That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 19

The Dress Is Always Greener

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Nov 25, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Funnnn

    It's great
  • Not bad at all!

    This episode is abot Raven not liking about how Donna Cabonna is making Raven a maid instead of a fashion designer. So when Donna's rival, Lora Stelladora, moves in. Raven decides to see some of the things Lora will do for her if she was an intern for her makeover business. Raven is shocked at the amazing things she can do and joins her, but now Donna promises Raven she won't be too hard on her anymore, but this could become a problem when Raven has a vision of Donna firing her. Meanwhile, Chelsea finds a potato that looks like Abraham Lincolin, but this could lead to trouble when Cory and Eddie take advantage of it for money. First off, when I had the Makeover Madness DVD long before this episode was released, a prop lady from the crew showed the Abraham Lincolin potato from one episode (she didn't reveal which one) and I didn't remember any episode with it, until the plot was annouced for this episode months later. Anyways, back to my review. I did like the plot, I also laughed when Tiffany blew confetti in Raven's face and then she fell over when guarding Donna's office (reminds me of Fur Better or Worse). But all I could say is that this was a great episode and I'm glad to see it everytime it's on.

  • Great Episode!!

    The Dress is Always Greener is a really good episode that was really funny. Raven is getting very annoyed with Donna because she wants to be a designer, not a maid. Then Donna's exbestfriend and archenemy, Lora Stelladora moves in upstairs and offers Raven a job as a fashion designer. Meanwhile, Chelsea, Cory, and Eddie find a potato that looks like Abe Lincoln. Then Cory and Eddie use the potato as a display so they can get money. I thought this episode was special because Kathy Najimy plays Lora, and Kathy was in one of the best movies ever, Hocus Pocus.
  • its Donna cabonnna VS Laura Stelladora!!!

    this rpisode was funny. well it was an average thats so raven episode but i still liked it. Raven was in a rather sticky situation but in true Raven style she pulls it off. Raven would make a great criminal because she always getting out of things. she could dress up as a male lawyer and then a female judge and then...
    shes so great. and she has a good heart. she wants to stay loyal to miss donna but would love to take up the job from laura stelladora. go raven go raven! things work out in the end!!!
  • Raven is having a tough time dealing with Donna Cabonna. She\'s always asks Raven to do things repeatedly, Raven wants to be a designer not a maid! So when fashion designer Lora Stelladora, Donna\'s ex-best friend (now archenemy) moves upsta

    This episode is okay.

    It\'s very average I don\'t think it was that great.

    I think the plot needed to be thought out more.

    Also in this episode Corey ediie and Chelsea found a potato that looked like Abe Licoln.

    That\'s just weird, I wasn\'t very impressed by this episode it was alright though.
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