That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 17

The Ice Girl Cometh

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 22, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • After turning down Chelsea's invitation to spend a weekend in a cabin with her mother, Raven reconsiders when she has a vision of a cute guy inviting her to a party, but later regrets it when the trips turns of to no be fun at all.

    Much like the rest of season four, this episode is very lame. I could watch it, but I would choose not to. Simply because of the fact that once again, Cory and his LAME BAND, plays that STUPID,/STRONG> song Feeling the Love again. You would think that after, I don't know, a year, they would've learned something else, something better, to play. But, no!!! They're still playing the same lame thing. Honestly, without my DVR, I would've never watched this episode. Everytime Cory and the Boys were shown, I was skipping forward.I couldn't stand watching them.

    The other half of the episode, that involves Raven, Chelsea, and her mother, is alright. I would recommend watching it.
  • I was expecting more...

    I was expecting more I thought this episode was gonna be more exiting. I still waiting for Raven to go to that party or to actually have fun with Chalsea and her mom. I love the serie but this episode is not what I'm use to watch on TSR wich is pure fun. However it was ok.
  • Awesome episode and it was very funny!!!

    The Ice Girl Cometh is a very great and hilarious episode. Chelsea was very funny in this episode like almost every other episode. Chelsea and her mom invite Raven to their mother/daughter retreat that they have every year. She cringes at the idea of going to something so boring, but when she has a vision of meeting Brent, she quickly changes her views. Meanwhile, Cory's band, Cory and the Boys, are trying to get Mitch to hear their music so he can play it on the radio. I like the main plot better because it was more enjoyable and it was funnier.
  • This was one of my favorite episodes of That's So Raven, it made me laugh a whole lot, especially when Raven got locked outside and when Chelsea thought she was a snow beast her mom lied to her and said that their's no such thing! That was really funny!!!

    I really liked this episode of That's So Raven, because it really showed the true Raven, like when she was about to leave Chelsea and her mom, but then her conscience came out and made her realize that she shouldn't ditch them, they had been nothing but nice to her, the whole time they were there. And I really like this episode because this one really showed Raven and Chelsea being true friends to each other " it's hard to find people like that". But anyway I loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeddddddd this episode!!!
  • December 1, 2006 - Raven-Symoné looks a bit like a bird. It\\\'s all in the nose, really. Rather beakish. But whether or not her face lives up to her name, her popularity can\\\'t be denied.

    I think that Chelses mother was really nice to raven and all raven wanted to do is to go to a party. raven i understand because they didnt have nothing not even a tolit and they are just slow for doning that becaeus who dosent need a tolie exacly you do every body does. Im preety sure that the party would of been fun if her image didnt stop her that hole show was about selfi ness i wouldnet wanna go. the only reason raven even went is to go to that party . raevn all of a suddun uses her powwers for evil and not goo and that shouldent be right. raven always do some thing mean to some one she only thinks about her self and know body else and that is not cool for any one.
  • HAHAHA. That episode is the best! I nearly peed my pants watching it!

    I thought that episode was the greatest! Chelsea and her mom do the most wierdest and most random things ever! I love the part where Raven was writing on the window "HELP ME". LOL How hilarious! I love that episode it was my favorite episode so far! I am just really sad that the show has already ended. Well it hasnt yet but I met Raven and she said she already did all the episodes and she is done. Sad I know, But OMG I also loved the part when Raven was the frozen ice man! I love how this show is so random!
  • This episode is great and I loved it. Some of you say nothing happened but well.

    This episode had great qualities and quantities of fun, because it really did make me laugh and it was funny all episode long, the way Raven screams and they show figments of the Earth and then itself was really funny.
    In this episode we're introduced to Chelsea's mom, which for me is a very special person, inluding chelsea, and they both have strange behaviors and do bizarre activities together.
    Some people say nothing happened in this episode, but really nothing happens in none of the episodes, they only air for us to have a great time, If you don't like the show then just don't review it, and don't ruin it's score because in this case the majority of people likes it!
  • yea, so they introduce Chelsea\\\'s mother for the first time in the series and have her be an even bigger wack job than her daughter.

    meh, as has been the case with most season 4 episodes of That's so raven, Ice Girl Cometh was pretty anticlimactic and just...blah. Considering they were introducing Chelsea's mom for the first time, they should have done something more memorable. Chelsea and her mom's behavior during the trip was so out there that they had me wishing Raven had ended up going to the party and ditching them. It would have been completely justifiable. I mean, th concept had potential, but they ended up going practically nowhere with it. I sincerely hope future TSR episode get more creative than this.
  • I really thought that this episode was great!

    The episode starts off with Chelsea's mom riding in on a scooter. She tells Raven that she and Chelsea are going on a Mother-Daughter retreat to spend some time bonding. She then asks Raven if she would like to join them. Raven hates this idea, and doesn't see any "bonding" in her future, until she has a vision that a cute guy, Brent, is going to ask her to a party. So Raven decides to go. However, when she gets there, she finds out that they are removing all technology from the cabin (eg. plasma screens, stereo, even toilets) Raven begins to worry about her decision. Chelsea and her mother proceed to play various games like "the quiet game" and "emotional charades" and they even show Raven that they are yoga-masters. While Raven is in the back room, Brent comes to the door, asking them to join his party. Chelsea declines the invitation, leaving Raven more upset than before. So during a game which involves blindfolding, Raven sneaks out. While she is outside her conscience visits her, and the two feud over Raven's decision. Finally, Raven agrees with her conscience and decides to go back inside. But she can't... the door is locked. Raven winds up frost bitten and covered in icy snow when Ms. Daniels opens the door. This leaves Chelsea and her believing that it's a snow monster. Finally, Ms. Daniels realizes that it's Raven and they warm her up with a hug. Once Raven is "de-frosted" she appoligizes for being so selfish.
    Meanwhile, the sub-plot features Cory and the Boys. Victor's friend, a hip-hop DJ is coming over for dinner, so with the help of Eddie, Cory and the Boys change their song, "Feelin' the Love' into a hip hop track. Once Mitch comes over he reveals that he is a a country DJ, now. So, once again they change their sound. When they play their 'country' version to Mitch at the Chill Grill they are still dissapointed, because Mitch brought some of his Hip-Hop friends to hear their sound. The band then vows never to change their sound for anyone again. That is until they find out that their services are needed, with a high salary, at a scottish party.

    Personally, I thought that this episode was not only high quality, but thoroughly hilarious. It was great to finally meet Chelsea's mom, hilariously played by Amy Yasbeck. And Cory and the Boys (Larry, William and now Eddie) did an excellent job. GREAT EPISODE. A+
  • This episode was good but not very special!

    Chelsea and her mum invite Raven over to their mother-daughter bonding retreat. Raven hates the idea of going to something so boring until she has a vision that a cute guy called Brent asks her to a party. When they arrive there, Raven is forced to do what she taught was lame and boring and decides to go to the party. Raven got locked out in the cold and when Chelsea and her mum found her, she looked like an ice monster. She apologises to Chealsea and her mum for not giving the games a try. Meanwhile, Cory and the Boys get Eddie to be their singer so they can impress Mitch.
  • It was not really that great!!!

    I did not really like this episode because it is not much of the Raven thing but Kyle and the gang did a great job and made funny and hilarious acts. Like four versions of "Feelin' The Love" (I wonder if it is on the second soundtrack") The point is that it was funny, the versions are normal, hip-hop, country (hillbilly to be specific) and Scottish!!! Well can they write another song!!!!
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