nowadays, and uplifting the spirits of overweight people.

    This episode definently isn't helping the situation. Raven was basically saying that being overweight was a lot better than being thin. I, myself, am thin and this episode really upset me.

    Being overweight is overrated enough already. Whenever I go shopping, I always see plus sizes. But I can never find slims anymore. I feel as if Raven is promoting this, especially since her clothing line doesn't make any slim sizes, either.

    If you are thin, DO NOT watch this episode. If you are overweight, you'll find it empowering. I'm sure they didn't think they would hurt the feelings of probably many thin people, but that's just it. They didn't think.moreless
  • Making bigger girls feel better.

    This episode shows that you don't have to be a size two to be beautiful. It also tells us about how shallow and narrow-minded the media is to young girls. Raven was said to deign her dresses, and not model them at all. But that did not sto her. She kept her dream, and made it come true. There are some people who didn't like this episode, and I can see why. People are trying to make the bigger girls fell better, while making girls who are naturally skinny feel bad. It's a good episode, but next time accept all shapes and sizes.moreless
  • This was actually the first aired episode of the second season of That's So Raven in our country!!

    This was actually the first aired episode of the second season of That's So Raven in our country!!

    This episode was really funny I like those extenders of Chelsea they are cool and one more thing Cory's situation really is funny I am definitely loving this episode but I have seen this a lot so babay!!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Raven says that she wants to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, William tells her that the process is called thermogenesis, but thermogenises is atually the production of heat especially in the body.

    • When Raven is giving her poem, the boots she is wearing are Manolo Blahnik Okla Mod Timbs.

    • When Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea and in Ms. Depaulo's class the second day, the camera zooms in to the second floor, but her class is on the first.

    • Why would Ms. DePaulo make the students write poetry when she is a science teacher?

    • At the end when William and Cory are counting the money they made, there's some money in William's collar. Then in the next shot, its gone. The money keeps disappearing and reappearing until the credits come on.

    • In the last scene with Cory and William, there is a plug in the outlet behind them. When Tanya and Victor come in and the camera shifts back to them, the plug is gone.

    • When Raven got on the exercise machine, she put her feet on the foot pedals, then when she turned it on, the camera did not show her feet. After she turned it on, the camera went back to her whole body, she puts her feet on the foot pedals again!

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Raven: I was modelling my clothes on a runway at a fashion show.
      Chelsea: The winner will model they're clothes on a runway at a fashion show.
      Raven: I felt so beautiful and proud.
      Chelsea: Whoever's gonna win this is going to feel so beautiful and proud.

    • Raven: Oh! Hey Mimi!
      Mimi: Uhh huh...
      Chelsea: Okay attitude alert!
      Raven: I know!

    • Chelsea: Okay, Rae, wait a minute. You're not gonna do something stupid like go on one of those crash diets are you?
      Raven: Girl, no. Those things are dangerous. You know, I'm gonna exercise.
      Chelsea: Girl, you know what? We could do it together. Hey, wanna jog down to the mall and get some pizza?
      Raven: No, Chels. I'm gonna have to do this old school.
      Chelsea: Uh, wha--, you mean?
      Raven: Yeah. I'm gonna have to sweat.
      Chelsea: Ew!
      Raven: A lot!
      (Both Chelsea and Raven gasp)

    • Tanya: Cory, what happened to all of our stuff?
      Cory: We were robbed! And he left money!

    • Chelsea: All you have to do is be one of the hundreds and hundreds of hopefuls who share the same impossible dream! (Raven looks sad) But they didn't have a vision, which is cool, cos...
      Raven: Uh, yeah, nice save, Chels.

    • Chelsea: Wait, Rae, you wanna get down to size 2?
      Raven: Chels, I have to. I mean that vision was just so clear. So if I was on that runway, I must have been a size 2!
      Chelsea: You know what, Rae...look. This... (holds a thin lamp post) This is a size 2.
      Raven: Well, Chels, that's the look and I want the look and I'll do whatever it takes to have 'the look'.

    • Eddie: Check out that model! You think I have a shot with her, Chelsea?
      Chelsea: Oh, sure! (after finding out the model's twice as tall as Eddie) Well, maybe half a shot!

    • Raven: Actually, I've been designing since I was in diapers...I used to design my own diapers, I'd put on little flowers and stains and glitter, (laughs) you know, just trying to add a little beauty to the duty!

    • Raven: (reciting her poem) My Love for Shoes, by Raven Baxter. So many shoes, but only two feet. I wish I could buy every pair that I meet. Wedges, sandals, sling-back and mules...(has a vision) That was so cool! (looks around) And I'm still in school. I feel like a fool. I'm gonna sit inmy stool. Well actually it's a seat but it rhymes with, OK, poem's over.

    • Victor: My baby made that dress!
      Tanya: And I made that baby!
      Victor: And I helped!
      (everyone stares at Victor and Tanya)

  • NOTES (5)